My Hermes Kelly Bag

My bag is NOT MADE OF “ALLIGATOR” SKIN. * FJORD LEATHER IS AN ADULT MALE COW. The same leather that most designers/brands use to make bags, belts the list goes on and on!!

Thank yo for watching! All info mentioned will be below. If you do not have anything nice to comment, please don’t. I have no problem blocking and deleting. 🙂

Charles Gross-

Robyn A-

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Evil Eye Necklace-

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Alex Grandy says:

Painful review to watch… Organize your thoughts prior to filming!

iztie haini says:

omg that color of your bag.. i like it !!!

Tambiliyah says:

boring review and too much distraction

SHarper SHops says:

Hi Jenn, I’m looking to purchase a vintage Kelly that doesn’t have the extra ‘wing’ clip for the shoulder strap. Since your rouge Kelly doesn’t have them and your black one does, do you feel strongly that you prefer one over the other? I so appreciate any info you can offer – thank you!

Don Alpaccio says:

This bag suits you so well 🙂 I hope that you will get a good use of her 🙂

John Constable says:

the person who made this makeup on you, is definitely not your friend



selina 1 says:

how much was it?

Flat Earth Freedom w/ Lisa/ JePrefereplat says:

I love the color for me I’d be a silver girl. Don’t need the pom,pom, that’s just my opinion.

Angelina Albright says:

Lol what are with the bitchy comments on this video?! Did the (presumably adult) women click to evaluate how long she could focus? Or how well she can pronounce French terms Hermes uses for their bags? Good grief!

I came here from another video. I’m glad I did, this was a good story and a relatable woman.

Alison Petrova says:

You are so pretentious…. I came here to see a nice bag and you are just distracted and talking about your landscapers .. First world problems much…

Hanis Haizi says:

omg i love your bag

lady12480 says:

Beautiful color! The Kelly is my dream bag : )

No Sacrifice® Bags says:

I prefer the Kelly too. The shape is much nicer. That color though! That’s the best color I have seen the Kelly in. SO gorgeous! Of course black is also gorgeous..

JingJing Shen says:

love your necklace

tanja tvd says:

Great bag! te combo of color and gold, really special!

bob fos says:

@Jenna G, have you watched out your little bag is made? how Ostrich’s are brutally murdered for that little bag? you and whoever buy these overpriced murder bags are scum

odile says:

what’s an SA

Elizabeth Kerry says:

+Daniel McIntyre REally?! People are not trolls but really that is a dead animal. They are BRUTTLY murded by being elctrocuted for what? So WHOEVER can look nice! What the fuck your messed up ?i really don’t get the world? If you don’t believe me just go on the YouTube page peta and you’ll see.

MacroYT says:

Kelly bags are worse than cancer

Ana Leilani Magsambol says:

Thanks for the info. Love to watch infos on things I only dream of having. Haha! Your video though is just a bit annoying to watch. Don’t mean to be rude. Just giving you my thoughts. Perhaps next time you can organize your thoughts before you make the video.

Ashley Maria says:

There is nothing beautiful about your bag. an ostrich was killed. shame on you for supporting it.

新西兰成功雅思 says:

Hi Jenn, really love the video , thank you for making it. could you please tell me whether a kelly 28 would hold an ipad ? is your bag 32 cm or 28cm ? thank you for answering my questions.

ann marie Roche says:

what a beautiful bag and such a fabulous colour. I prefer the Kelly to the Birkin although both are divine.

Emmad Ali says:

How much

Brittney Espinosa says:

the lack of explanation for the obvious maintenence going on for the beginning of the video is bothersome.

christimora89 says:

Gorgeous bag! I need one!

New Gurl says:

Why do you keep looking to the side

sunnie nie says:

It’s very beautiful bag may I ask what the price for the bag if you don’t mind sharing

CLEM S says:

Love it! I made a video with my Kelly as well!

Sandee Albar says:

Now that you have both Birkin and Kelly, which is better for you?

Jake Dean says:

Love the plant pot.

sophie m says:

whats the cost? I wanted to purchase

bob fos says:

@Jenn G , then I’m embarrassed and owe you an honest apology. I can’t stand the slaughter of animals…well idk bc an adult cow doesn’t offend me so I might be a hypocrite. but nonetheless, I’m sorry for my comment I was misinformed.

0XmusicforlifeX0 says:

“Fe-jourd”? It’s pronounced “fyord”.

jessica rispoli says:

I love love love that color

anne kutis says:

Love this video 🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂

Jake Dean says:

Is that real fur (the black decorative thing)?

Nicole says:

Stunning colour ❤️

deequu says:

I don’t understand the lock and keys, if someone wants to get into your bag, they’ll easily find another way.

Big Eyes says:

Did u sell this bag? I never see you wearing in on IG:((( i have a sky blue kelly in the same size and i hardly ever put it down!

Sara S. says:

am I the only one bothered by the fact that she won’t close the buckle?

Anonymous Lurker says:

hello dear, thank you so much for this review! It’s a beauty!! I definitely want a Hermes Kelly now <3

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