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Hi Everyone! It’s COMPARISON TIME! I often get asked what I think is is the best 1st Hermes bag or a great Hermes entry level priced bag (according to Hermes standards lol). So in today’s video I’ve purposely chosen 2 of the most popular yet “accessible” styles that Hermes offers. It’ pretty in-depth and I cover 4 areas (plus summary) which are listed below with time stamps. I really hope this can act as a reference tool and help those of you that are deciding between the bags or maybe investing in your 1st Hermes bag. Or maybe like me after doing this review wanting to add another Hermes bag into your collection 😉 Enjoy! xx Mel

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1:36 min 1. Overview – Appearance/Sizes/Materials
8:28 min 2. What fits inside each bag?
19:40 min 3. Prices
22:26 min 4. Mod Shots
24:11 min 5. Summary inc Pros & Cons

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Garden Party (Small): 30 L 30 x H 21 x D 13 cm
Garden Party (Medium): 36 L 36 x H 26 x D 17 cm

Evelyn (TPM): L 16.5 x H18.5  x D 5.5 cm
Evelyn (PM): L 29 x H 30 x D 10 cm
Evelyn (GM): L 33 x H 31 x D 10 cm

* Images used in the pricing section were obtained off google

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored video. All opinions are my own and everything was purchased by myself. Some links may be affiliated.


TEA ASMR And DIY says:

Hi Mel love your video so much information Thankyou I have a hermes garden party bag bought in 2010 it’s canvas and leather .It’s inside is not lined it’s just simple black .

Eds V says:

Which do you prefer, etoupe evelyne in gold hardware or palladium?

zandra perry-ogbomo says:

Very nice review… thanks so much Mel.

Lara A says:

Thanks for sharing the H GP in vache country, love to see that it holds up so well. Negonda loses its shape too quickly

mariejoy0926 says:

Hi Mel, yes, i did love this comparison video. Greetings with LOVE fr. Singapore

Airyhen Tagle says:

Please let’s support mel..

dinavienna says:

I love the Eveyline in the medium size in the bright colors – orange, grass green, turquoise blue. I so want one one day 🙂

Kailyn Lazarus says:

Ive been debating for the last few weeks between an evelyne and a loewe puzzle bag for my next cross body… cant decide!!

Cynthia Low says:

Mel, for your info, 7RP B30 insert fit H Lindy 30 very well too. Perfect and you should try them out.

dinavienna says:

btw I used similar “bottomless pit” handbags of a similar shape all through my university days (not Hermès though). I think it has its charm for very young women including the clumsy searching around the handbag. But yeah for adults I belive this organizer is amazing!

Yolo Spike says:

wow!!!thanks for sharing mel!!!

s lee says:

For the Evelyne, I had seen people remove the strap and use a Hermes scarf as the strap. It looked good too.

sandy chen says:

Like your voice !!!!

deeliciouz says:

Thank you so much for this comparison video. I’ve been a member of the purse forum for awhile and going into the Hermes forums was always a little intimidating for me ( and also confusing as I didn’t know where to begin my research ). I used to always say that my first Hermes bag would be an Evelyne but didn’t know where to begin. You’re comparison was super helpful and educational and now I have a place to start. Thanks again!


very nice Revie Mel, i personally love the Garden Party i couldn’t afford it but it doesn’t stop me to admire it. Thank for sharing this video.

beaucoupdpink says:

Hi Mel! Thank you for the video! I am thinking of getting a GP as my first hermes bag and still considering between the 30 or 36 in canvas/leather combo. Do you have an opinion on which size is better and also if canvas/leather is a good investment for hermes? thanks <3

Jessica Ho says:

Hi Mel, love your videos, they are so informative. If you have to pick one, which one would you choose? Garden party 36 or 30? I am 164cm in height. I just got a black leather garden party 36 today as part of my birthday haul from Hermès. but I went home feeling like I should have gotten a smaller size bag. Never exchange anything with Hermès, are you familiar with their policy? I don’t want to jeopardize my relationship with my sales associate in case I really want to exchange the GP36 with a GP30. Hope you can shed some light on the situation. Please let me know which size do you prefer. Thank you!!

whenthemomentstrikes says:

thats exactly how i feel about speedys!!! its like a blackhole….i hate searching for stuff in it which is what caused my addiction to slg’s. I was trying to find a way to organize my items for easier access …thanks for sharing. 🙂

Daniel Hammond says:

Hi Mel. I believe you can get inserts that actually have zips on them. I have not come across one, but it would be my preference with an open bag. I worry about people helping themselves to my stuff! I much prefer the Garden Party with the clips done up. That removes its somewhat ‘help yourselves thieves!’ look, the same way I think the LV Neverful looks! (Me? Paranoid?!!!) I really like the Evelyn, but the dots in the form of an H annoy me. I feel that I am advertising Hermes! (Irrational, I know!) Apparently there is a version of the Evelyn which has no H on it. That would be my choice, but as usual with Hermes, it is probably very hard indeed to track down. Thank you for another smashing video and have a fabulous day!

beylunax says:

I love your phone case Mel! Can you please share where it’s from? Garden party is my next purchase:)

Marjan Baradas says:


Jasminka D. says:

Thank you for another fab und very informative video #faMELy

Snow777 07 says:

Great vid!!


Evelyne!!! All the way !

Cheryl Lyg says:

going to London and Paris and can’t wait to buy the garden party!!!!! super excited!

Stacy Young says:

Just wondering….do you have to schedule an appointment to purchase the Garden Party or Evelyn. I will be in Paris in 3 weeks and want to be prepared. Thank you!

Lilly Elfy says:

U hella rich. Gimme money

Alison Phongsavath says:

I’ve been lusting after the Evelyn, and the insert seems necessary

Suzanne Hall says:

Apart from the Kelly, which is my holy grail bag, I am really not a fan of the Hermes bags. But I enjoyed this very much anyway. Your presentation is so good and so full of information that the video came to the end and I thought, where did the last half an hour go? I was enjoying it so much it felt like 10 minutes. These comparison videos are fantastic and I hope you do some more in the future. A good one would be between your Kellys and your Lady Dior. They are very different bags but to me they occupy a similar functional place. Does that make sense? I think of them both as special going out bags but not formal.

Andy says:

Mel, what do you do for living? I’m a new subscriber and I’m so I’m curious because you have a lot of designer bags.

Cynthia Low says:

Superb! Just got myself the 7RP for Evelyne PM! Thanks Mel for sharing.

Nancy Private says:

Love the way you present the bag and you are beautiful also

mizzmolly says:

If you freak out about the potential for color transfer as I do, you’d prefer the Garden Party. I love it so much, I’ll probably buy another one eventually. The 36 fits so much stuff.

Jhel Valencia says:

Can you do an updated What’s inside my everyday bag please? 🙂

ana rita Variz says:

Loved the video Mel!!!!thank you very much!!!!

Leslie Craven says:

Great information

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