Hermes Birkin | Bag Review | 1st Impression | Kat L

Hi everyone!

First – sorry about the sound quality – my mic was a lil’ bit too far from my face! Promise it’ll be fixed in the next video 😀

Anyway, here’s my initial thoughts about my new-to-me Birkin. Spoiler alert —– I’m still over the moon about it 😀

Hope you enjoy!

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Between Naps On The Porch says:

Love you videos, Kat! Such a beautiful bag and really appreciate this great review/first impressions! I’m not sure if this is anything to worry about, but you may want to check to make sure the adhesive that’s on tape won’t discolor or cause any issues with the little feet on your bag. I remember reading somewhere that it’s not a good idea to leave the protective stickers on items too long because it can ultimately damage the metal. I may have read that about the Hermes Clic H bracelets…can’t remember now since it has been a while since I read that.

meeziemom says:

Very nice. I need (!!!) a 30. After I figure out what to do with the 40 . . .

Josh says:

You shouldn’t feel weird about saying the price! They’re clicking on a video that says “Hermes Birkin.” In no way should someone come complain about how much money you spend. It’s YOUR money, not theirs.

Deise Nishimura says:

Love your videos!! So happy for your birkin!! Great first impresion video… hope some day I will conquer one birkin too. Enjoy!!! xoxo

Leonardo Araujo says:

I love you channel

Devi Natalia says:

Kat, your lipstick in this video is Soo gorgeous and fall appropriate! You look so fresh and trendy wearing this shade! What lipstick is it? And what shade did you use here?

Lena Larsson says:

Looking soooo cute today <3

ty owl says:

❤❤ love your videos Kat! You’re so cute!!

girlabee says:

I wonder if it’s the lighting, but your birkin 30 togo looks darker and stiffer than mine. I almost like your color better haha

JessieBanana says:

The whole point of feet on a bag are to protect the bag. Why would the feet need protection? It’s like putting bags on the soles of your shoes and walking around.

Sam Sproul says:

Whatever makeup you’re wearing in this video, it looks good! Great video!

Gayouchou says:

I may or may not have watched all your videos…#obsessedwithyourchannel

Andri says:

Great video xx

Daniel Hammond says:

Congratulations on the beautiful bag I am so glad it is a success!

Becky Panda says:

I have the Evelyne in gold, really fell in love with color. I know it’s one of their standard handbag color and now I understand why it is so popular. It does give off an expensive vibe, timeless and goes with everything! XO

emnaparan says:


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