Hermes Lindy 26 | First Impression | Bag Review

Hey everyone! I finally finished editing this video! apologies for the delay! 😀

This is a first impression of my new handbag, Hermes Lindy 26. It is not a full review yet as i just got this bag last month and it’s still being used. However, i have my first thought about it to share 😀

Hope you enjoy! I’m using my KatStar rating for the 1st time too!
***I’ve insert some soft background music in my video – do let me know if it’s ok or should i do without it :D?

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Winnie Y says:

Hi Kat, love your collection : ) I would like to invite you to do the Happy Hermes Tag. Would you be interested? I am sure your subscribers would love to see your Hermes favourites 🙂 Love from Hong Kong, Winnie : )

Handa Wang says:

I like your review on Lindy. Such a beautiful bag. The red color is also gorgeous. But the samoga is too structured for Lindy.

Hui Min Choo says:

Hi Kat after you place the order with hermes, how long do you have to wait to get it? thanks

Nicole Novo says:

GORGEOUS Hermes lindy bag! Love the STUNNING twilly tied on! You look BEAUTIFUL as always! Xoxo

lovepotionsinc says:

I love Rouge Tomate! Great shade of red. Perfect with gold hardware!

gbomify says:

Can I know what’s the price for this in S$?

Charm313 says:

I think the organizer takes away from how the bag is suppose to slouch in the middle part

Hei Li says:

I love your reviews! You cover things that other people don’t think of !

Susazeu says:

I have a Kelly in the Swift and I’d say NO! Don’t buy it! it’s too scratch prone!!!

So, the iphone 6s Plus would fit in the outside pocket? I don’t know what size to get!

allmyjm says:

Great review with helpful comments. Thanks!

Pisces Meng says:

好喜欢你的视频 你会讲中文对吗

ScarletCamelia says:

How about the Birkin? Just wondering what are your thoughts?

L. P says:

No music please. No offense. I just want to hear your voice and focus on your talking. Thanks for your efforts to try different things in your videos but you are so great and I am getting distracted by music. BTW this bag is cuter than Birkin in my opinion. It’s so whimsical and that is what Hermes is known for. Thanks for your review.

meicui99 lim says:

yes, i agree with you Kat ! sometimes thinking of getting the preloved, but the price not much different and service ( from the re seller) was horrible !! I rather spend abit more to get from the store . I was treated like VIP when i was in Chanel KLCC , even though I am not a big buyer . That is why, always tell my friends, save the money to get a brand new, or grab the preloved if really a good deal ( min 40 % off)

Shirley Tan says:

Been so waiting for this review ! Bought my Lindy 26 at the same terminal 1 store … must say the experience was way better than the Hermes store in the city !

Shannon Li says:

nice colour!!!it is hard to find this kind of colour in clemence or swift leather.!!

oo oo says:

Hi do you find it hard to match for the red Color bag?

Sharon says:

I like this review. I never use bag organisers. I buy pouches of different sizes from Craftholic and they’re soft and cute and they fit ALL my bags. Plus they’re machine washable and dryable.

linda tan says:

I want a Lindy 26 after watching your video 😛

hilda l says:

I would recommend Maitai bag insert, they are soft and light and it keeps my lindy with her “slouchy” shape, the price for that is a bit steep tho.

Erin Ham says:

hi Kat
I want to watch comparison between lv alma and lv twice bag. which bag do you prefer more?

Natasha Vysotskaya says:

you are not alone! i do turn my Boy to “hide it” ))))) some people still wont know that its a Boy )))

Deise Nishimura says:

Loved your first impressions and the first Kat stars scale!! Lindy is going to my wish list… what do you think about it compared to your speedy 25? I was thinking about one in empreinte leather…. xoxo

Elisa U says:

Love your Kat Star rating ! So organized and so easy to understand. Even though I can’t afford these bags, love seeing them for future reference;)

HelloS4lly says:

I liked the video before watching it. 🙂 Great first impression review! Thank You for making this video and it’s helping me to know more about this particular handbag as I’m quite interested in this design. H is really expensive but I think they’re worth it if you find the right handbag.

It’s OK to leave the stickers on the handbag as you live in a humid environment? I thought the stickers would leave residue on the hardware if you don’t remove them when in humidity.

Did you buy another raincoat for the handbag? I thought H came with its own raincoat.

Have a great weekend! 🙂

LalaLV says:

Hahaha – Cracked me up when you mentioned the turnlock poking you. That is exactly how it is with my Chanel Medium. I always know when I have it on backwards because I always feel the turnlock poking me on the hip. If the bag swings hard enough, it’s actually painful, LOL!
Beautiful bag <3 I love slouchy bags but brands always tend to make them larger size bags. Now you've got me thinking about this one because I love the smaller size. Congratulations Sis!

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