TEDDY BLAKE vs AINIFEEL: Detailed Comparison || Hermes Birkin Inspired Bag || Autumn Beckman

TEDDY BLAKE vs AINIFEEL: Detailed Comparison || Hermes Birkin Inspired Bag || Autumn Beckman

This video is in collaboration with Lee Lee LV. Check out her channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc-FWn0hZBL9h5eGO3b_8Eg/videos

Birkin Inspired bags by Ainifeel: https://amzn.to/2Li3yOw

Teddy Blake: https://www.teddyblake.com/

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dinavienna says:

the cuddling dachshund <3 <3 <3 I'd come watching your videos just for that <3

TammyOful says:

I would just save and go for Teddy Blake or even a preloved Hermes. I’m not sure about if Anifeel bags are made consciously or not? I know they are made in China and that is not all bad but in what kind of conditions?

BeLinda Peeples says:

Stank for helping me itch a decision

Victoria K says:

Such a detailed, thorough review. I really appreciate it! I just received an Emerald 30cm Ainifeel and I love it so much. It has a quality feel to it and everything was in great shape when I received it. I’m hoping it will slouch more with use, and if it doesn’t maybe I’ll try the Teddy Blake. But for now I’m 100% satisfied!

R says:

Great review Autumn! Hope you are having a wonderful summer! xoxo

Holly Patiño says:

Such a great comparison video! Thank you 🙂

Jools99 Caithness1 says:

Look on Amazon for Canetti Collezione birkin bags. Made in Italy, fabric lining and around £70

Tysen Belcher says:

Informative !

SensitiveBeauty says:

Thank you for such a detailed review. I honestly think the Teddy Blake looks of much higher quality, but I’m still hesitant to spend so much on a “knock off brand.” If I’m going to spend $500+ I’d like it to be an established brand. I have two Ainifeel bags but I don’t use them because they look cheap to me. I mostly got them to determine the size and style I’d like if I one day save enough for Hermès.

Jessy Hale says:

The first link in your description does not work. “Channel does not exist”

honeyroast21 says:

I don’t like the white stitching because I feel it is too prominent… Does the white color change to blend with the leather or does it stay the same? Please help me if someone knows!! Thanks.

Tina E says:

Great review, thank you

Donna L says:

Now somebody needs to send you a hermes so that you compare all three for us 🙂

Delilah Gutierrez says:

love your videos they have helped me so much ..

Charell Brandy says:

I like the teddy Blake way more looks like the feel of the leather and the inside is more softer I like the more relaxed look of it to you see the quality in this bag

carole gendler says:

Great. We can still be friends brought together by lousy summer British T.V. Actually it’s rotten most of the time. I’m very fussy so l will keep in touch. Be well. Enjoy your summer hols.

Ester Leal says:

Did you notice a chemical smell on the Ainifeel bag?

Joanna Parker says:

Fantastic video, I always wanted to know if it was worth getting the teddy Blake bag. Also since hermes will not sell their bag to most people there is nothing wrong with buying one that looks just like it.

carole gendler says:

All these videos are about handbag appreciation. Since I was a little girl I have always liked bags the way men stop & look at cars. That’s why I look @ all these videos. Just for the fun of it. Autumn, yours are very good & very professional. T.V. Is lousy in the summer.these videos are
great. I really should get a life ! ! By the way the expensive bag screams quality. Very European. You get what you pay for. I live in London
& that’s what you have to pay these days for a good bag. Love your vids. Be well.

The Andieniable says:

Looks good tho

Lee Lee LV says:

Great job Autumn I knew you were the perfect person to do this and it’s great for someone who’s been interested in either and who has maybe been torn on which to get this will certainly help someone out whether they want to spend the extra money on Teddy Blake or not !

carole gendler says:

Did I offend ? I did not mean to. Its just that I love bags even though I’m not a collector & your vids are always interesting. Also, probably because
you are a teacher, you are very articulate with a lovely personality. Some ladies are completely unintellible so I move on.
Anyway it’s still a really nice bag. Over the last 2 years I have spent good money on 4 reps. I don’t need any more. I just like watching. Have a nice

Dawn Loves Couture says:

Excellent video. I would choose the Ainifeel. You can buy four for the price of one Teddy Blake.

Laura Nadel says:

Great review, thanks. Surprised on your comment about ‘dusty’ feeling. I just got an Ainifeel bag in May, same colour as yours, never noticed anything like that, was it the same for you on both sizes? The Teddy Blake leather has a nice sheen, I think it looks better overall – I thought about buying the Teddy Blake but honestly for an ‘unknown brand’ I couldn’t justify the price difference for a near identical bag. I’ll save the extra for another me-present at a later date 🙂

Grace Schoeniger says:

I hope all is well in your world Autumn! Sorry so much is going on. Really interesting video.

April says:

Great detailed video! All the purses are beautiful!!!!

Rach Williams says:

I think I’ll grab one of the Anifeel large Birmingham style bags for an everyday use that I don’t have to worry about to much. I’m still saving for my first LV bag. I think I want to get the Alma bb with the LV print on it when I’ve saved up. In Australia the price is so much more than the USA.

Deborah K says:

Since most of the differences on the bags are for the most part subtle, maybe the quality of the leather on the Teddy Blake bag is of higher quality, thereby justifying the higher price? Good leather is expensive and you noticed the difference in feel between the bags, also the Teddy Blake leather has a sheen which doesn’t show up on the other bag, unless it’s because of the lighter color. But, I agree, quite a difference in price points on the bags.

Charell Brandy says:

So curious you put us in suspense are you haveing a baby lol you would be a grate mom

Cinthia Chavez says:

Hello!! Have you try the Aineefel chanel inspired bag? I looks very nice on pictures but not sure if is good or not.

yasminloves says:

I just love the sound the bags make when you put it down on the table. Nice comparison – I have the 35 but find it too big so am wondering if I should get the 30 instead. TFS!

who am i says:

Made in Italy bags are most often made by Chinese immigrants in Italy, who are also undercompensated. Even high-end brands utilize this labor (which comes with that coveted “made in Italy” stamp), so i would bet that is the case for TB as well.

Beach Blond says:

Autumn, have you looked into the Cherish Kiss bags on Amazon? No logo under the flap like the Ainifeel, if that is bothersome. Same type of lock with the “H.” Very nice bags.


Woot woot !! Finally a nice long video !!

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