Hermès Birkin 40 Togo Cuivre Men’s Detailed Review & Try-on (2017)

A more detailed video and try-on/modeling samples for the bag I got from my Paris Fall 2017 haul: https://youtu.be/cD_-B3jN2Ck (Part 1: https://youtu.be/T7HQgWAYEgM)

This bag was 8700€ and was purchased from the flagship store at Faubourg Saint-Honoré through an appointment at the Leather department. I will be making a separate video on how I was able to see and purchase this bag (as you cannot simply walk into the FSH store and ask to see it).

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Thank you for watching!


taitech_cars says:

Congrats on the bag. Use orange shields if you want to protect all the hardware. And if you leave the lock on the turning mechanism then the leather will have a weird smiley mark on the leather!

翁明殿 says:


Mr. MICHAEL says:

SPONSORED by Starbucks haha

Yvaán Ilić says:

Gorgeous! The bag is amazing and so is your style ✨

Sharon Emordi says:

best video on Hermes bag!!!!

LinusLarrabee says:

Excellent video! The Try-on part is perfection. Is a Kelly Depeche next?

ahoymx says:

OMG. Amazing Purchase.

newmoon320 says:

This Birkin is so fantastic. Especially the color! I’d like to hear more of your shopping experience from Paris store. This is what my local Hermes tells people who want to buy Birkin:
1. One year of shopping history with them. 2. Total purchasing-$10,000 at least.
Your Birkin looks so good with all your outfit from this video. More to come?

ixiaorage says:

How tall are you? If you don’t mind me asking. I’m considering whether to look for a 35 or 40

Tadesko1 says:

I have the HAC 50 and the 55. In Togo leather with palladium hardware. The 40 seems a bit more for a girl or a smaller frame guy. I’m 6’1 weighing 220 pds athletic build. I ALWAYS get compliments on mine when I’m off to work or traveling. I use the 50 for work and both the 50 and 55 when traveling.

Rita Stasiuk says:

For the price …way too fussy not functional at all !

Ricardo Vega says:

What shirt is that at 12:26, it is soooo nice. Great vid man

Ell Jay says:

Lol, touching it like it’s breakable. Didn’t you just pay thousands of dollars for a well heavy duty handmade bag? You can throw that thing out of a plane and it will be just fine! It’s just a big piece of leather with some metal hardware, right?

- Raouny - says:

Loved the video!!! Just started a fashion based channel myself and it would mean the world to me if you could just check it our! Keep up the great work

Keayanna Davis says:

such a beautiful color

Austin D says:

looking good boss 🙂

Alex Mendes says:

Simple gorgeous Bag!!! Enjoy it!!!

Irma Lanaro says:

Hello, would you be so kind as to state the price of the bag/Birkin ? you mentioned prices on the other video and the Cartier Ring.. Thank you…

Dwee Phan says:

I loved all outfits, and how detailed you dressed them. Noticed all the jewelry and how you styled them. As always great review!

bondanoz says:

Didn’t notice any of the final outfit close up shots, was too distracted by your amazing Cartier ring! haha

Gabriel Divina says:

The suit with the Birkin is so European and elegant! Love it on you! I’m about 5’8 and a guy, so I’m debating whether to get 35CM or 40CM.
What would you recommend still? For everyday use?

Tony Mullenix says:

Stunning Birkin 40 and very unique color! Man you have excellent taste. Any chance for a jewelry collection video? Enjoy your beautiful items in the very best of health!

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