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This unboxing video is coming a bit late, but I some videos made already that I had to upload before I can upload this one. In any case, Happy Valentines to everyone! I was so lucky this year to be able to receive this present from my husband. Keep watching to see what I got 🙂

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mikochouye1 says:

Did he just walk in and ask for Constance?or he used your hermes credit in toronto?

Becky Panda says:

Hi Chenny, is that $9400 USD?

fashion junky says:

Wow!! I love it!! So did he just walk into the TO Hermes and happen to see this available?? That’s amazing!!

geleidi says:

I didn’t know you can get a Constance under 10k!

blackchickadee1 says:

How long did it take until your SA offered you the Constance? Was told the wait was double as long!!

Alex Kinok says:

You are so happy in this video!

simran malhotra says:

This is such a bad looking bag. Am I the only one who hates Hermes design.?

You look so happy, it’s nice of you to share all the details. 🙂

cynthia zhao says:

oooo nice! this is the hardest size to get too!! i had to pay a premium for mine…but i dont’ regret it!

Omysparkles says:

love. can u do a what fits inside?

donna dixon says:

So he gave you the gift and you opted to open on camera instead of in front of him?

estella y says:

Maybe he just cheating u and feel guilty and get a gift for you.

M. L. says:

Hi. Where are your display shelves from in the background?

bagsnbeauty says:

Obsessed so pretty!!

I Heart Luna says:

omg it is smaller than I thought

Karlo is Here says:

This is more rare than a Birkin tho. I know someone took 2 years to get one. And she got in neon pink. I love yours, it’s earth tone.

monica w says:

I got an Indigo Constance 24 about a month ago. Love it.

lala04068383 says:

Could you please list your ootd in the info box and also I would like to know the exact name of the color of your Hermès bracelet thx

Chika Boo says:

Nice bag…can you also do what is in my bag video too? So that we can see what’s fit inside? Thanks

Mila H says:

You’re adorable and I love how your mentality is “I am going to work really really hard”… too many moms and teens on YouTube where money materializes outta nowhere. Props to them obviously but it’s always refreshing to see someone with a business treating herself 🙂

Di Tse says:


Sirporn Pamornsiri says:

What the color is this

aokiQ says:

great bag! there is no back pocket for this bag now?

S2Tea says:

Dose it fit a iPhone plus??

Tr HYC says:

Omg. That’s nice. I was waiting a constance from hermes Toronto since last year. I don’t know if because the color.

LifewithAmery says:

OMG !! what a BEAUTIFUL bag. Your husband is so thoughtful to get that for you. Would love to see an updated wear and tear video in the next few months. CONGRATS AGAIN!

mary draper says:

Gorgeous bag!

Zhang Jessie says:

Today’s makeup looks marvelous!

Tingeling says:

Wow, beautiful, love that you can wear the new models crossbody! 🙂

Christina C says:

Can you do a wear and tear video comparing the different H leathers? Epsom vs Togo vs Box.

Aidan Williams says:

Such a gorgeous bag. Congrats!!!

CC Libre says:

Love the color and the bag is beautiful, but for the price the B or K would be my choice if I could only select one !

Teddy the tiny terrier TM says:

I’d double check but I don’t think the Constance counts as part of your bag quota and anyway I thought you could get two bags a year 🙂

lovepotionsinc says:

Congrats! What a thoughtful hubby. 🙂 I love this size. Much more versatile. I think this is in Swift leather though, not Box? Still, equally delicate.

Beatrice Spreafico says:

Can you post a 4 months on video? Want to see how you got on with it

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