Review of Extremely Rare Hermes Birkin Ostrich Parchemin 35 Bag

Review Extremely Rare Hermes Birkin Ostrich Parchemin 35 Bag


Momma Knows Bestest says:

my sales girl also said its easier to get croc than ostrich ;0

Austin James says:

It’s pronounced AIR-mez. Not HER-mez.

But it is a very beautiful item. May I ask, what is more expensive, this Birkin or the Croc? Thank you for posting and sharing your beautiful bag with us!

Jacqueline DM says:

Extremely gorgeous!

missfrasier1 says:

I’m honored that you subbed to me. God bless you

love bags says:

It’s beautiful yellow color i love it. You mention that you bought from somewhere else, is it an online store? Which website can we trust to buy authentic Birkin?

wikky3000 says:

just lovely

sofysophia says:

I just got a Parchemin ostrich B too but in 30 and ghw! I really adore this color! 🙂


crocodile is much better and much more expensive than ostrich. Ostrich just looks ugly

Pino Santana Bruno says:

Hola los bolsos !!! están muy bonitos pero por favol ,ponga el precio y con quien tenemos que hablar para conprar .cracias ??.

s berg says:

love it

DuckDude23 says:

So you bought a bag made out a someone else’s skin? And you consider yourself a good person?

WendelRamos reyes says:

what the hell you doing! you kill the animals!? because the fucking shit of ladies bag!!

Emil Karlsson says:

Love it. What a beautiful bag. I love that colour, and the ostrich leather is so unique

Alexandra Crystal Victoria says:

I find your videos very informative and I enjoy your descriptions. I’ve subscribed and I hope you’ll continue gaining more support!

When I’m prepared to buy my first Hermès, I’ll definitely pm you for more advice.


Bea Mars says:


Shop-a-Holic says:

beautifull bag, but the stitching at the back of the bag looks a little bit off…

Maitryee Rajapurkar says:

you should definitely go vegan.. why wear someone else’s skin! See Erin Janus dont be too comfortable with shutting yourself from the truth .

Loi Custodio says:

fuck you and i wana skin u alive like what they did to the ostrich!!! i wish u suffer 1 day n have a very bad karma!! having that bag not make u good! ur one of the evil n the reason y hermez and prada continue ro kill animals!!! if ur here in front of me im ganna linch u bitch!!

2ndchance Shoes says:

lost a subscriber because you didn’t bother commenting back.

Uli Dawson says:


careeruwant aia says:

May I ask how much u paid for this bag

Fara Boestamam says:

Beautiful yellow colour.. Love it.. All thumbs up for your collection… Btw, do you have Birkin or Kelly in Barenia leather.. If yea can you please kindly do review.. Thanks in advance…

Little things and not so little things I love says:

Gorgeous Birkin!!!!

Alejandro :D says:

Did she just say the brand name as Hermes as in the Greek good like what ????

careeruwant aia says:

wow wee

sophia loren says:

The junky scarves make it cheesy looking……YUK

allmyjm says:

If I ever have the $ for an exotic B, ostrich would be my #1 choice. Gorgeous bag!

Eva G says:

love your bag. i’ve been wanting an ostrich for a very long time. where did you go to get your bag?

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