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Hello my LOVES!

Thank you for showing up to watch this video. I adore all of you!
In this video I review and compare the Hermes Birkin and the Hermes Kelly.
Needless to say both are iconic bags and the one you choose to be your favorite is entirely up to you however I want to know. Are you team Birkin or team Kelly?
Which one floats your boat.
Which size do you like? Birkin 35 is my favorite for the size and I love a Kelly 28!
How about leather? Togo? Epsom?
Let me know loves!

Loves you lots like JELLY TOTS!
M xxx


Asees Hera says:

The whole behaviour of being delicate with a bag. Doesn’t sit well with me. I’m generally very careless/clumsy I drop my phone at least 10 times a day and the bags I carry dumped around. Keeping in mind I’ve only ever owned a designer Micheal Kors bag. I always say to myself I’d like to save and buy a givenchy or ysl bag . But that you need to be delicate won’t work with me xx

GCB says:

This is the best review I’ve seen thus far

dnd_0715 k says:

You should use little pouches to put your little things NOT throwing all your junks inside your bag. It is a matter of organization but if you’re kinda slab…that is a problem

Normanizer says:

Is your kelly a retourne or sellier?

Emily van der Waals says:

Best review on Kelly v Birkin I have seen, thank you! Team Kelly for me!

shalini kumar says:

I’ve never seen such a beautiful colour of Kelly ✨she’s stunning ✨

Raquel Lara Chaplot says:

Scarllet Johanson ?

Rosalind Mason says:

I would have switched the bags and worn the Birkin on the work day. When I go shopping I like a small bag (because its lighter) and for work I need to carry tons of stuff but it is literally only being carried from car to desk. Plus the Kelly would look pretty as an evening bag if you made it the star of the outfit (although I guess you wouldn’t want anyone to spill a drink on it)

Zhenya Gracheva says:

Hello Rita) Would you like to buy bag organizer ?)

Omysparkles says:

Love! I am in your camp too. Kelly always but definitely hard to open close that flap!

Rita Stasiuk says:

PS. Very informative

Gabriel Divina says:

Over time, carrying the flap of the Kelly open will damage it and strain it. The Kelly was made during the 1800’s but turned into a handbag in the 1950’s where it was popular to have a flap bag (similar to Chanel) and they always had to be closed by a flap. That’s why I’ve never been a fan of the Kelly because it’s never really been that easy to use, similar to a Chanel flap bag

Kathy12Ray says:

The rant at 16:24…. That is exactly my point about Hermès bags. I hate their preciousness. Most people who own them carry them around and treat them like little Buddhas (gods). I dislike possessions that literally posses their owners. They do more worshipping and fearing for their bags than they do wearing and using them. Your bags are in great colors.

Lori Laws says:

Very informative video! I think I am on team Birkin! 🙂

Phoebe Gavin says:

This was quite useful. But I think I would stay with the Givenchy Antigona series. I like having more structure to my bags with easy closures.

The Blonde Avenue says:

My LOVES! Let’s get this video to 1000 LIKES then I will do another episode of luxury this vs that ! Xxx

Caligula Longhbottom says:

Did you say cobalt? I would never have guessed that would be how the color looked! its more of a teal/turquoise. Honestly my fav color in a kelly ever now. I always like Electrique blue but especially in the ostrich the cobalt looks amazing.

Jörg Gressmann says:

I have a Kelly 28 and a Birkin 25, I love them both! But they’re so tiny, wish I also had a bigger version of either of them.

Rita Stasiuk says:

I like the kelly28

Elizabeth Anne says:

I’m a Kelly girl because I prefer clean modern lines. The Birkin is gorgeous and the scalloped leather flap over the top is classic but there is something so streamlined and crisp about a Kelly bag. ❤️

Veronica Leger says:

I am team Birkin! I have four Birkin 30s and only one Kelly in 32 (I think that is the right size???… the next size bigger than yours). Even in the 30, I can put everything in my Birkin. The 30 is not too heavy at all. I wear it open but I always put a scarf in it and over my stuff, so that no one can look in and just grab my wallet. I do love my Kelly but I find it annoying to get in and out of. I do close it but just with the middle lock. I let the straps hang down. But, buy what is right for you. You can’t go wrong with either one. Oh, and someone spilled wine on my Blue Electra Birkin, and I thought I was going to have to kill them. I didn’t say a thing and just rang to the bathroom. I lightly wipped it off and got it to the spa asap–all is good.

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