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Nadia A says:

The really disgusting thing is people spending tens of thousands of dollar on a bag when there is soooo much corruption in the world.

Kandi Kim says:

Yours is gorgeous fake is pretty too

Dreamelenasc891 says:

Maybe you could buy a Birkin from Charles! @hrhcollection

TheTumbleFever says:

Wait so did someone try to sell it to you as a real one? Did you return it orr???

Tien Nguyen says:

I remembered I went to China 2 years ago to visit my friend. She took me to one small factory. And showed how they did the fake brand name bags. Let me told you this. There are 5 level of fake bags. And level 1 is max. I saw how they did it. It is real leather, the print looked exactly the same. They also handcraft many of details. I had been worked for Chanel before. And they did it, exactly 95%. Only different is fake code and no guarantee card. And the price is killer (200-300usd/ chanel, 1000-2000/ hermes). Damm

Dylan hall says:

I think its so funny that there is an ad for fake Burkins under the video !!

In 5 says:

so happy your back to the bags, what I want to know is did the owner know it was fake? what was their reaction?

My gay Journey says:

Im whit you

strugov4u says:


Angelo Donros says:

Youre sad. Jump in the river.

Rachel Yea says:

can i still buy it?! fake or not, love this bag! must have!

Ahmed Raza says:

i dont believe in fake products. i used to wear swatch and people used to say me that its a poor man’s swiss watch. and i was like at least i m not wearing a cheap rolex fake. i cant afford many things but i make sure whatever i buy is authentic. and if u dont think that luxury is justified by its price then dont buy the fake ones coz there is no point then.

Anjelica Bonilla says:

Love you !!!

Simon Sozzi says:


Simon Sozzi says:

Save up? Work hard? Whatever… There’s no excuse for not getting the proper plastic surgery needed for you to stop torturing us with that face. Plus you’re going to be walking all around town paranoid that everyone knows your lips aren’t real duck.

Miss Echo says:

Are you an alien?

Kandi Kim says:

Buy me one!

MegaTayvon says:

LMAO!!!! “carrying a fake is disgusting.” How elitist. “Work hard and save up” for a 10,000 dollar bag?!?! okaaaaaaaay

Zouzou de Paris says:

You may be an experienced Hermes Collector but your house needs a serious refurbishment!! Need the money for it? Ask your Sugar daddy!

Simon Sozzi says:

One of those bags is almost 1/2 of what a lot of people make in a year working hard and full time! Next time your cleaning lady is over, ask her “Why are you so lazy that you can’t afford a Birkin?” She should have been more industrious as an infant and been adopted by a rich American family. Why was she such a lazy baby?

Mihaela Popinciuc says:

why disgusting? an original one makes u live longer or what?

Bernardo Ng says:

id use that bag, no one will know its fake, and it’s cheap

kim says:

discusting is the price for the original bag

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