Hello kitties,

Here is my review and story about my Hermes Birkin! I have been waiting awhile to do this video and I can’t wait for you all to see it. I love watching luxury bag reviews and luxury hauls so I thought you might enjoy it!

Love you lots,

Margarita XXX


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superholly says:

you’re super entertaining <3

Na Na says:

you remind me of Cameron Diaz!

wisam rohilina says:

You’re hilarious and the bag is a dream..

Missy Steinfeld says:

So exciting! You’re too cute! Your bag is major. Have you seen Le Divorce? Probably. If not, you & mum would totally love & enjoy! Order it this minute. Breathtaking red croco Kelly bag featured throughout.

Emma Ferguson says:

lol when people pronounce hermes like herpes

nakata hideyoshi says:

love your birkin & the story was touch people soul :)”

T Roxy Love says:

how to get a Birkin bag… Have a parent work for Hermes then they can gift it to you on your wedding day

FitYetunde says:

ahahahahyour work out this video was funny lol

Little Sunshine says:

How much does your birkin bag costs?

More VenusCow says:

Great video Love The Birkin

ChicMagic says:

really looks like fake

Living Thedream says:

Aww! Love it! I have little story how i got my Birkin me and my hubby went to Hermes store, just to look around. I had never bought anything from Hermes or been in the store. We walked in the store i was so excited just being there. One of the SA approached us and ask if we needed any help. I said no thanks just looking. Then i said to my partner if i ever own a Birkin i want a Red one with Gold hardware, then the lovely SA said to us we have a 35cm Red one with GHW in stock arrived this morning. We looked at it, it was gorgeous! My partner was like do you want it? I said Yaaaaaass!! Lol That’s how i got my first Birkin. I will never forget it. I cherish that bag.

Sammy Jayne - Idle Girl says:

Great video!! loved the story xx

MyHighlight SlaysYourExistence says:

How to get a Hermés bag: be a celebrity

Daniel McIntyre says:

fabulous video!

Rasha Abd Alrahman says:

first of all congratulation
I hope you enjoy your new bag… you are beautiful and this bag fit you
your bag..It’s color, size, silver metal
is exactly my dram bag
I love birkin bags long ago
but they are too expensive
I can’t buy one it is impossible to have one !!!!!!!!
I’m so sad
I watch your video and enjoy watching your bag!!!!!
my dream is to have one like yours !!
have a good time and thank you dear for the video

thankstofashion says:

I just stumbled upon you channel and this is the first video I watched. Great review!

Sussie Carmicheal says:

first video I saw from you and I love your personality & humor. #LetsBeginThisJourneySis

Christy J says:

You are so entertaining…thank you for sharing your beautiful birkin and the story of how you acquired it!!! So lucky your Mom works at Hermes…ask her if she wants to adopt a 40 year old…LOL!!!!

Be Beautiful says:

Love your personality 🙂

Erin Holland says:

Hahahah you’re too gorgeous ❤️

Eva L says:

Loved your video, so bubbly and entertaining, but it was so distracting hearing you mispronounce “Hermès”. 🙁 The “H” is meant to be silent. 🙁

Fabulous Style says:

Gorgeous! That is the perfect color. Why can’t my Mom work for Hermes? How cool

Alex Ahmed says:

What year is the bag from?

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