Full review of Hermes Evelyne bags and comparison of large, medium and small sizes

Full review of Hermes Evelyne bags and comparison of large, medium and small sizes


Anjila Harada says:

hi how much is the tpm size?

Sherry Obermayr-Guo says:

The green one is not Togo leather but Epsom

Ivy T says:

Your H collection is impressive 🙂

videomanic411 says:

Can you do a detailed review on the evelyne bags : showing hallmarks and distinguishing details as I am trying to see the difference between authentic vs fake : I want to purchase one but am afraid of fakes out there so since you have experience with these ; it would be great thank you

Robertking1996 says:

Love your vids! Please post more.

Mi Muscle says:

What orange color is your first bag? They r different H orange colors. Love your collection.

Amy Elizabeth says:

I just got the evelyn pm in the orange as well! I haven’t worn or reviewed it on my channel yet but I LOVE it! I has been on my wishlist for forever! Wish I can find the coin purse like it as well!

Fara Boestamam says:

Hi.. In your opinion which is more comfortable to wear, PM or GM size? Thanks.

Toni Parisi says:

Is the Togo leather make the bag heavier than the clemis

Elsy Silvestre says:

very informative. thank you for sharing.

Tess Dagdagan says:

I have a blue jean medium in clamence (??) leather and I do love em’. It’s comfy and easy to wear. Thanks for sharing your collections! They’re all fabulous!

Bea Mars says:

Amazing Collection!

MissElena says:

What an amazing collection! Thanks for sharing!

Jay Strut says:

Gorgeous colour!

Sherry Obermayr-Guo says:

29 cm and 33 cm, the bottom width are made of Taurillon Clemence Leather, the green one is Epsom, the Mimi Evelyne 16cm is Togo.

FuzzyLil Wuffy13 says:

does evelyn bag has pocket inside? is it fake if it has a a pocket inside

NYCBrat says:

You have a stunning collection of Evelyne bags, everything looks brand new.
How do you keep your straps so pristine? btw, the blue color bag is luscious! xx

Dr Donna Chow says:

The second bag is not togo leather. The stamped leather looks like Epsom. Thanks for ur video anyway.

Nour Younes says:

Hello, love your video. Do you think the GM Evelyne fits a 13″ macbook air and a few school books?

megviola says:

Could you show us how much fits in mini size? For example with a long wallet, how much space do you have for other items? Can a hand go inside when there’s already a long wallet inside?

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