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GnarAppleOwns says:

Awww your arm is sore from holding your heavy birkin? Poor youuuu get real narcissistic beetle lookin ass prissy boy

Joan deeren says:

That’s why I hate Hermes bags. A heavy bag like that causes harm to your back and shoulder. Ask any physical therapist.

Jandale Kristin says:

Love the bag.. Planning to get one but im not sure where.. Do u recommend tradesy?

Nbcn says:

Boy i should comment more often on your videos cuz I truly enjoy them. Love your review: short, straight forward and friendly at the same time. I like your sense of humour. Also def agree about the heaviness of the birkin. I haven’t worn mine for months now because of it. I’m obsessed with my mini bags atm as well so… However for traveling works wonder for me. Wicked review!! Have a good evening xD

mohd afzanizam Muda says:

hey charles,,i love all your vids..how do i buy very first birkin at affordable price,,? love from Malaysia

Karen Caballero says:

I use to not want one. But OMG I really do now.

lizzea01 says:

I’ve just discovered your channel, I love your honesty and I actually feel like you’re so down to earth about your lifestyle and reviews on expensive items. Your skin is amazing btw. A Birkin always appears like the aspirational ‘it’ bag but after your review I actually would probably be slightly annoyed with it (fiddly to close etc) so I really appreciate your opinions regarding those practical things because they are honest and practical. Love your videos 😀

Alexandre Bildstein says:

I feel quite neutral about the Birkin to be honest, but I am Glad to learn what’s unfortunate about it and what is making it an outstanding masterpiece of luxury handbag. I’ve learned new things.

julie miller says:

i wish people would stop wrapping those twillys around the handle of these expensive bags– dam i hate that look.. it instantly makes the bag look cheap. i have 4 Birkins, and sometimes i will make a bow on the handle with a twiily, and im not sure if i even like that look.. A bag this iconic doesnt need a lot of junk on it to get it noticed,. it speaks volums by itself

DoeDonDoe says:

Hitting someone with a Birkin…i could totally see this being a new sexual thing….

N P says:

Totally agree! 🙂 Love my B35 for the same reasons! xoxo

Maria White says:

Hi George xx

I just discovered your blog very recently as I’m looking to buy a Birkin.
I fell in love with them when I saw them at the Hermes shop in London (Bond Street). However I needed to see an honest review et Voilà! I found you!
Still indecisive…
By the way, what’s your opinion on Chanel GST? I recently bought a stunning Maxi on caviar leather (got it at the Chanel store at Heathrow airport) but now I want a GST.
Greetings from sunny London xxxx

Christy Ling says:

Charles, I’m having anxiety attack whether my next bag should be the Kelly Relaxed or Chanel Classic Flap in medium size. What can you recommend? Fast please….

Erin Rodden says:

your little greasy toddler. love you

Stephanie McAdam says:

Please do an unboxing when you get your new Birkin!

Lavina M says:

Gorgeous bag aside, you look fab! I sort of regret picking box calf leather one, it does scratch significantly more than any other Hermes leathers.. I believe the belts are clemence (correct me if I’m wrong) and there is hardly a scratch..I wonder whether you ever considered longer hair – I think cut a’la Jon Snow would frame your face beautifully, and the bonus is – that hairstyle looks best when messy so not that much maintenance …

GuriSuperFreak says:

This bag cost $21,700.00.

GreenEggs2Go says:

Charles have you heard of teddy blake? They make birkin knockoffs….check out their website

Davida Singleton says:

For $11,000 and up that bag better turn into a fully furnished, fully loaded house with a maids and chefs, pay all of my bills… Hell it better get me into Heaven. You talking about resilient it better be.

Becky Nelson says:

What a great review! Just watched Pretty Shiny Sparkly’s review and she explained the passion for this bag really well. Just like you!

thraciangrapes says:

Great review! Very informative

Anaroma LaCorona says:

Charles could u give any advice on hermes braclets, are they worth it? im looking to buy one but im not sure if its a good investment

nalumaga racheal says:

just found you i wish u were my brother….so entertaining

Vida Misa says:

React to Heart Evangelista’s painted birkins!! They are beautiful.

Geovane Morgan says:

Why do you keep saying links below and literally NEVER leave any links below?

uutuber431 says:

1:12 The Birkin was designed as a carry on bag for an airplane. It is basically a “weekender” duffle bag for rich people. People just use it as a handbag now, which it is way too hefty for.

josh c says:

You’re lucky …. my etoupe jypsiere turned dark blue because I forgot to wear light blue denim. I’m 184cm … but i want a b25… what do you think ? Your reviews on bags is amazing <3 Have a wonderful day hun.

Lisette Morris says:

That is so beautiful

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