Hermes Birkin Bag: Review

Finally an in-depth review and conversation about the elusive Hermes Birkin bag. Learn the history, how much a Birkin cost, how to buy a Birkin from the Hermes store, and view a 35 cm Birkin in the capucine color, up close.
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Maralyn Owen says:

Why does she say it’s AIR MEZ and then continues to pronouce it  EM EZ the whole time?  smh

No Sacrifice® Bags says:

Wow thanks for the great info about all things Hermes! Love the little trivia!

xoAngelicaF says:

Y’all need to shut up! This lady has several lux items so would she go buy a fake Birkin and these bags are expensive doesn’t mean everyone is made perfect like its suppose to be. Secondly half of these profiles are fake claiming they own a Birkin to validate what they say but lying abt owning one. Leave that woman alone and get a life !

HouseOfHaute says:

One SIMPLE question to those few who seem to think this bag is “Fake”: Do you own an Hermes Birkin Bag? Clearly you don’t. But if calling my bag fake makes you feel better about yourself, then by all means carry on and tell yourself it’s “fake”. 🙂  UmmKthx. 

Febin Jose says:

Did you really just pronounce it “emez”? Really?

lateefajohnson61 says:

wow beautiful but u should when you are tired of all of your expensive things and auction it and give a portion of it to the children with cancer

c odonnell says:

How can you talk about history of the Birkin without even understanding who Jane Birkin was? “Senior actress” – good grief, idiotic

Tammy Mich says:

I really enjoyed this video the info was great. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I also absolutely adore you and I’ve been watching your vids I love the class you bring without sounding self absorbed and pretentious. Love ya Toni!

gsolee says:

it ain’t fake!
the stitching alone is classic Hermès. The logo is clean and fine…those who call it fake are probably robots who can’t read between the lines

RODRIGOR300 says:

Woman defined by a bag. The bag is more important. That´s my impression felling all those “rage” reading comments trying to accuse it for being fake. If it´s fake or not, who the fuck cares?  What a miserable life you might have. Go to buy some books.

Amaan Duffer says:

how did you get hold of one

Mel says:

Very informative video! You can tell you put alot of effort in it, great job! 🙂

Fidelia Lau says:

Bag screams fake.

Miss Ludpuffin says:

Great video, very informative. Thanks for sharing.

gsolee says:

i love it!

Yolanda Valenzuela says:

It’s a not so great, at least to my taste. Over priced and overrated! 
I love leather and I see it is a quality piece, but clearly not worth the money. 
I’d rather donate my money to a worthy cause. 

Snuggs Stovall says:

+HouseOfHaute BRAVO on the pronunciation. I was just commenting on this on FB. Overheard 3 women clowning another on not knowing what a Birkin bag was. While pronouncing it Her-MEES. #SMH . Linked to this video.

Jonny C TV says:

Absolutely love this video hun! The colour of your Birkin is stunning! I love it so much! Take care xoxoxox

Chanel S says:

Wow first of all the hater calling her Birkin “fake” is obviously someone who has no life. Considering you can sit here for days on end, while creating multiple fake accounts to troll because, you’re jealous and you want to rain on this woman’s parade. All because she has something you don’t, jealousy/envy isn’t a cute look sweetheart. That being said, her Birkin is 100% Authentic considering I have a few of my own, and I also work in the fashion industry. Also what are you talking about? That the stamp is smudged are you blind? You can clearly tell this is real just by the quality of the leather smh, keep doing your thing girl love your bag congrats and stay fabulous.

Samuel Garces says:

thank goodness i stumbled upon your video! it was really chic and brilliant on how you manage the cover of the birkin … it is honestly a drag opening and closing the birkin.. i also love the color of your birkin 😀 xoxo

Trini Bui says:

Such a beautiful bag. Thanks for sharing!

josh hauff says:

I think I like the Kelly bag more..

Ailin Shao says:

This is SO pretty!!! I love Hermes bags SOOOO MUCH!! can you do a review on Hermes Lindy as well?

Kendra M says:

talk too much but nice review!!

