Hermes Birkin Dupe & Tagging up your bags

Hi felicities!

We are back doing another review/thoughts on this Hermes Birkin dupe I picked up off of Amazon. Also, I wanted to share my thoughts on tagging bags, at least, inspired ones that don’t “cost too much!” jajajajaj

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Pilar Teaspoon says:

What did you use to take the bag?

Anna Chait says:

Lmao felicities

M H says:

Omg i love you ❤️

The Luxury Hybrid says:

If you want to be unlikeable, get rid of your gorgeous hair and fantastic personality! Otherwise get ready for a shit-ton of thumbs up over thumbs down ratio

Clark Oteyza says:

Love it I’m a ne subbie

blue heaven says:

even if its a fake bag i wouldnt write on it lol

Josh says:

I LOVE when a Birkin becomes slouchy! I’ve thought about buying an inspired version, but as I like having a shoulder strap, it might not work for me. If I could find a dupe for the Bolide 31 or 35, I’d be all over that!

Cortez says:

Love the plunging neckline on your blousy shirt. “Ain’t nothing fake about the channel with no name”.

kristina mendoza says:

I so love you love the bag too

SherryDA2018 BB says:

You cute and your bag is cute, especially with your sister’s work!! Kudos!! #slay

blue heaven says:

that beautiful hair❤❤❤

Autumn Beckman says:

I’m not a hater so I had to click the thumbs up button. So sorry. 😉 You are gorgeous! So is the bag. I love the Ainifeel “Birkins” and your sister did a great job with this one. I don’t see her linked in your description, though.

Gem Gem says:

That’s why I got my MK tote. Because I needed a bag to actually use.

Gem Gem says:

I thumbs downed this video for you. But I truthfully I love it. ❤️

Sergey Stylist says:

It’s amazing bag!!!)))

shels gyal says:

Shout out to the Gilmore gals lol

harleen5150quinzel says:

Hi, what did your sister use to write on the bag? It’s holding up really well.

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