HERMES BIRKIN REGRET: HONEST REVIEW, Mod Shot, Close Up, Reasons | Cherry Tung

HERMES REGRET: Mod Shot, Close Up, Reasons. Why am I not satisfied with my Birkin and what should you consider before buying a Birkin? I wish I saw this video before I bought this expensive Birkin haha. Oh, and this Birkin is currently for sale on my Instagram shop: @CherryTonguesCloset

Owning a Birkin has always been my dream, but I never realized that actually owning it is so different from my fantasy. I’ve always been a somewhat practical buyer when it comes to bags and slgs. I try to only buy things that I would use A LOT, so there is relatively low cost per wear. However, after purchasing this Birkin almost 9 months ago, I realized that I have not worn it more than 2 times! Why? Well, it does not fit my lifestyle. I never appreciated shoulder straps this much, before I got the Birkin. Since Birkins are made with all leather, it is definitely a lot heavier than my LV canvas bags. Sure, it’s gorgeous with all leather, but at the same time, I was not ready for the weight of all leather. In addition, the lack of shoulder strap just makes it so much more impractical for my usage. When I shop, I tend to wear bags that allow me to go hands-free, so I can pick up things and try on things. However, it is almost impossible, or very difficult with the Birkin. Merely lifting my arm up with the Birkin in the crook of my arm is already a struggle. I can’t even imagine carrying a fully-packed Birkin!

Another main reason of why I never reach for the Birkin is because of its size. Yes, the 35 is super popular and highly demanded, but it does not suit my height and weight! I look almost drowned carrying the huge Birkin. It’s like the Birkin is carrying me, and not the other way around. I do not like that!

Lastly, another key reason is: I don’t have any suitable occasion for the Birkin. I don’t carry it to school or to work. I don’t carry it when I shop, due to its heavy weight and lack of shoulder strap. So what else can I use it for? OOTDs? Yes, probably just OOTDs and mod shots, where I can carry an empty bag just for the sake of a photo or video. Unlike many other Youtubers, I do not find the Birkin that desirable anymore, and it is also not as practical as I imagined.

Money down the drain? I was told that the Birkin has good resale value, but since I’m still trying to sell it right now, I can’t comment much on that. Please let me know if you are interested in buying! My instagram shop @ cherrytonguescloset has closeup photos of this bag.

Initial unboxing video:
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mary colella says:

Maybe get the teddy Blake smaller very cute looks like Birkin but cheaper

Tingeling says:

I use my Birkin 35 for work. It’s very heavy so I also think it’s not very practical for shopping. It’s great for work though, it holds a lot, and is very easy to go in and out of.

Sundeep Mody says:

-hello,Hi come to mumbai india you will more beautiful leather bags in very cheap rates Sandeep
what is the cost of this bag

Betty Liu says:

You honesty about the bag is commendable! Thank you for sharing. A lot of times people go for certain bags because of how it’s been built up to be. I appreciate your honesty in realizing and sharing that the bag isn’t for you due to reasons you stated.

LA Woman68 says:

the Birkin is so Basic nowadays.

Niel Wong says:

It’s a good thing I bought my Kelly after making all the mistakes in life and realised that I need shoulder strap and the style suits me better.

I think the size is an issue for you as well.

Jan Cleeren says:

Just saw your gorg B25 Rouge tomates on TPF. Can’t wait to see your reveal :-). Xo

Steve ldnuk says:

I feel people don’t know that birkin s were ment to be weekend bags and not so much fasion bags. You dump your stuff in and get on the plane for a cple days. This size is perfect for the function it was originally made for.

Lucille Sage says:

Sell to me please!! It’s just what I want:-

Mads Bukowski says:

Have you tried consigning or selling to fashionphile, Yoogis closet or Real Real? Was chin waggin with new acquaintance and she just suggested them. All the best!

Googlegirl says:

I hope you sell it for a good price and perhaps put the money towards a kelly. This way you will still have a great bag with value.

