Review & What’s In My Bag | Hermes Birkin 35

I bought a new Hermes Birkin & decided to share what’s I keep inside it, as well as give you guys a bit more information on the bag. I’m preparing an authentication video soon but if you like the bag and want to purchase one, check out some of the resellers I trust below:

BAG DETAILS: Hermes Birkin, Black, Togo Leather, Palladium Hardware (not silver), Stamp: Q Square, Size 35

Hermes Clic Clac:
Lashes: & (LOVE THESE)

Tom Ford “Carrie” Sunglasses: (Similar)
Dental Floss:
Make Up Bag:
Perfume: (My Favourites!)

BUY THE BAG: – I bought the bag from:
It’s available here too:

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No Sacrifice® Bags says:

Birkins have amazing quality so they’re worth the investment! Love how it fits a book in there! So roomy considering how much stuff you put.. Love Love Love Hermes!

Taniya Mobarik says:

Hey, how reliable would you say the Vestiaire website is in terms of authenticity because I’ve read some really bad reviews about it and I’m scared to spend that much on a Birkin for it to turn out to be fake!

Geraldine ramirez says:

You reach 100k. I’m so happy for you. Keep making more videos.

T Roxy Love says:

beautiful bag! great taste!!

crownof dustandgold says:

It looks like a 27 cm though

lovepotionsinc says:

I love that you talked about pads. No one seems to when I watch a WIMB. Do you think you’d get a Birkin 25? Or a Kelly? @pintsizedfashtv

B van H says:

You should read lolita

Tracey ocgirl says:

im sure thats a fake bag

Reem says:

welcome to the middle east folks!

Ru B says:

Hi, I was wondering if you can do a review on your hermes clic clac?thx

Rana Badr says:

Double check on the authenticity with who you bought it from , in 2013 Birkins were at least 9000 $ and the handles look too long ,,,, good luck

varshita venkatesh says:

its gorgeous!!!!

Dee & Panna says:

Can you do a makeup tutorial

simplyserendipity7 says:

Can I just say, I genuinely admire how much you know about luxury products! I just find it utterly fascinating, because I think there are some people who just buy really expensive luxury products willy nilly, but someone who really knows what they’re talking about regarding the quality of the product and therefore equating the quality over price is really refreshing! 🙂

Adam Apple says:

Any tips on how to actually buy one?

Ayan A says:

Is that a Chanel watch?

Kat N says:

well no wonder she can’t finish a book; she seems dumb as a box of hair… 9 grand for a bag… lmao rich people like that don’t need brains when they can pay someone to think for them.

Jen Xay says:

Love the bag! Can’t wait for your Hermes authentication video 🙂


That bag tho!

ketzbieber says:

omg the blackbear music!!

Tasfin Choudhury says:

Are you a muslim??

Alexandra says:

When she first said $9000 I thought she was kidding lol

This is Embarrassing says:

My dream to own an Hermes one day!

Blenda says:

Is she muslim?

Winnie Y says:

Love the bag. I have a very slouchy one in the same color and hardware and it is my favourite 🙂 Please do the Happy Hermes Tag. We would love to see your favourites. Cheers from Hong Kong, Winnie Y : )

Monika Graham says:

i just discovered your channel and have kinda been binge watching … love it! P.S. if you have a bag you no longer want and need someone to “take it off your hands” i’ll be more than happy to! XO

lyalaxsparkle says:

Omg I really like your watch!! It’s so cute!! Where is it from?

dechen dolker says:

+gavin lowrie if her’s isn’t crocodile than whats hers

ann malik says:

love to know about your hair extentions cod u do a video about it plz thx

dechen dolker says:

+gavin lowrie if her’s isn’t crocodile than whats hers

Michelle R says:

Do you have an insert in the bag?

Sophia says:

Lmao the flower part killed me

Alejandra Garcia says:

what is her job? how she has that money to buy all those things? sorry is only curiosity

Sian Huntley says:

Please do a room tour

Natalie Yampannai says:

Love your bag!!!

lori b says:

I can’t even afford a givency or a Chanel at the moment but that bag is gorgeous!

Be Beautiful says:

Still waiting on how to authenticate an a Hermes Birkin video.. hope u upload one soon 🙂

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