Backpacks are all the rage right now!! Here is a complete review on my Hermes Herbag 2 in 1 Backpack & Tote! I go over all the details, specifications, modeling shots, how to interchange between backpack & tote and then my overall thoughts on the bag. Is it a yay or a nay?

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Jasmine Buera says:

I am definitely interested in this bag! How would you be selling it?

Deanna Weber says:

If you don’t do a video could you maybe list on instagram or somewhere on social media what items you are selling! I love your collection so much and am interested to see what the items are 🙂 XO Love your videos!!!

LovinLVuitton Kerry says:

Judy bought the black monogrammed Henri Bendal backpack jetsetter city
Absolutely love it… very well made, carefree, got it for travel, but will use a lot… love it… check it out… brand new and was less than $300!

Nauman Bakhrani says:

Have you considered the Longchamp backpack? I had the LV montsouris and I didn’t like the opening and closing but the Longchamp one is SO much easier. Also price is much better!

jayzzee1888 says:

cant wait to see u having oue own birkin and a kelly

Suzanne Hall says:

I’m sorry your first Hermes bag didn’t work out for you. It is very lovely but I can see how that catch would very quickly drive me bonkers. I hope you have better luck next time.

EddaElid says:

Great looking bag but I think I like my Henri Bendel large Jetsetter a ton more. When it comes to backpacks they need to be practical and functional.

Jessie Cardona says:

I have always loved Hermes ¨Her Bag¨. Love more the bag than the backpack! Great video. Thinking in finding one. Thanks and take care Shea. GN an GB

Sabine Ihde says:

Idk if i skipped that part but i dont seem to find it … maybe someone can help 🙂 where do the backpack straps go when u install it as a purse?

Brad Sam says:

there are scratches on the leather

Jen Salko says:

Thank you so much for always being honest. It is so so appreciated! ❤️

Jessica Leong Sin Yi says:

Bags looks good! but how is the price….

NowThatsChic says:

I love your reviews Shea! Im liking the Hermes backpack as I’m watching you talk about it 🙂


I just love the style!
But how do you like the fact that you have to loosen & tighten 2 straps, deal with the metal hook when each time you need to take things out and put away?

Jennifer King says:

I have 3 kids (9, 7, and 2) and a backpack has been a lifesaver. I’ve had several different types and have settled on a zipper top. I’ve been using a small MCM backpack and it’s been so convenient for me. I had a LV one and the buckle was annoying to me. The LV Palm Springs seemed nice but the zippers were too stiff. Although they could get better over time. Can’t wait to see which backpack you end up choosing.

Bonita Brewington says:

Looks like a Kelly or Birkin! Love that purse portion better than the backpack. But get find! Thx Shae.

Stephanie Olynyk says:

WOW! I was so surprised when you said you were going to sell it!! BUT I totally get it. Just not thr right fit for your lifestyle! <3

Belinda Swendsen says:

Great video, I’ve never seen a video on how the bag is interchangeable. Thank you

The Luxury Hunt says:

Having kids myself I could totally see why that would become annoying. But the great thing is there are so many gorgeous backpacks out there to choose from.

Lynn Amidon says:

That is so cool. Can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like that before. 2 for 1.

Ciara Coleman says:

I knew you would wind up selling that bag! It is lovely but that opening does seem annoying for a bag you use when you’re with your kids.

amy rients says:

I agree that this backpack is not for you but for different reasons. With young children it just makes sense to carry a backpack that is sturdy and can handle all the stuff moms carry around. A nice bag needs to be babied to a certain degree.

Becky Nelson says:

Such a cool bag! Love your thorough review!

Mellany Carranza says:

Hi Shea, I’m trying to get familiar with a style of the bag as I’m really interested with this one. I’m just wondering what the stopper looks like & if yours came with one. Is it a piece of hardware that looks like a hook with a small leather tab?

Joann Wright says:

It’s nice but not practical to get in and out of

Maureen Webster says:

Love this combination backpack
I can see if you have small ones it wouldn’t be the best choice
but looks great and nice not top look like every one else

loveandstuff35 says:

I am interested!!!!!!!!!

Sarah says:

Very cute bag and interesting concept. It would be nice if it had the same look with the straps but be able to open it differently.

Kierra J says:

I actually love that you’re honest with items you review. It’s one of the key reasons why I like watching your videos.. I also totally agree about having kids, and they have to be conducive with my mommy life of 2 as well

Liu Eva says:

You mean the tote type is still a backpack, right? sorry i feel confused. Because the second one looks like a tote, but can you use it as a tote ? would’t it be some straps hanging at the back of that tote?

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