ScarsdaleNewYork says:

See the letters M and E at 10:52

mashonda Knight says:

I couldn’t help but notice alot of hateful comments please to call someone’s handbag fake the ones who saying these things have never owned designer handbags I may not own a birkin but I do own Alot of expensive handbags ,and that’s a real birkin .I don’t understand why also in the comments alot you want to tell someone how to spend their money as long your bills are paid and you’re working a honest days pay you can buy what you want it’s her money stop telling people how to spend their money these videos are for handbag lovers if you don’t like it don’t watch!

Bag Obeans says:

You leave a lot out of your history. For instance, the Hermes company started out as a harness workshop for horse carriages.They made the finest horse harnesses and bridles in the world. They also made saddle bags to carry saddles. The company was the first to introduce the use of zippers in their clothes and handbags.They catered to the very rich and wealthy. I am talking about royalty. They also made the finest saddles too. Handbags were not made until 1922 when Emile-Maurice’s wife complained about finding a good handbag. . The bag is hand made and never mass produced as other designer handbags. That is one thing Hermes is very particular about. It is a luxury item, which only a certain few can obtain. Although I like the bag, $10,000+ is a bit too much for me. 🙂 It is one of the few companies still owned and operated by family.

Fanger Banger says:

Love the fact that you actually really know that all of these facts are true. Get so mad att all these wanna-bees just rambling shit that not even is true. Love the video and your style!

Dominic Tan says:

Firstly, this “birkin” you have dared to showcase is a Fake. Deep down you know it babe and no, not jealous.
Secondly, 7:47-7:48 is the moment of truth. Look at the stamping, it’s messy, hardly readable and that E has rubbed off. That is not Hermes craftsmanship. Frankly I don’t know how you have the audacity to show this off. It’s so pathetic! I mean sure if you wish to have a replica, then by all means. However, saying that this is an authentic Hermes, big no no darling.

Winnie Fracasso says:

This video IS SO FUNNY!!!… U talked for 6 minutes before showing a bag that is NOT even a REAL Hermès Birkin!!!… I saw it was fake at first sight, as soon as u took it out from the box.. Lol Please let people that have the real bag, do real review. Or just say it’s fake at first place so I can’t waste time.

Open-minded Skeptic says:

How much does a Birkin bag cost to make? Perhaps $1,000.00? I don’t get the huge markup, other than the fact that people are willing to allow themselves to be gouged in order to gain a little bit of temporary boost in  status/ego/self-worth, or whatever psychological thrill it gives people. But I guess you could say the same thing about all the other overpriced luxury crap people throw their money away on. Cheers. 

anastácia. says:

The bag looks really good, but the stamping does look a little messy maybe the lights ?

Yolanda Valenzuela says:

P.S. The history is interesting. 

Mike B. says:

If you gauge your self worth by the purse on your shoulder, you need to ask yourself why. Only a self-centered, vapid, narcissist would spend 120K (or even 9K) on a freaking purse. I get that there is craftsmanship involved, but it’s lizard skin! Come on ladies, you are more than your purse!

lateefajohnson61 says:

I don’t own a Berkin bag because it too expensive. but y is everyone saying it’s fake?

TheLuismondo says:

I really think people who cares about this kind of crap are in desperate need of a master teem of psychiatrists so you can spend money a little wiser.

JohnFerguson says:

Americans always think they pronounce French words correctly.

Maryam AlAli says:

its fake :/

ScarletCamelia says:

Hi +HouseOfHaute, what type of leather is this? Great choice of colour by the way.

Shantrell Jones says:

I just watched an expert on this bag…and this bag is real. The duster bag has a double circle. Sorry but she’s no pretender.

jacque883 says:

Love your bag!! Do you prefer gold or silver hardware?

jacque883 says:

Love your videos!! Is there suede lining inside of the pockets inside the bag? Or is it leather? Thanks love

Olivia Smith says:

That orange looks beautiful on you!
I have a bright pink birkin and I love it!

Eli Peyton says:

The font on “Hermes Paris made in France is incorrect, and you can see that some of the gold in the letters has rubbed off. That would never happen on a authentic Birkin. The stitching is also to perfect, which is a sign of machine stitching. Since Birkin bags are hand stitched there are some flaws in the uniformity stitching.

Dwightinho56 says:

Great color! Loved the video. Those calling it a fake has clearly not seen or touched a real Birkin. The quality of this video is so good that one can almost feel the supple leather and the smell of it.

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