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Papa Noot says:

Even though I cannot afford all these luxury goods you talk about often. I keep coming back to your videos. Your personality is extraordinary!

Bexinnamon says:

Can’t afford any of them lol but I prefer the Kelly

Claire Price says:

ughh I still want them both <3

T Mac says:

What do you think of Henri Bendel?

Isaac James says:

Its not pronounced Saint Laurent its pronounced San Loron… (Not trying to be petty im just a really big YSL enthusiast) Anyways, im subbing because you literally speak my mind

Henry says:

you have changed so much

mijnbook says:

I don’t agree when you classify both bag styles, to me : Kelly (Princess Grace Kelly ) = old money, classic, elegant. Birkin ( boho actrice Jane Birkin) new rich, show off, casual.

Wily Whiskers says:


amy Ong says:

Love how you call the bags animals. Ladies call our bags our babies.

Nathan Brandli says:

birkins cost less then BOTH my cars

Chloe B says:

The classification of the bags still bugs me, a year later. Ugh
Birkins are beautiful. But they are very typical now for those social celebs. Old money ones where the Kelly is. Such rich history behind it.

Jack Card says:

That shirt and blazer look awful together! Money can buy clothes but evidently it can’t buy good fashion sense

that crafty chick says:

u look so nice this video ^~^

kendall jenner says:

hi im172 i wanna know what size better 30or35?

BenedictBima wicaksono says:

gotta love them kelly

Jandale Kristin says:

So you said neck and neck? Price wise are they more the same when re sell?

Iarshinta sudjana says:

I love the colours…but I dont think is suitable for everyday use. Like your explanation…

Niecey TheIcon says:

I think the birkin is more for like CEO Business leaders and very mature adults
And the Kelly is more for on the go Fashion obsessed young adults.

T says:

Jenn G does not suit a Birkin or a Kelly. An ignorant Texan who cannot even pronounce the name of the leather it is made of.

crazyaboutleo says:

I am a kelly girl. so classy and understated

Sarah Binder says:

Hey Charles, Love your videos and think you are spot on about bags! Is there a Chanel bag you would recommend if you try not wear leather? I was looking at a dark demin boy bag but really don’t like the functionality of this style. Also, looked at the rubber rain coat bag in black but it looks a little cheap. Looking for a black bag to use but also for an investment if I sell it later.

Rr Bb says:

I have some Hermes Birkin Inspired Porosus Handbags available for sale on Etsy if anyone is interested. It has the Birkin Porusus look without the Herme’s price!!! 🙂

KC Ruales says:

Kelly is a little bit too feminine for you, I guess

visualevp says:

Birkin is better for a guy….if a guys gonna do HBs

Liz Lizo says:

I have a Kelly and I love, love it, but I now want a Birkin. *Sigh* once you go Hermes… What are your thoughts on the Herbag? I randomly found one on their site and snagged it, but I’m not sure how i feel about it, it’s just been sitting in it’s box.

BTW – I enjoy your videos!!!

Rikki Thrutchley says:

oh my god you look so different here haha

No Sacrifice® Bags says:

I’m a fan of the kelly more than the birkin! I like how it’s more structured. Thanks for the review!

Anna Wintour says:

I love the Kelly. It’s very old hollywood glamour and classic, quiet wealth.

S Steele says:

say birkin one more time

Sterling Ross says:

I’m not crazy about the Birkin. I mean, if I got one, I would accept it. But Frankly, I hate how it has this air of exclusivity. The wait list is just used as a PR tool. If you want a Birkin all you have to do is go online. There’s a site that has pretty much every color, every material, etc. It’s overrated. It’s actually probably easier to find a Birkin online than it is to find a 2.55. It seems people are more prone to resell their Birkins than anything else, for some reason. I know where to find a Himalayan (which I think is hideous, tbh) with diamond hardware. I think you’re buying into the name more than you are the bag. Which is how it goes with most designer bags. It’s like how Chanel marks up the 2.55 15% every year. In 2010 they were around $2500. It’s all about the name.

Marc Wyant says:

I love the Kelly but I haaaaaate the birk birk birkin sorry!

Aleksandra Lukac says:

I’m really a huge Lauren Ralph Lauren fan, so could you make a video about that brand?

Nath Jiménez says:

I feel like the kelly is more feminine and “young”

Ashley Young says:

I know this video is old, but damn, you hit the nail on the head. I am all about Saint Laurent, and when I look at the Kelly vs the Birkin, I’m on team Kelly. They are both elegant and demure, but I def prefer Lady Kelly. I’m a software engineer, and I’m all about structure.

Zoe says:

I love the kelly, currently saving for one 🙂

Flaw'd says:

Omg new viewer, you are so beautiful!!! I’m currently commanding my ovaries to copy and paste when I have offspring! Sorry I’m a weirdo, we British are quirky lol. Congrats on the aesthetic perfection and I’m a bag collector so your expertise is much appreciated. Ta darling xxx

Yoonjung Yang says:

I love your channel!!!
Could you let us know the color of the Kelly in your thumbnail?

Murphy Star says:

I use a $10 bag from Wal-Mart

G U says:

naya rivera wears her kelly everyday of her life.

jason rothfeld says:

Or get a nice fendi bag for 1/6th the price? I cant justify spending 10 grand or more on a handbag.

Richard Super Star says:

Мне нравиться твой канал супер давай дружить

Cameron Shaffer says:

Like literally there is not a big difference to me. There both pretty

mozhgan bakhtiyari says:

can you do a video on HOW TO BUY HERMES BAGS ? i mean really HOW ? i know u mentioned u have a friend in VIP list but how about if you are some regular person knowing nobody ??

DasZuckerhaus says:

It’s interesting that you would classify the birkin as the old money bag and the kelly as the more modern one when it’s the older model. I love the kelly ^^ I really dont like the birkin any more except in the 20 or 25cm bc the proportions are not appealing to me in the bigger sizes.

JessieBanana says:

Not that either is in my price range, so this it’s not as is my opinion has any meaning, but I don’t find either very attractive. Am I the only one? They are both a bit too briefcase-esque for me.

Smile Trinidad says:

i love my Birkin but after a while, the Kelly is growing on me and now i want one too! Lol. Both bags are just amazing 🙂

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