Hermes Birkin 35 Review inc Hermes Birkin history story & how to buy Hermes Birkin bag! (PART1/2)

Hermes Birkin 35 review – Black Togo Gold Hardware GHW including Hermes Birkin history story and how to buy a Birkin – waitlist, Paris shopping, preloved or SA relationship.

PART 1 of 2.

PART 2 will detail shopping in Paris and how i bought my Birkin at the flagship FSH store: (link available Dec 14 11:00am AEST)


Michelle C says:

Love your B review very informative. Congrats ! Just subscribed.

Style With Nina says:

great video!

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

Above and Beyond with all the information you suppply x

jayzzee1888 says:

OmG….. the most awaited video…. thank you so much

Evelyn Ng says:

Is it too heavy with things inside? My neck is already aching with the exact same bag in 30cm

Mads Bukowski says:

I don’t always comment but know I consider all your videos to be home runs. You absolutely rock. Thank you for sharing.

Ada Ahmed says:

As always… very very informative video ❤️

Ryuuto and Nina says:

I saw quite a few youtuber saying that secure the appointment online. no longer q outside the store for an appointment. I never been to Paris but one day and hopefully lucky as you scored a B bag. great video.

katn888 says:

hi, new stamp is in the bag. i beleive on the left up most side near the top =)

Pikot says:

As always very informative. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your bag.

Meredith Thompson says:

Thank you!

blackchickadee1 says:

Congratulations on your beautiful birkin!!!

Jace Life says:

Wow bbbbbbbirkin….. so psyched! Nice bad hope u’ll have ur dream kelly the soonest. Thank you for uploading, I learned so much

Colleen Ha says:

Love your overview. Great comprehensible info!

WASP1919 says:

Kelly girl here too. Looking forward to your video next week. Love FSH drama stories.

Gabriel Divina says:

So lucky to get a Birkin even when you wanted a Kelly! This is exactly most people’s dream first Birkin! Just so incredibly lucky! I’m jealous!
PS. This is definitely one of the best Hermes Birkin reviews!

Pikot says:

Now I have better knowledge of the most expensive bag and the most coveted bag. It’s like listening to a teacher explaining everything . You videos is so interesting, you just don’t present the bag or the item as it is but you explain everything, as in everything which I really like. Thank you very much.

Christina C says:

FYI in 2016 Hermes moved the stamp from the sangle to the interior corner.

docvel23 says:

I love all the details of your video on the beloved Birkin dear! I’m so jealous bec. its my dream to buy in the store! My first one which you probably didn’t notice, was showcased in my blog when I revealed my master bedroom, it was on the bench. It’s a 30 togo beige, bought 2nd hand from Japan. Unlike you, I want a 35 in gold since the 30 is a bit small for my size, I’m 5’8″. I can’t wait to watch part 2! Congrats on your new baby!

girlabee says:

Great video! You’re a great researcher. However, it’s a misconception that the store doesn’t know what they’re getting from Paris. Almost every store is able to order a certain amount of birkins every semester (twice a year). If you work with an SA higher up in the store’s food chain you tell them what you want and they put in your order in January or June and then it arrives in the next few weeks. You get exactly what you want. It’s called a podium order. I’ve been lucky enough to have SAs at different stores who are able to do this for me and explain the process. Just thought you would like to know since you like knowledge!

Michael Efrem says:

Stamping in now on the inside back top right side.

blackchickadee1 says:

Love this video and it’s so informative and structured which I love. Thank you so much

Sarah Chaudhary says:

Great video!! So much information and wonderful review! Btw the date stamp is now inside the bag..I believe back top’ll have to lift the flap to see it 🙂

malgosiaa1111 says:

Great reviews on Hermes bags and history. I want to complement you your knowledge and word choice. Pleasure to watch. Thank you!

Rachelle Kebaili says:

I think Hermes secretly loves that people resell their bags for obscene amounts of money. If they didn’t, they’d make it much easier to get one. It’s their fault this is happening. It’s messed up. I understand the Constance being hard to get since they don’t make them anymore. But it’s really unfair that they decide if you are worthy of the bag. It’s nuts. Make me not want one.

marilena acevedo says:

Thank you for the great structured review and thank you for sharing your knowledge.  Very helpful.

rosemary quaye says:

Brilliant in-depth video , things I never knew about Hermes, my dream bags are kellys and Birkins ❤️

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