Tips for How to buy Hermes Birkin bag in Paris! Story of Hermes Birkin Paris shopping experience

12 tips for How to buy Hermes Birkin bag in Paris plus my full story for Hermes Birkin Paris shopping experience.

I purchased the Hermes Birkin 35 Togo Black in October 2017 under the new online appointment system at the Paris flagship FSH store.

PART 2 of 2.

Part 1 Review of the Birkin bag & Hermes brand available here:


Tingeling says:

Yay, thank you so much for this update! 🙂 WOW, the price increase is crazy. When I scored my Birkin Togo 35 in 2013 it was “only” 6200 Euro. I do think at that point you could have gotten away with not buying any of the items she showed you….but I think the charm you got looks very nice on your bag! Congrats! 🙂 OMG Florence……..isn’t it the best service ever??? Fendi, LV…they are soo soo polite and service minded. I made friends with an SA at LV Florence, she found bags for me to look at one year ahead, she e-mailed me whenever she found something I had asked for…soo nice!

Jasmyn Walker says:

You seem like a beautiful soul. So kind and sweet. I hate they made you go through all of this for a bag though. You’re paying them! But also congrats on your bag.

Nathalie Forest says:

Thank you for your video, very organized and well presented 🙂
I did go to the FSH when i was in Paris. I am French Canadian but French from Canada and France are totally different. I didn’t go for a bag but we walked around and my husband was looking for a belt and i was browsing bracelet, we were dressed like 2 people walking all day in Paris, very ordinary. We found that the sales associates were SO nice! We were asked by 5 différents SA if we needed help, they helped us but didn’t have the right size/color. We were very surprised how nice they were considering that in Montreal Canada, SA (in many luxury stores) barely says hi when you walk in the door. I will definitely go to Paris for my first Birkin. 🙂

pralinecookies says:

Their being generous in letting you spend your money on their bag. I don’t think so the whole thing sounds ridiculous .

Victoria Lewis-Young says:

This process is absolutely ridiculous.

Maria Sanchez says:


Anisah Mamoojee says:

This video was so refreshingly honest and well explained ! New subscriber ! X

Sonia Fröhlich says:

A very clever marketing strategy from Hermes!!

Liza Amick says:

Whew too much work for a purse.

wlee917 says:

Hi, thank you for providing such a detailed experience. Do you mind me asking how did you carry the bag and box back? I’ve heard the thieves are targeting tourists and I wonder what is the best way to carry the items back to the hotel safely as I’m afraid to carry a big orange box on the street. TIA!

Jenny Lee. J says:

Great informative video! Just two questions for you. How did you bring the box back to Australia and did you declare tax upon arriving to Sydney? As you can’t have more $900gifts or purchases without declaring it?

Yorkie Person says:

Wow what an ordeal!  I purchased a Birkin & Kelly in SF and it was easy at the time.  I told my SA what color Birkin I wanted.  The following week she called me and I went in and picked it up.  As for the Kelly (which I purchased two weeks later) it was quite similar with the exception that I returned it for another color.  I called her a few days later and told her I really thought I would prefer it in Black and she asked me to return the bag the following day which I did and she had the black Kelly and we just did an exchange.  Over the years she has been my SA to go to.  I wasn’t ever drilled like you were; fortunately.  I have many Hermes scarves, jewelry, wallets, dishes, etc.   I was able to buy belt sets and sometimes just the buckles which now they won’t openly do that but if you have an SA that might be a different story.  That entire ordeal in Paris seems over the top but I suppose that is their protocol so then you may not have a choice.  Last time I was in Paris at Hermes it appeared to be a quiet day!  Frankly, I would not have purchased that extra piece you purchased since you asked.  There was no need unless you really wanted it.  My lovely SA, which later we became very friendly,  did get married and eventually left Hermes to have her baby. The SA’s recognize the regulars who are in and out of the store and that may make a difference.  I was just at Hermes to leave my watch to get a  new battery replacement  and the SA’s are always friendly and when I was there I saw a few ladies looking at bags.  I’m sure there might be days (around the holidays) when they run out of bags and I’m sure there might be days when they just don’t have a Birkin or Kelly  in stock to sell.

Rainier Mora says:

I love your video! It’s informative yes, but I love the suspense of your story! Obviously it was successful since the Birkin is up in front. But good story telling! Congrats on the bag!

LeJeana Connell says:

I’m sorry but these purses are not pretty….they are stuffy and too structured looking. would never go through that for a bag. Do not understand the obsession at all.

Riley Fusinato says:

You are awesome girl!! Thanks for the video!! X

Trucker's Wife says:

Thank you so so much

LaShun Johnson says:

Lord.  Really?