Ameerah AlBi says:

I can agree birkins are not for everybody but I can see where you’re coming from!

Hoping you got a Kelly! I adore my Birkin but I hope for a Kelly 35 or the rare 40. I’m 5’6 but I love a big bag.!

Jadyn Kennedi Washington says:

Why would she get a 35 lmaooo

Cyph3r _ says:

You look like a Kelly girl…K28 to be exact; if a B, a B25 or B30 (at most).

Aron Oh says:

I totally get how you’re feeling..
After dreaming for a black birkin 40, togo leather in silver hardware, for years, I finally reach that financial status to owning a birkin, I took the plunge and added a preloved Gold 35, Togo leather, Silver hardware to my collection because it was quite a great price point. It’s been 4months now, from time to time, I’ll take it out of it’s dustbag to admire it. But have never used it once.. Not sure if it’s a bad buy.. I don’t regret it..but I just wished I waited for the birkin I originally wanted..

Viego Alvarez says:

That bag is used and cheap end. I wouldnt even talk to someone as low as you

Tiffany T. says:

It’s like a very beautiful briefcase. ❤️

cap4life1 says:

Lol girl that purse is too big for you. It’s wearing you instead of you wearing it. I agree with others that perhaps you’re too young for it. I think The Chanel boy bag or a Monsieur Gavriel would be a better style fit for you.

babyyvie says:

I don’t get birkins

Vivian Chen says:

i agree that the birkin 35 is too large for your frame, but you can turn a regret into a great thing if you keep it for a few years unused and you can sell it for more than you paid for it 🙂

blackchickadee1 says:

It’s still a gorgeous piece. I think it looks great on you but also glad you got the opportunity to try this before purchasing the perfect size. Not that it’s not wise or smart, its an experience and I’m sure you were able to sell it right away. How old was this bag? I actually really like the oversize look.

Miz Lulu says:

glad you made this! <3 it's important to share your experiences so people don't end up making the same mistakes!

Claire Huang says:

It doesn’t fit you now, but wait till you become a mom, it might be useful then. Women do get bigger after having babies and you sure need a big bag to hold baby stuff. Good luck 🙂

Trace Trace says:

I would get a smaller size B25. Considering it’s top handle and no shoulder strap, I wouldn’t want it to be too heavy. And I wouldn’t stuff my expensive bag to the brim ❤️

Khun Lek says:

It seems like some of youtube bought a tiny bag while themself always carry the whole world with them. Such a waste money.

Norah Ismail says:

what school do you go to tht everyone has this?!?! FORGIVE ME, but why didn’t you evaluate before you bought.. Coming frm someone who grew up very poor, this is just….i’m srry i have no words…especially not to offend you..but besides being an impractical purchase in the first place, to place the purchase and then regret it. Again, NOT trying to offend, just an outsiders perspective.. Peace x

ScarletCamelia says:

Love your videos! Just a small thing that I noticed, you might wish to pin the brooch much higher as it looks strange in that “area”.

Rashmi says:

Have you sold your birkin? If not pls contact me. I’m interested

Rachelle Kebaili says:

I’m 5’7” and I think the 35 is too big. I love the Birkin 30. But I’m more of a Kelly girl. Kelly 28 or 25 is the cutest. I don’t like giant bags unless I’m using them for work or travel. But I love your honesty. Just sell it! People love Black with gold hardware. You’ll be able to sell it pretty fast!

Janet Jones says:

The Birkin bag is good for traveling. Not really for every day usage. Just my opinion…

Mads Bukowski says:

Fingers crossed they buy or consign fairly. Maybe one of your viewers maybe interested. Believe me I know how frustrating it can be to spend high and sell low. Rots.

Poopy Pants says:

Birkins are basic bitch now

Suzy Q says:

Totally agreed.
Crazy expensive and not at all practical.
I got rid of my Birkin, too.

wenleung2000 says:

I love your honesty. I’ve been thinking about a birkin 35 but after you mentioned the weight, i think i should consider a 32. love your video!



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