My FIRST Hermes!!! So Kelly Review & What Fits Inside! | Duchess of Fashion

Welcome back to my channel! Today I review my FIRST ever Hermes handbag, the So Kelly tote! I finally some vitamin C in my life! 😉

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Sungjin Robbin Yoon says:

Love to see So Kelly being reviewed by you! <3 I agree that they don't have feet at the bottom, but I do understand the fact that this is a casual model, not luxury style, and kinda love that we can just throw it around like school or work bags. 😉 - R

Nicole Novo says:

It’s so gorgeous! You look beautiful! I love designer handbags too! I have a few of my own

Mrs Wapoenje says:

Ou la la. C’ est chic. You don’t play Madame Duchess of Fashion.

discogurl says:

Congrats ,I LOVE your videos. Love from Michigan xoxo

Cathy Berry says:

OmG congratulation ❤️❤️❤️

Daniel Hammond says:

That is a fabulous bag. I hope you can buy an Hermes piece for yourself one day! As you said: ‘Everyone needs Vitamin C!’ I once paid AUD$40 for a useless (redundant) mobile phone holder just because I wanted an orange Hermes Box! The buzz from the box was real, and lasted over five minutes after it arrived in the post, which was when the embarrassment set in!!!! I still have it and laugh over it occasionally. And I will have a real item from Hermes. One day. I hope!
I can see you with this bag, or a Birkin or a Kelly, sauntering down The King’s Road for luncheon engagements, or dropping into the lovely shops on Bond Street. And the Hermes bag would match your car perfectly, so you really owe it to BMW to think about an Hermes bag as soon as possible. It is a question of duty! To your car! LOL!
I had never even heard of this bag. It seems to be a slightly more casual version of a Birkin/Kelly. But still devastatingly glamorous and fabulous and you deserve one.

Beautylikemaureen says:

Congrats next on my list .

scorpion7lady says:

Greetings from San Francisco! Excellent taste Duchesse! I agree with you this is a very classy and sophisticated looking bag. Enjoy it in the best of health! I am still “saving” for one of the H beauties:-) until then, I will live vicariously through you. Cheers!

Josephine Bongani says:

Congratulation love your videos

NaturalLuxeDiva says:

Hey Love. What a beautiful bag. I hope you get exactly the one you love. xoxo

Rhonda Allison says:

very nice video

Andri says:

I’ve never seen this bag before .. Enjoy using it and lucky you to get bags just to review xxx

FionaBell2007 says:

I was so confused for a second cause i read only Kelly and assumed it the Kelly bag. Took me a sec or two to be correct myself XD

Tellisa Tellisa says:

Very Nice!! lovely choice!!

RX7 Jap says:

Is this a sponsored post?

j dove says:

You should of saved up and got the birkin in my opinion but nice video

Tricia S. says:

Nice bag.

Colour Me NC42 says:

omg this is an AD!!! i realised 6 mins in 🙁

Kyri Panesar says:

Hey have you looked at designer exchange they are a pre loved designer bag store and they are amazing.

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