Hermes Garden Party – Review (Pros and Cons)

Hi everyone, I’m back again with another bag review for my Hermes Garden Party tote. This bag has been in my collection for more than a year. I didn’t include it in my bag collection, i can’t remember why…maybe i should do an updated collection video..!

Here are some links and info mentioned in my video

Measurements (edited on 04 Oct – spoke to an SA at Hermes and apparently they only make 2 sizes now, TPM n PM)
TPM: H21xW32xD14
PM: H24xW36xD17 (this is my size)

Info on Hermes Leathers:

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Kynhans Henna says:

new subbie here from Singapore! and i’m binge watching all your videos!!

Baby Abby time says:

good review n such a beautiful colour…. I love my garden party so much that I have 2! in tpm size

rosa_gilly says:

Thanks for sharing!

Autumnsnowflake23 says:

Just found your channel – you’re such a delight to watch! I appreciate your concise and thorough review on the Garden Party. I’ve just added this to my wish list. 🙂

L. P says:

What a review… Two thumbs up! The pink is just too pretty. Hermes produces the best color of any shade.

cocacola988 says:

Can you do an updated review on the trendy cc

cocacola988 says:

You’re seriously becoming my favorite youtuber, love your personality love your videos love your bags

lylarush says:

Thanks for the review. Now I’m tempted to get one. But I’m hesitate about the weight. How heavy is it?

meiltoo says:

Fantastic review again! love the details you give, so helpful!!! The zip compartment is big enough for continental wallet 🙂 Its a beautiful shade of pastel pink!

LouisVuittonCoffeeLver says:

Beautiful bag

linda tan says:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are so cute in the video hehe. 🙂

Christine Chua says:

Really amazing that knowing someone has same tots like I do! Yea hi 5. Hehe this piece of art were in my wishlist for quite sometime. Hopefully it’s a first starter for hermes collection ~ what u think about the gold color? Will it be consider as light color as well? Really helpful video!

Jodyco1 says:

I am trying to decide on 30 or 36 do you think the 36 is to big for everyday thank you

aibbz93 says:

the red highlights in your hair look awesome!

Ratiya Lalala says:

I went to the boutique and tried it on.Only 1 thing that made me hesitate is the handles. They are too short for my shoulders espacially when I wear jacket. The one I saw was in red and limited edition with spacial lining inside. Now I felt bad that I didnt buy it. It was 2750€ while the normal one is 2450 €.

Moroni Veliz says:

Loved this video. So informative, I want to buy my mom a garden party some day and I was looking for a good review on this bag. Looking forward to more videos, just subscribed ;D

Nicole Novo says:

What a gorgeous pink Hermes tote! You look beautiful

oo oo says:

Is it heavy to carry?

Lami Dele says:

On my wishlist now! I wonder when I will be able to get it #brokestudent

Jodyco1 says:

Thank you

LBlush says:

Kat, you always do such great reviews. Thank you for your well crafted video!

Ana Young says:

That’s so funny ,I also take a dust bag n put in my Garden Party,just same reason like u 😀

Iveagh 32 says:

hey Kat, great info and lovely bag. you’re such a nice honest person

Mabel ok says:

Hi Kat, thank you for the video! I always watch your video before I make a purchase and a trust your review! Your review always influence my final decision.

Ladies in flats says:

Love this review video. This is the most comprehensive review that I have ever seen for GP. 🙂 I have a GP36 in Orange Poppy. I don’t use it for work though, as I walk around a lot and I find it is a bit heavy even empty. My fav work tote is still my Neverfull MM. When you compare the prices, I think you should use the price for the Neverfull MM full leather one, which is EURO 1,490. Well, GP is still a lot more expensive regardless. Keep more videos coming please. 🙂

hooisinyee says:

Nice video! Very informative and you are very entertaining to watch haha 🙂 may I know if you purchased it in Malaysia or Europe?

Tracy Howard says:

great review

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