Coffee lovercc says:

very informative <3 thank you very much <3

bintang kechil says:

Though I would like a Kelly or a Birkin very much, I don’t appreciate how the SA treat their customers.

MyOpinionsOnly says:

I noticed your google home

Faith Maritim says:

Can you pay in cash ??

Kristina Jefferson says:

Forget all that, I’d rather spend 3 to $500 for a really good replica! Save tons of money and as long as u don’t have people starting down ur bag with a magnifying glass, no one would know the difference

abee lau says:

omg this is very helpful!! thank you very much!

misslori66 says:

You have to “score” an appointment and they interview you?    If a person has the cash to buy these ridiculously priced bags, then you should be able to walk in, slap your money on the counter and walk out.  This whole process is so pretentious.

tredjesongen says:

I am so mad at those resellers that destroy the joy for honest people who just want that bag. Boycot resellers!

April Bisqyt says:

I swear … I have the impression that this is an indie movie with surrealism and sociologic implications. More than absurd. Also funny.

Le Chuga says:

This motivates me to go back to school honestly. Being able to afford things like that.
i stumbled upon this video after watching a Sci-Fi documentary. I know right? Well at least it made me re-think my life.
Stay humble!

IloveMatt says:

Best advice I can give to anyone wanting a Birkin or Kelly – don’t be intimidated! It is all about luck, no matter what people tell you. It’s definitely meeting the right person in-store who has the authority to sell the B or K. I met the manager one day perusing at a local store, and on my second visit – he told me they had 2 Birkins in the size I wanted. I wasn’t in a waiting list, I didn’t have to wait in a line, dress up nicely or resort to mind games. While I do love bags and get excited over acquiring rare styles – I don’t have the willpower to endure BS tactics. I just show up and say, hey I’m ready to purchase a bag – do you have it or not? If they don’t, I leave. Chances are they really don’t have them in the first place :p

Cris Yorke says:

They treat you like shit for you to pay 8K 350 USD for a bag? I have a Stefano Ricci bag that cost 8k USD and I am treated like a king. Mind you, Stefano Ricci is one of the most luxurious and exquisite luxury brand in the world, even more prestigious than Hermes for the most part.

coffeegirl18 says:

They need to treat people better…I’d have an aneurysm trying to decode all that information about them. I’d rather spend my money elsewhere.

Melissa Lancaster says:

Wow! I think I need to start studying Hermes colors, leathers and all that! I feel like whatever I know it’s not good enough! Any particular links you could refer me to?
Thanks for sharing, this video is now on my favorites so I can watch it again when it’s time and hopefully I can get one too!

JayJay Tailor says:

I loved this video right up until the last minute, when you referred to yourself as being ‘gobsmacked’. This is the most unclassy and vulgar phrase anyone can use, especially whilst doing a running commentary on a brand like Hermes. Sorry, but someone had to tell you.

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Ta Mei says:

I applaud your stamina and persistance… but how ridiculous is this, adopting a pet is easier than buying a bag? Would be so cool if in the middle of the interview or when being bribed into buying random accessoires, one would just say: OK that‘s it I‘m buying a knock-off. 😉


The one you have really is perfect. Black & gold, ideal size, such a great buy! Congrats!

Noble Strength says:

You are such an eloquent speaker. The way in which you speak is admirable in the sense that you connect your words without fillers such as like, you know what I mean, uh, etc. (very skillful and artful).

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Sa Sa says:

my job application process was easier than this!

Ivi Morales says:


Frank Real says:

The video was long but very informative and interesting. About your SA.. well, talking about the arrogance of the French… 🙂 that’s how they are basically. It’s within their nature… 🙂

Joe Del Rey says:

I really enjoyed watching your video, you’re lucky to have been offered a gorgeous birkin. To those of us who like Hermès, the whole process seems normal, but I definitely can see why it seems a bit excessive to those who don’t know a lot about Birkins, Kelly’s, or just Hermès in general. Lastly I just want to say that I love the way you respond to the not so positive comments. Very classy and graceful. I hope you’re enjoying your new Birkin!

Jeremy Nuckolls says:

So you begged them to take your money, got pressured to buy an item you, and you were afraid to critique an item because you wanted them to know you “idolized” Hermès.

You got played sis! Cuz I know you’re not comfortable walking the streets with that $8k bag. At this price point I should be able to come in with my jammies on and get whatever I can afford. You don’t need Hermès to feel validated. I’m sure you’re a great person WITHOUT the bag. #FAIL.

20timeStylebySarah says:

You do realize that she still working for the store and is trying to sell you something, perhaps she did not share your opinion but still wanted you to buy something to financially benefit herself and the store

Sergio Barrios says:

One day I wish I could be this rich to have this problem.

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