Hermes Kelly | 1st Impressions | Bag Review | Kat L

Hi everyone – my initial thoughts of this bag using my KatStar ratings…

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JessieBanana says:

I just don’t get the Kelly and Birkin. I feel like if they weren’t so expensive and allusive, the target market for them would be a lot smaller.

Vannify says:

Viewed this video first thing in the morning even before breakfast (you’re more important than breakfast!)! I’m a color girl, I absolutely love the color of the bag on you. I say you carry the bag well, you’ve earned it, it’s a milestone of what you have achieved so far, i say wear the bag proudly, there’s never a wrong time to own anything that you’ve worked so hard to earn 🙂

love bags says:

Hermes Kelly Lakis has 2 outer front pockets and one big one in the back. I don’t know why nobody use the Kelly Lakis.

Karen Lie says:

Hi Kat, I am also interested in getting a kelly. do u mind sharing how much u paid for yours? my email is if you prefer to PM me in private. I wish to let u know I recently bought a dehumidifier for my bags and am amazed by the amt of water it extracted (with aircon turn on )

Adetoun Kolapo says:

Kat that blouse looks great on you, doesn’t look too dressy and shows off your tattoos beautifully!

Indi Boo5 says:

Honey the Kelly is not a grade higher than you!!! If you were a bag you would be a diamond encrusted Birkin ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Becky Panda says:

The Kelly is my holy grail but I do question myself where am I going with a 10K bag??? But who cares! I used to save all my expensive stuff for a “special occasion” and they end up sitting in the closet. Use it, enjoy it and SHOW IT OFF! Make each day count… XO

ali0112smile says:

Hi would you like to compare your chanel mini,medium,and jumbo?

Yueyue BAO says:

You look amazing in this outfit!

allmyjm says:

Really comprehensive review Kat. Great job! I can relate to everything u talked about! In addition to the strap and the hassles with closing the bag, I also have some complaints about the stitchings that attach the handle to the top of the flap. They are NOT that durable if the bag is used to carry heavy stuff on a regular basis. Don’t ask how I know. Hahaha. My dear – of course you’re worthy of the bag! You earned it. I primarily wear my Kelly with jeans and tees. One thing I like to do is to pull out the sides to make the bag more casual which really fits my lifestyle and personal taste. Work it! ❤️

gix2lee says:

You have the body to wear anything you want and look gorgeous (seriously). You have the ambition and the determination to get anything you want (you work hard). Do what makes you happy, but I totally get it when you feel you can’t be yourself when you’re carrying “HER” (HERmes).

aibbz93 says:

10:08 you worked hard to afford this bag hun! Which means it does fit not only your life but your accomplishments so far. <3 🙂

Princess77. JL says:

Dear what is Orange shield sticker you mentioned?

girlabee says:

Hi Kat! Did you say whether this is a sellier or a retourne? It’s beautiful! Maybe you should get one of the additional thicker straps you can get from Hermes or from another brand. My SA should be calling me soon for my kelly 32, so your review has made me even more excited!

Kiwi * says:

I felt the same way when I carried my Birkin for the first time. UNTIL! I got my first compliment. I S-K-I-P-P-E-D (school girl style) All the way to my car.

Now, if you really want to feel a certain way… Take a flight and use your Garden Party as your carry-on, add a Twilly so it can be easily recognized and use your Kelly as your one personal item!

Missy Sam says:

I feel totally out of place when I carry my one and only Kelly also. I bought it from a reseller also. I’m a very casual dresser like u and I can wear tshirt and shorts to work even! So to have this bag I feel I’m not “worthy” of this bag status wise and fashion wise. I asked my reseller to sell the bag within 2 weeks of getting it but haizzzzzz no news yet. I tink I am more comfortable with my chanel and LV and Lindy and maybe in future Constance bolide. But definitely not birkin and Kelly ;( I’m so sad… im Glad to find that I’m not the only one with these thoughts 🙁

MiMi Mo says:

Hi Kat, thank you for your detailed review. It’s very informative. I love you talking about the versatility of the bag when you try to close it. It’s very real and honest. Love your personality and you are beautiful as always. Love your top too. You look great and lady like in it. Please do a follow-up videos on the bag, like the wear and tear and wimb and let us know what do you think about it. Is it worth the price?

Andri says:

I think the top looks lovely on you …. Kat my darling of course your worthy of the bag. it looks gorgeous on you, just enjoy it… I don’t think any bag is hustle free, you just learn to work with them … As always great review … xx

Simply Beauty says:

You look soooo sexy in this video should try different ways of your attire instead of always shorts n t-shirt..very beautiful!

cap4life1 says:

I think that orange color with palladium hardware is quite casual looking as you said. So, I’d say that it absolutely goes with casual outfits.

Rachel Yu says:

Great review and you are very real and lovely!


Yay! #KatStars!! I have been so curious about this bag since you revealed it.
I LOVE this top and the Kelly is so classic and I totally get what you mean about dressing up for the bag. I mean… it’s Hermes!!?!!

Mads Bukowski says:

I identify with the things you’re saying 100%. Beautiful bag, but not that suitable for very active people imho and you are more than worthy of it btw. Great video.

V L says:

Kat! You are so so funny . You look great and I think the bag suit you well. Nice / bright /fun and mature just like you.

VR Mom of Four says:

It makes sense what you’re saying but when you did the mod shots I thought it looked awesome on you!!! YOU made it look good!!!! Do you!!! I think of Hermes I think of stuffy & snobby. You with your fresh, youthful look give it a different vibe!!! ❤️

Kalinnah says:

My dear you paid for this bag with your own money. You deserve it. If not you, then who better? This bag you can dress it up or down, however you decided to wear it. It’s an honor and a privilege to get to own this handbag. Enjoy while you have it cause tomorrow is uncertain.

linda tan says:

Great Review Kat!

Qui Qui says:

Hi Kat! You have to add price with your stars…Do you think its worth the price?

imsogladtobe says:

i like this video. thank you.

Kasha Chiang says:

I love your style! Your candid review and spontaneous sharing make this a great video!

rosa_gilly says:

Very sincere video … as always!!!

Ivy T says:

i understand your sentiments about the Kelly too…i feel like i can be casual with my LV and even Chanel bag, but not with my Kelly. Maybe as time goes by, it will feel different for both of us 🙂

Lux Purse Love says:

Love your reviews! Gorgeous bag!❤️

Sam Sproul says:

regarding the strap, I’ve tried to put black louis vuitton straps, dior straps and even chain straps on mine, and to be honest the only strap that looked good was the one that it came with. if they changed it, it just wouldn’t look nice.
loved the top by the way!

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