Hermes Birkin 35 review AKA ‘Margaret Thatcher’

Requested review of my Birkin 35 Potiron with Palladium hardware.

***NOTE: The Birkin is not generally that hard to cinch up and close, but I was trying to do it while facing away from me, which proved to be much more difficult than I had anticipated! After the video ended, I turned it towards me and it cinched right up. Figures! Ha!!


Maggy Kloset says:

Love love love it!

yoya747 says:

Thanks for the review. I didn’t hear how much it was. Guess I can google it. Really enjoyed how humble you were. Please stay this way. Also please be careful when out. People know it’s expensive and might harm you for it. One thing stopping me from purchasing one.

madewithluvcreations says:

She is Beautiful

Anna Ouyang says:

Great video. Any worry on colour transfer? How you protect the handles? Thank you.

Emily Right says:

I love it, magnificient

Sue LaShomb says:

Why are these bags so expensive?

m wa says:

one of the best,honest, and most relistic reviews

Simple Bliss says:

Great review! Thanks for sharing!

Lanier Smith says:

You are a joy and a pleasure to watch. Very happy to have found you through Ashley. Margaret is fabulous.

newchicgal says:

Thank you so much for this review. I am considering this bag in the same leather but in black and your video is so helpful! I love that you are so real and natural, a real review of the bag and not one that shows off the wealth you have. I like your tips and sharing on how you use the bag. Thank you!

Zlata Kom says:

bag is fantastic, amazing color. but I also love your room behind. Great look of exposed bricks in a white color

missfrasier1 says:


Theresa Ngo says:

This is the best Birkin review I have come across. It was very informative and you are soo down to earth. I know you love the bag for its craftsmanship and history rather than the label.

Of Birkins and Men says:

just started my channel! please check it out 🙂

Kris Klarich says:

what a great review. thank you for a fun, honest and interesting point of view:)
hope you get some sun this year! Tom Ford frames look great on you too.

Taylor Delma says:

Coolness doll I loved it

Robyn Alford says:

I came across your. page. and I am Robyn A too. Hey twin lol

skess94 says:

I would love to hear your story about how you got your Birkin. I have been watching some of those videos today, and they are really interesting. And never mind, I just found your story. Ha

Ms. MTV says:

Great review you were very down to earth and not snobbish about owning a Birkin. It is a bag but a beautiful bag. I’m in the market to purchase one. My biggest question is are you afraid of being mugged or robbed. I think most people have no clue about what a Hermes or Birkin is. Do you take it to PTA meetings? Is it your everyday bag or will I need armed security guards to carry one.

Charlie Rose says:

I will never understand this…maybe because I work with under privilege children? I don’t know but this has never made any sense to me and never will. Good for you.

Jennifer J says:

Great review enjoyed!

My Pursepective says:

Which birkin leather is the lightest weight and yet will keep its structure over time? Also do you know of Hermes will change hardware from gold to silver if requested?  like Chanel.

50hellkat2 says:

Any reason why the price was not discussed?

Mary Jane Lucas says:

Great review Robyn red key Cleu I would recommend protecting the palladium plate with any cell size screen protector just cut out the piece and apply it to plate adds more value if you ever ever decide to re sell !

Beauty Fashion Fetish (BFF) says:

love your video/reviews… so honest, humble and lovely!! thank you … x

LunaSalvatore26 says:

why do you write this in your title AKA ‘Margaret Thatcher’ that has nothing to do with your bag and since your name is robyn i don’t get it

Trey Stewart says:

Love the color! Bought my mom a Birkin a couple years back (I made a video about it) and it is gorgeous as well!

Julia Niquet says:

What a ugly name for such a lovely bag. I think calling your bag Margaret Thatcher in the UK may be a bit controversial to say the least lol

joking aside, I find your videos to be quite funny, love it!

Pauline Lau says:

Hi Robyn, thanks for your video and I love your bag. Can you re-film your bag after two years of usage given you have mentioned that the leather is more sturdy? I would like to condition of the bag if it is made of a sturdy leather. Thanks and much appreciated.

Diana Protsanin says:

This is togo leather or clemence? Thx

Oly Moran says:

Well yes… M T is a bag, but what a bag! and yes, you are lovely.

Jane McGrath says:

So yeah.

MaNaRi Al-Ben Ali says:

you’re so cute and genuine..
i don’t usually watch review videos that are longer than 6 minutes .. but your’s is really amusing and puts you in a good mood

really genuine.. don’t lose this unique quality

tobias brunton says:

Great bag!!!! video was great

Lee C says:

hahaha from now on, Im going to give names to my bags. Very informative. Thank you for sharing!

cloudzinmyize says:

How many Birkins do you own , and do you buy them brand new or gently used ? If you buy your Birkins new then how long did you have to stay on a wait list , or do you have connections to bypass the wait list ? Finally, how much does the bag cost and was it worth the price , hype, and wait ? Please show packaging, box, dust cover and any paperwork such as warranty or care information with next video / lovely bag for every day , to take to work or the super market. Great color, choice as it reminds me of a large pumpkin and I love autumn it is my favorite season. Tootles.

presencegirl says:

Love this video!
Can you zoom out a bit more for your vids? Its nice to see the entire bag in one shot. And you!

Mi B says:

Hi! Beautiful bag! I’m shopping for a birkin 35 Chevre de Coromandel as well. Is the lather water resistant?

skess94 says:

You are correct about that lock being too heavy for that strip of leather. My leather loop or lock got caught on something when I was getting out of my car and that lock ripped right through that little leather slit. My mouth dropped. It’s very flimsy. Although it has become trendy I do not believe that area was designed as the intended place to carry the lock.

Olivier says:

How long did you have to wait?

G Guianan says:

Bi love it that you don’t “baby” the bag unlike other vloggers, you really treat it like a functional bag .

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