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Hi Everyone! Today’s video is one of my most highly requested ones! I wanted to take the time to do an in-depth comparison of the Birkin and Kelly for you guys. I will cover their history, as well as differences in appearance and sizes. I will also demonstrate what fits in both bags as well as show you modelling shots and how I get in and out of the Birkin and Kelly. These 5 area are listed below with time stamps. I really hope this can act as a reference tool and help those of you that are deciding which to invest in.

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1. Brief History – 3:45m
2. Appearances- 5:18m
3. Sizes – 10:37m
For ref: my Birkin is a B30 Epsom & Kelly is a K32 Retourne Togo
4. What fits inside the B & K – 13:15m
5. Mod Shots – 24:24m
This includes how I get in and out of the bags

Videos Mentioned in this video:
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** Birkin 30 Price (based on togo leather, epson is slightly cheaper)
Approx $14,400 AUD (inc tax) $10,900 USD + tax, 7200 EURO

** Kelly 32 Retourne Price (based on togo leather)
Approx 15K AUD (inc tax) , $11,800 USD + tax, 7700 EURO

(** As at March 2017 to the best of my knowledge, Australia had a price increase in Jan 2017 so I believe those are now the approx prices)

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What I’m Wearing:
Top – Zara
Skirt – Asos
Belt – Hermes Kell, Col Gold
Earrings: Vintage Chanel

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Leonardo Araujo says:

Mel, your Kelly bag is stunning!!!!

Jingya Xu says:

love ur video!while,could you compare the birkin 30 or the Kelly 28 with the Chanel jambo?

sunnie nie says:

I have Kelly sane your 32 I’m looking for the insert can you tell me where you purchased it ? Appreciate in advance

CanadianTozziFan says:

What if you hang the open Kelly off your shoulder with the opening into your body??

Frisco Designerchick says:

This is such a helpful video! What a thorough coverage comparing a Birkin vs Kelly. Thank you!

Christophe Touchard says:

i AM TEAM Birkin 40 cm minimum ! GREAT VIDEOS…

xsweetpeaxs says:

Team Kelly! K28!

TN MUSlC says:

The Birkin bag needs an update. There should be a attach/detachable strap on the side.

dhalsim12345 says:

Thanks for the video, very informative. Where do you buy your bag organiser insert from? Thanks from the U.K.

Bubuchacha says:

Major love! Thanks for sharing Mel!

Ren W says:

I like the birkin more for some reason

Black Barbie says:

Birkin always

AK K says:

Wonderful comparison video! Such beautiful and classy bags!!


I really admired your review about this Kelly & Birkin. …yeah, I would like a review for the inserts too:’))

Rossana Nando says:


Angel H says:

I like the look and function of the Kelly a lot better after watching this video. Thanks Mel!

Maulana M3 says:


Evelyn Ng says:

Mel, which leather is better, Togo or Epsom? I’m thinking of ordering from my SA – she told me to think about Epsom leather for my black Birkin 30 GHW, but I really like Togo. She told me the Togo will slouch after a few years, but the Epsom will stand

Joey Thomas says:

In my opinion the kelly is much more elegant

freesurfable says:

very good explanations… thx but what is the brand of the organizers ?

LiamKaulitz15 says:

I think if I could only get one, it would be the Birkin!

Lipglossed says:

Such a great comparison of these two bags!! I have been watching a bunch of Kelly videos for more information and this is honestly the best overview of the 32 size that I’ve seen. 🙂

Diane Nudell says:


Nora Brovang says:

take off the plastic thoooo

Carmen alvarez says:

Great video, I enjoyed it.

Charles powell says:

Can u please do inserts video

Jessica Peach says:

Hi great review video, I’m currently thinking of purchasing my first piece from the fashion house. Birkin 30cm in phw in electric blue I need to make a decision within the next two days. since you have a colored birkin do u find it hard to dress with it.? I’m so torn thank you for your time

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