HERMES OVER HYPED?! + MY LUXE BAG COLLECTION | Chanel, Dior, Vuitton | Sophie Shohet

LUXURY HANDBAG / PURSE COLLECTION AND MINI REVIEW OF: CHANEL BOY UNBOXING, LOUIS VUITTON ALMA BB, VALENTINO SPIKE, CHANEL CLASSIC FLAP JUMBO, CHANEL COCO TOP HANDLE, STELLA McCartney Falabella and Lady Dior plus Diorama (and some more!) These are my most requested videos as you tell me that you find it interesting to see bags that might be new to you – plus it’s interesting to see the price increases.

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1111 99900 says:

I feel like the quality of most luxury bags has dropped tremendously and some of these bags range from 3-4k to 100k, even birkins can rip or tear or the hardware can loosen. I’m not even talking about knock-offs either, its better to buy from a smaller luxury brand with a more personal touch I think.

Sly3n says:

Love the collection! I have an LV Tambourine bag from 2003 that my grandmother bought me for college graduation. I hadn’t even asked for it. She must have seen me look at it when we went to the mall. Anyhoo, my grandma died about three months later so it is the last thing I ever received from her so I will always keep it. It has gotten tons of use over the years because I think my grandmother would be disappointed if I didn’t use her present. Still looks good though. It is also still the only high end bag anyone has ever purchased for me. All my other high end bags have been bought with my own money 🙂 I also don’t like LV much lately. My only recent purchase was a nano Turenne in 2016 because it was so stinkin’ cute.

Jennifer Brown says:

Hello this is Jennifer, If you ever want to sell the Red Gucci Marmount i would love to own one.

KATHY says:

Do you have any opinion about fashionphile? x

Aurore T says:

Much respect Sophie, but I love love love the LV Speedy 25. It was my first luxury bag. I chose it because it was created for Audrey Hepburn. She wanted a Speedy but thought the 30 was too big. So they made the 25 for her.

If I had to do it all again, I would still get that bag. 🙂

I totally agree with you re. HERMES. Overpriced, overrated. I feel like I see more Hermes Kelly and Birkin fakes than anything else in the street.

Filoso Fashion says:

there is a great marketing behind Hermes ladies =)

Lola Greydóttir says:

The Dior saddle bag just came back in a BIG way. David clearly knows his stuff

Skyebright1 says:

bum bags? why?

Cammy Oh says:

Thanks for the video!! Anywhere you would recommend is a great platform to buy/sell other than Ebay/Vestiare?

mrsguccithatsme says:

I just bought the Chanel classic maxi flap purse and I know for sure it’s a keeper

humera shaikh says:

What does it mean that it is an investment? Do bags have resale value?

Robln Pevlor says:

Loved this video!!! I agree with so many of your thoughts about bags. Your collection is superior. Is also agree about Hermes hype. Thank you .

Reece 20 says:

I would love to see you try on your purses so we can see what the bag looks like on

AB Medical UK says:

Could you review Polene please ? Xx

Lola Melo says:

I really loved this video. You are just so genuine and I know where to come for advice for a particular luxury bag. More videos like this please. x x

Johanna Jumelet Aitken says:

Hello Sophie, I know I’m lagging behind as far as current viewing goes, but so many gems of advice in each video so I’m merrily trotting through them … one question which could be added to an upcoming video maybe? I have a PRADA James Jean Fairy bag from 2008 – I decided when I got it that I’d use it and not be precious. Of course, it’s not in great condition but any ideas or recommendation about where I could be it cleaned?

I’m coming to London from Australia sometime next year so would love to bring it for a little TLC (Harrods have a service, maybe?) xx Johanna

miss nobody says:

Here here with LV downhill quality. They don’t even line their monogram perfectly anymore.

Ali Ashby says:

I adore you and your channel. You are so down to earth and classy. I am DYING for the le Boy and Classic double flap, but can’t make the financial sacrifice yet. Someday! Glad to know about the lambskin boy though, for $5k usd it needs to be perfect.


love this video great collection, super agree that the speedy is the most copied one but so are the Chanel. and also super agree at the good quality of old LV than the newer bags.

D R-K says:

Your hair looks fantastic. Love your real world use and insights. I will be saving lots of money due to your videos.

mawuto jineku says:

I’ll love to have 1 Hermes birkin, a lot of kellys & other Hermes bags. All in all I love Hermes.

Rodrigo rocha says:

Do you like Versace Bags? I never heard you talking about this brand, and i would like to know if you like it

Palani A.Subramaniam says:

I love Lottie the best

Florida Murphy says:

haha, I felt sick when I got my Chanel Jumbo too! 🙂

dea adams says:

I love your hairstyle and makeup in this video

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