This is a come with me, and rare EXOTIC HERMES unboxing, SIMPLE AS THAT! Please look at my exotic Chanel connection/ big news from Chanel in 2019.

WHY ITS OK TO BUY FAKES NOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZO2vHVFDp0&t=329s

EXCLUSIVE FROM CHANEL 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDESb102d_A&t=749s

Ig: drews_view22


EMMA Lee says:

How gangster filming in hermes I can’t believe you did that?!!?? So very cool. Your so refreshing and fun. I would love some advice on what you think are some good entry pieces I can start saving for

Jake Samra says:

Where was his coat from

Grant Shoemake says:

You deserve more subscribers. These other hoes ain’t on your level

EMMA Lee says:



11:16 when you get higher on a test than your enemy

Manny Kyler says:

How do u Afford all these?

a says:

everything about this video is FABULOUS! From your classy outfit, to your casual yet upper echelon demeanor, to the amazing bag! Why am i just now finding you? Charles gross who?

Amaya Lynxx says:

Omg that is such a beautiful bag! I would love a honey coloured gold hardware croc Birkin 25 or 30 as my ultimate holy grail bag.

jazzy smile says:

Why am i getting worried while waiting for the bag to be revealed? Is it because i am scared for what was the skin of the poor animal used with the bag? 🙁 #justmycent

Gloria Ejegwa says:

I screamed when you unboxed your bag. Its such a beauty. Cant wait to own one soon

john hout says:

Love your personality enjoy the bag congrats

Prince Hendrik says:

Charles Gross just left the chat.

OnWingsOfHope says:

I thought it would be a Himalayan Kelly or Birkin. Oh well!

jkbkjnj kjhkjbnjk says:

17:20 THANK YOU! Well said.

EMMA Lee says:

Can you share how you save or make money to buy these bags and what we’re your first bags

Charles California says:

wooooowwwww super!

Jack Costello says:

I mean your a fugly guy wearing heels and a giant coat inside, it would be hard not to stare

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