Hermes Garden Party 36 Review/Pros/Cons

Hey guys! This is a highly requested video so I hope this helps! Details of the bag:

-36 cm Negonda leather, silver/palladium hardware
-14x10x6.5 inches
-$3,675 before tax

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MariChanel316 says:

Love your videos, I just finished watching about 6 of them. I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to watch your excellent reviews 🙂

Nicole Novo says:

Gorgeous Hermes bag Sam! Thumbs up

lylarush says:

Hi Sam, wonderful review. Agree not many YouTube reviews on it. One question: how heavy is the bag?

Shamil Buxo says:

super great review Sam !!! Very detail !!!

Ellen Parker says:

Great video- Love this bag!

Mdtlette says:

Happy Sunday Sam! I have a ?. I’ll try to make it short. Called LV client services and got my hands on the elusive sunglasses cases mm. Thought it was odd that it arrived w/no textile card or item number sticker. I think it’s a return as I just noticed a scratch on the button. In your opinion, should I return it or keep it as an investment piece. I hear it’s going to be discontinued. Thanks for your advice.

MSpanders10 says:

Enjoyed the review, such a nice bag.


hi Sam, i am starting to love this Hermes garden party bag,, now i am having a hard time in which would i get. this bag or speedy 25 in DE i can only afford to buy 1. and only as preloved. will you suggest on which will be the best for first luxery bag. thanks

Petit Bleu says:

I have GP 30 of the same colour and material, love it so much

Lynne B says:

What a bag! Woweee. I really appreciate your in depth review. The leather looks luscious. Interesting the leather bottom inside the bag. So well thought out. Are u going to save her for occasions or for work also? Enjoy her always.

MissElena says:

Great review Sam! Very practical bag!

Barclays87 says:

Thanks so much! Love the info on this.

LadySusan Jane says:

Really good review Sam. It’s lovely. Are you planning on a liner to protect the pale fabric interior?

Mdtlette says:

+Aimee Jo It was sent from a store in California. Spoke with the SA today and he’s mailing me the cards. Thanks for your response. FYI, was unable to find the blue digital mini Pochette. My friend in Tokyo couldn’t find it either.☹️

Andri says:

Gorgeous bag … Excellent review as always xxx

Katluxlove 8811 says:

Didn’t know so much about this bag! It’s so gorgeous with its little details!

Celita Guia Whittington says:

Great review, probably the closest I will get to one as there is no Hermes in AZ that I know of. She is very beautiful.

RandomRona says:

Awesome review❣❣❣ Would you recommend this as an intro handbag? If not what would you recommend as an intro to purchasing my first dose of vitamin C? Doesn’t have to be a handbag.

StormMunroe1 says:

Beautiful bag and wonderful review!

Abbey Mugroso says:

Great review 🙂 thanks for sharing.

Tamara Owen says:

Awesome video as always. You bag is STUNNING!!!

kelli loves3 says:

Great review! I love the simplicity of the bag and the elegance

fc shopping says:

hi great video, is it black or dark navy (blue nuit)?

Carrie Li says:

I just realized my $100 danier bag i had for over 3 yrs is a direct copy of this bag. This bag is so understated I never knew it’s Hermes.

Aimee Jo says:

Beautiful bag, thanks for sharing your review ☺️

Shawn K says:

Classic bag gorgi

birdiebirk says:

Great video! Stunning handbag….love the simplicity of this bag…..totally elegant! Thx

Michelle Aldrich says:

Great bag – great video!

LouisVuittonCoffeeLver says:

Such a gorgeous, well made bag! Surprised you use such big bags because you barely carry Anything. I’d stuff this poor baby so full lol. Could you do a video on how you tie the twillie?

Teddy the tiny terrier TM says:

Great review! I have been mulling over whether to purchase this one or the evelyne. I love Chanel and LV but sometimes I just want to carry something totally understated and not scream a label lol.

BAW94001 says:

Great review can you do a comparison of this bag and the GST as a work bag?

Mieke says:

Gorgeous bag Sam! Congrats!

e mu says:

Beautiful!Congrats and enjoy!Love your videos

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