Hermes Birkin 30 Review

Thank you for watching my fourth video. This is a review of my Hermes Birkin 30 in the color Graphite and leather Clemence. I bought this bag preloved last year in Tokyo, Japan.

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Thanks again for watching. See you next time!


Izzy Paris says:

Could you do a review on your H Victoria ii?  I just ordered my first Victoria II thanks to Breakfast Tiffanys and would appreciate your thoughts as a more seasoned owner.  Thanks.

Eva Marie Pettersen says:

Nice bag. How much you paid for that?

Lemonmon says:

But etan is a dark grey

Amber Slipper says:

Lovely bag. She is a beauty.
I will grab a preloved anytime (both my H bags are preloved in great conditions) because mainly I really dislike the H shopping politics.  I won’t go on shopping spree at H store for little things I don’t need nor fancy just to own a Birkin. The moment I decided to buy a B, it took me just one month to find my ideal B (30 Orange). I know some ladies waited for years. Like seriously? For a bag? (ok I am different because I am in impatient shopper)
I do understand and you totally were right to pass off the 2 offered bags.  I don’t see why you should take them just because they were presented right before you when your heart didn’t yearn for these combis.
Wise choice.

Lisa C says:

Thanks for review, love this color, will now add to my wish list. I agree pre loved is a great option. I believe we like to buy new but that includes the whole buying experience ie nice atmosphere and friendly customer service, but Hermes goes for exclusive attitude and unfortunately employees forgot what a buyer seller relationship should be and buying is not pleasurable from them.

MiMi Mo says:

Do you know what are the differences between clemence and Togo leather?

npm2000 says:

Your videos are so informative. I can’t wait to see more!

Be Beautiful says:

Hi Winnie! Can you please upload a video on how to tie twilly on birkin handles; I think that would help us birkin lovers a lot 🙂

Christy J says:

Another great review, thank you! Where did you buy this in Japan? I am planning on going to Japan in a few months and would love to find a great pre loved birkin or Kelly. Do you have any recommendations on what consignment stores I should visit? Thanks so much!

So raaad says:

What size do hou recommend more? 25 or 30?? I cant decide

Zlata Kom says:

I love the bag. I read previous comments and I think you did pay a bit extra . but it is still a good price and we cannot save on everything every time, so no point to think over that! enjoy it, love it and be proud of your purchase. I want one soo bad!!!!!!

BobbyLovesLV says:

Beautiful bag! I am so surprised it’s from 2006. I never would have guessed. It’s gorgeous. Love your videos.

ms09 says:

where exactly in Tokyo did you find it? I’m going to Tokyo soon!

Mads Bukowski says:

Like your pop up factoids. Nice touch.

pursejunky says:

lovely bag and twilly!

Jade Manalac says:

Thank you for a very informative video about How you got your birkin. I have been trying to get a 35 Birkin electric blue or cognac in gold hardware for a over a year now. I have few leather bracelet and belt at Lee Garden in able to create a good relation with a SA. But it unfortunately I haven’t been called by a SA not even once. I am not rich guy I’m just simpletons that do hard work and save up for what I want so I don’t have the luxury to keep on buying stuff at H store. I’m still hoping that I can get my dream bag one day.

crazygsh9 says:

Agreed, places like 米兰站 mark up a lot, and I personally don’t really like Hermes SAs in HK (no offense), they have an attitude!

Citria says:

You are so lucky! 😀 
Maybe you can go to hermes store for purchasing the key and lock for example, since its autentic hermes anyway. So they must not say no even though its preloved.

translationproject says:

Excellent bag purchase! Your graphite is the BEST color. I wish the lighting in this video featured it better 🙂 It looks mostly black.

Michele Lam says:

Gorgeous Bag!  Love love!  May I ask how much did you pay for and where do you usually buy your preloved Hermes in Hong Kong?  ‘Cause sometimes I don’t know which store is more trustworthy and I’m afraid to buy a fake one.  What is the normal price of a Birkin in a boutique?

MariaEmpire says:

fab fab purse!! subbed ! i make videos too if u would like to check them out 😀 flawless! great review btw xx

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