HI guys! Some of you requested for me to do a WIMB with my Birkin! So here is it! Hope you enjoy watching!

What I am wearing in this vid———————————————————————
Lipstick (thrill seeker)
Nail polish (liquid mirror)
Foundation (020)
Top is sold out …but. Similar and my fav here (black, small)
Eye shadow

Phone case pink marble 20%off discount code (Charis20)

Bag organizer I got!

Honest company for sanitizer spray etc

Asked items in the Background of this vid———————————-

Lamb stool
Lamb pillow
Floor mirror similar
similar (LOVE)
Rug 5’x8′
Silver Pouf leather stool
Mirror jewelry organizer

Two cash back websites that I love and use every time I online shop!

Mr. Rebates


( For example : sephora 6% cash back at mrrebate but sometimes it becomes 12% on special days, ASOS 3% cash back, Saks 6%, NM 8% etc…)

What i use for filming my vids!——————————————————
Ring light
Light stand kit
Lighting kit

Instagram lvlovercc

email address

Daily Beetle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Disclaimer – not sponsored to make this vid or asked to show the items, all my own opinions shared, some links are affiliate.

Thank you so much for watching my vids and your sweet support on my channel!!! Really appreciate your feedback with likes and comments on each vid!


Akvile M says:

Love to watch how nicely you organise everything 🙂

thelma johnson says:

I love the bag. It holds enough for you and the little lady. The bag insert is such a perfect size for that one. Is it medium or large ? Thanks for sharing another great video. I love the lip colors also.

Sundeep Mody says:

diet dinner

Lara M says:

dont take it as a negative comment, I always liked your vids, you look great as always and the bag is a dream bag, but it is so strange to see a birkin turned into a diaper bag. I know you are a mom and you need all that stuff, I am just saying – for me it is strange to see diapers/wipes in a birkin

Sara Jiang says:

Thank you sharing! Your bag looks absolutely stunning. I am looking for an organizer for my Clemence leather B30, Sooni is one of my choices but I’m afraid after a while it will leave a crease/mark on the bag since it’s very structure. Do you still recommend it after months of use? Thanks in advance!

Khmer-Thai Entertainment says:

Love all your collections. You are such a great presenter.

Vtube just for fun says:

U look very beautiful. Woww. And u have a high class style i love it. I love all things u using but i dont so like only red lipstick because i like nude lipstick. Where u buy that bag can u give me that address? I like it very much the most beautiful Hermes Birkin bag i ever see

Jhel Valencia says:

Thank you for sharing your Soonie organizer. Always love love your video. I really hope I purchased the keyholder with Rose Ballerine lining, that time it was really hard to get it so I opted for the Fuchsia, but I’m happy with it, it’s just the Rose Ballerine is so girly and fun.

Ivie Uche says:

Ur bag is beautiful….. but that lip colour on u is the bomb

Poppy Chan says:

you look beautiful today!

Jenny Kaw says:

I just subscribed.. I also have same birkin:) love that color. I’m going to buy that organizer. same color as you:) you are beautiful. you look like my daughter. cute!!

kaosua says:

I’m interesting to order one but how is shipping and quality like is it light or heavy?

Meidy Kwee says:

Plz do a review for neverfull GM..thx

LenD says:

Hi Charis! Do you have a discount code for sooni bag organizer? Thank you

Brielle_mag Brj says:

Can you do a comparison or which you prefer between Kelly & Birkin? Thanks!

So Coco says:

Please vlog in Disney if you can. I’m going in August and curious about managing it with toddlers.

Traci Cameron says:

OMG I LOVE your little LV rose balerine wallet! Are you doing a subscriber give away for that?

CaramelDiva7 says:

Just a beautiful well made handbag (wishlist). Craftsmanship is magnificent.
I’ve always adored these WIMB. Thanks for sharing Gorgeous

Marco _765 says:

Was it hard to get that bag? Can you share your experience? I want that exact combination … Any tips??

Mommy_lvoe says:

I love your angle of your camera when you make wimb videos. I to do looking at the bag and seeing you pull things out of it or the layout of it too! Looking gorgeous as always!

Cris Yorke says:

I somehow think that her dad is some Communist leader or businessman that has ties to the communist party in China. And of course, they made the decision to have her be born in America.

annacharlotte says:

I just ordered from sooniebaginbag after watching your video:) I used Samorga and original club organizers but was not quite happy with them. Sooniebaginbag were so fast in replying to my questions!:)
And Love Love your new bag!:):)

wenjing chen says:

May I know where I can buy this organizer bag? and what brand is this. Thanks!

Elaine Howard says:

Hi CC, I love that although you are wearing a Very Very expensive bag, it is still half full of your children’s things, and you have no problem putting your daughters food in the bag. Some people wouldn’t dream of putting anything even slightly liquid or baby food with a screw top, sweeties for the children. You have them all. I love that. Your children’s needs come before any bag, no matter how expensive. Hugz and love xxxxxx

G Rock says:

I finally got the organizer and the quality is really good , it’s worth the wait!

byogalover says:

Just a suggestion on the birkin. You may not want the lock on the turn key, it causes a smiley indention in the leather over a period of time. Most folks wear the lock on the clochette. Great bag and color! 🙂

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