Review of Porosus Hermes 35 Crocodile Birkin Bag & Comparison with Regular 35 Birkin Rouge Casque

Review of a beautiful Porosus Hermes 35 Crocodile Birkin Bag (Rouge H colour) and comparison with a Hermes Birkin 35 rouge casque regular skin.

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Poppy Chan says:

keep it going!can you please do a hermes haul?

Roselynn Wallin says:

That is so beautiful!!!

lipglossgirlja says:

How heavy is the bag on it’s own with nothing in it may I ask?, and how often do you use it?

Fidelia Lau says:

How sad. Poor you. You must be desperate for the approval of strangers.

Zhiyun Jia says:

A good investment?! Are you gonna sell it?

Caroline In Sydney says:

Yay Australian crocodiles!

Quite Bantarous says:

Who do you work as ? I love your collection!

Bea Mars says:

OH MY G! Really Gorgeous!!! loved your Video!!!

Jherome Slays says:

That bag took 2 crocodiles…. They were killed inhumanely 🙁

Peoples Choice says:

damn u talk like retard

Vumilia says:

Why some birkin crocos have the ” ^ ” sign while others have the ” • • ” sign ?

npm2000 says:

Such a stunning. Bag. I hope you continue to make video. Please make an entire bag collection video!

putrikalimantan says:

Beautiful! I’m literally drooling.

Brandon Brends says:

Nice killing crocodiles for this bullshit bag u are so sick woman buy a car get a life

jason rothfeld says:

My god its beautiful. The gold on that red is studding. I just got myself the 50cm in togo leather. Enjoy 🙂

Tanvi Kher says:

While you idiots are complimenting on the “beauty” of these stupid status symbol items, there are millions of crocodiles/alligators being skinned alive and killed to become a bag or a jacket or wallet… they didn’t ask to be killed and wanted to live. Get off of your high horses and educate yourselves on the harsh reality behind these bullshit bags.

Momma Knows Bestest says:

your prices is off

Ana123 Ana says:

poor crocodile

Vumilia says:

One day… One day..

The Hermes Addict says:

what is date stamp?

MissCielle101 says:

Stunning bag! Love to watch your videos! 🙂

Cindersoot says:

It looks machine stitched.

Francisco Leon says:

You said 17k USD? which location did you buy it?

Mr YouTube says:

OMG! I just died with the beauty of this bag.. Please do a Hermes bag collection vid…

missfrasier1 says:

You are my red Hermes bag queen. Added to my favorites. I’m inspired

Amaya Lynxx says:

What a stunner! Amazing bag.

Please do check out my what’s in my Birkin bag video.

Gee Yu says:

did you sell this to fashionphile

HermesLVDiva1976 says:

Its a fabulous bag!

Сергей Иванов says:

Niloticus the most expensive , non porosus!!!

Reggi Bee says:

to Die For<3

MARIPOSA butterflies says:

stunning classic gorgeous

Fidelia Lau says:

Emil, lol.

Becky Rawson says:

How much is it? And where do u buy pls I’m in Thailand .. So beautiful

domiee B says:

can you do a bag collection aww i’m lusting over your birkin.

Sam Sproul says:

i love how stiff hermes exotic skin is, compared to the normal skin.

Fidelia Lau says:

For someone who is doing the videos just for fun you are investing an awful lot of time into it. Further, there is nothing stopping me or anyone else from watching content made purposely for public viewing.

Emily Right says:

I think I just melted, its so beautiful, congratulations and thanks for showing us..

Fidelia Lau says:

Absolute rubbish, get a life. Anyone who supports this nonsense is completely insecure.

y r says:

Love love love , I’m getting frustrated with Hermes , I want one but don’t want to play silly GAmes with Hermes . how did you get offered a croc ?

lalaboo grey says:

and those crocodiles will kill and eat your ass if you went near it……shut up about crocodiles being killed for a bag…there are ppl out there being killed and misled for power….do you cry for them?? humans can not be taken serious sometimes…i tell ya……smh……nice birkin bag by the way…..

Fidelia Lau says:

Jealous over a stranger you don’t know or jealous over a fake bag you got from Aliexpress . Anyway, it is very clear that if you possess the money you claim, you won’t be spending so much time on YouTube desperately trying to impress.

Ken Butler says:

are you selling these?

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