WIMB Wednesday | Hermes Birkin

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You guys are loving these and I am so happy a new Whats in my Bag Wednesdays with my beautiful Hermes Birkin 35cm very Vintage but thats the way I like it!!
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-Hermes Birkin 35cm Togo Leather
Gold colour Gold Hardware


Japan Seller I use for Luxury consignment
-BrandOff Ebay
-Gallery Rare Ebay
-BrandWorks Ebay

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Tee- Cotton On
Ring- wedding set
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Lip pencil- Chanel Lip pencil 35 Natural & 722 Rouge Coco Gloss
Lashes- KoKo Lashes ‘Misha”

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Robyn A says:

Love this bag!!

Michele Wetmore says:

Got my Birkin pre loved too. Thanks for the great video. Love your what’s in my bag videos.

meth sonhthila says:

What’s the size of the organizer?

Coco Tiekle says:

Just found you, girl and I am LOVING your videos! Your collection is to die for and you seem so down to earth and real. I run a website called The Modern http://www.wearethemodern.com and I interview Modern Women who are kicking ass online in my Modern Minute series. We’re both in Sydney and I’d LOVE to interview you in the next couple of months on how to create an engaged YouTube community and the power of video. If you’re happy to chat a little more, just let me know at coco@wearethemodern.com x

Karen says:

Could you please tell me if the cosmetic pouch GM fits in your speedy 25? Thanks!!!

shoppingwithapassion says:

Lol omg! “No honey, I got it in Thailand” ❤️ You’re awesome babe!

Ananya Agarwal says:

“No Honey, I got it in Thailand!”, had me in splits. Gotta love Jerusha! You slay ’em <3

HaveLouisWillTravel says:

Your little hater greeting had me laughing out loud. Hilarious. Love these WIMBW and may join in soon! 🙂

exas4791 says:

I like how u really use your pre-loved Birkin from Japan.

Ellini B says:

Why would people hate if she bought it pre loved? I don’t understand, because even if I had the money I don’t think I’d kiss some sales person’s ass for a bag. Birkin or otherwise.

Snatchedbysev says:

Hi Jerusha,
Sending lots of love, and thanking you for putting me onto the beauty of pre loved LV ❤️ I wanted to bring a Pre Loved Reputable ebay seller to your attention called ” Next-innovation” I just ordered an amazing vintage Keepall 55 and it was absolutely stunning and an amazing price! I’ve seen a few others here on YT order Montsouris GM & MM from here as well. Thank you for your wonderful videos I hope to build a collection as beautiful as yours one day soon

Marlon Jones says:

hahaha hii haters shout out love that u go girl

sara ahmad says:

hi, where can i get like your (bag holder) please

Lee Lee LV says:

Love that make up case I absolutely need a big one like that !

Mrs. J says:

Always look forward to your videos!

Coffee & Film says:

I love these videos. Every time I’m done watching a video I’m on the LV or Fashionphile websites checking out the merchandise.

msbelle84 says:

Hello my love! What color is that lip gloss? It’s gorgeous! ☺️

Van Nguyen says:

Lovely bag n love the colour gold. I’m looking for a bag insert for my birkin 35 that nicely fit and looking at your one is perfect. Where did you get yours from.

BCS says:

Jerucha, I’m not a Birkin expert, but that bag maybe in need of conditioner. Excellent video as always.

deborah p says:

you are fantastic, i love your video

Coffee & High Heels says:

I’m in love with those Celine sunnies! And I’ve never really wanted a Birkin, but I must say, I really do love this color…. now I’m thinking… maybe this should be on my wish list LOL.

anuradha krishnan says:

16:51 lolz .You r a killer Jerusha

Whitney Williams says:


Om Handa says:

I love how you really use the bag properly unlike some other birkin owners I know that don’t even put anything liquid into it, even nail polish, so there is no chance of spills. Keep up the great videos!

Love4Winter says:

I agree with you, ummm can I get a chair for my bag! LOL I have a bag holder as well!

Jenn T. says:

your humor, your quirkiness, and your comments against HATERS are soo entertaining.  LOVE your pretty face, and your fun videos!!!  Enjoy the day!

J Echols says:

Why do people feel the need to ask if a bag is real? It makes me think that they have limited life experiences.

faire says:

Please do this type of videos again pleeasee

Iveta says:

I love your short nails! Maybe you shouldn’t get the gels again…? 😉

Jorden Mills says:

“Hi Haters” LOL Love you Jerusha!

Summer Rose says:

I think that’s the perfect color for a Birkin. I am not attracted to Birkin’s but I do like it with this color, the design looks more polished.

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