Duping the Birkin- Birkin vs Teddy Blake

Something a bit different today. I’ve got my Birkin and the Teddy Blake Caty bag side by side for an in depth comparison.

Price of the Teddy Blake 14inch- currently $549 (reduced from $789). Exotic- appearing bags are $649


Teresa Van Der Linden says:

Did you give away the bag? Who is loving it now 🙂

V T says:

Yes to giveaway:)

fdrc rnldn says:

I would prefer a LV speedy

shaustin22 says:

I prefer the look of the Teddy Blake. The leather is gorgeous. Nobody really sees the small details of the hardware they notice the leather first. Great review!!!

jamece hackett says:

Is this bag still available for a giveaway?

Meng Sun says:

A knock-off with a brand is still a knock-off! Who are you trying to fool? How can it happen to be like Birkin, like it’s born that way???

Jainy Murrphy says:

Absolutely stupid ! stupid!! stupid!!! What a waste of money! this World we live in today is so messed up. People paying ridiculous prices for a Silly designer handbag. For what reason is there to own a handbag that cost as much as a car ? really ladies!! I’d rather be carrying around that money, instead of handing it over to these so-called designers and making them rich!! I’d rather have it in my bank account! all these designers are most likely laughing their heads off ! saying these women we’ll pay our prices they are all lemmings !! “yes ladies” lemmings !! and they’re laughing their way to the bank !! Can’t you think of something else to do with your money?

meikoblock says:

IDK whenever I get a craving to check out a Birkin bag and then I realize it is the cost of my grad school and that always makes me rethink that option.

TheRealNubian says:

Very nice review. I love handbags but I’m yet to become so emotionally attached to Hermes to freak out or get mad over a dupe. Especially that Teddy Blake has decent price and quality. And I would never shell out the price of a Birkin or any other Hermes bag even if I win the lottery and become a billionaire

Kate Bush says:

Actually Hermes copied the italian design of the Teddy Blake bag. The Italian company who make this bag for TB started making this style in the 1950’s. Hermes didn’t launch theirs tilll the 1970’s. Thats what I have been told anyway…….. great video by the way!

none of your buisness says:

I can’t stand these dumbasses making fights about knockoff this and that and how it’s wrong to buy a teddy blake not everyone is stupid enough to spend that much damn money on 1 damn hermes bag. Only stupid females would do that shit…no wonder men make fun of women so much…i really wanna slap some damn sense into the bitches that buy these $11,000 bags its fucking so damn ridiculous how do their men stay with them id be so embarrassed to be seen with someone who throws away money like that!!! Noone stops and thinks what else they can spend that money on? Half of these bitches who buy these bags are the same ones who say they wanna save the world …but no instead waste money on a bag and another and another but wont help starving kids who could use that money for food why do these bitches buy tons of bags worth a ridiculous amount WHEN YOU ONLY NEED 1 DAMN BAG!!! and im a damn female saying this shit! no don’t even say that im jealous cuz i can’t afford one because i could afford one and so many others but im wise enough to choose better things THAT I NEED NOT WANT for myself and im not a materialistic bitch either i know someone will choose to fight me on this one but whatever they say will be invalid because they damn well know im right! and are too materialistic to swallow the truth id probably buy a teddy blake but id keep that bag for as long as it lasts not just buy a ton more for no reason that’s so stupid …these bitches really need to learn the difference between buying something they absolutely need over something they just want…when they say oh i had to have it that’s when you know they never needed it…shame…smh

MB F says:

I would love if you would do a give away. I will never own a Birkin, so this option would be amazing.

Mrs Foodfairy says:

Teddy wins – better price!

Bota Berdikulova says:

Certainly interested in the bag
Houston Texas

Raquel Quinn says:

I bought a teddy Blake about a year ago to see if the Birkin will be for me. I’m aiming to purchase a Birkin when I get my doctoral degree in two years. I know a lot of people on YouTube have said they found out the Birkin wasn’t for them because of the weight and the way you carry it. I felt if I am comfortable with carrying the teddy Blake then I’ll be fine with the Birkin.

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kristina mendoza says:

I for one like both true I’m not going to spend that kind of money on a real Birkin but to each it’s own  but me no I have real louis Vuitton but I do like replica so buy what you like.

Chrissy_love_animals says:

Omg I would’ve enjoyed your video more if you didn’t talk sooooooo fast. Please slow down some so the hearing impaired could actually hear you. Tfs. ☺️

Kap 54 says:

I’m sorry but that bag IS trying to be a birkin. I don’t see how you could disagree.

DeDe Shops says:

I absolutely loved your video! I appreciated your honesty and your detailed descriptions. I’ve never carried a fake handbag and the only reason I’ve considered the TB is because it’s inspired and they aren’t stamping it with a Hermès logo or trying to pass it off as such. Based on your review I’ve decided to dive in and order one. Thank you.

Carmen Hays Brown says:

Dupes! No SUCH thing people! Do you wear jeans? Than you’re wearing the dupe of a Levi Jean, aka 1903 made, over a 100 years later everyone has jeans, there’s 10-20 different Hermes copy cat style bags out there now, some good, some bad, every brand has this happen eventually if it’s popular, if you like the style you’ll wear it, give it 200 years from now a real Hermes will still have its value… WWYL people! ( wear what you love)

christmas9lights says:

I cannot and would not buy a teddy Blake it just sad

Donna L says:

I am interested!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mimi Dang says:

I’m pretty sure if people see someone wears the TB purse they would think it’s a alright replica

christmas9lights says:





katherine ribbeck says:

I heard the teddy Blake bags are made in Italy by Buti company. Buti is in business since 1958, and also in a video I heard that the Hermès birkin was made by them first , before them.

Anteroization says:

that is a fantastic homage to that style and you are wise to own both, more practical and good quality , just like liz taylor, she made copies of her expensive jewelry to wear in public events.

dinavienna says:

giveaway – yes please!!

Tisha Zachary says:

Hi..very nice video. Just to let you know…I thought I would give a bag a try..as so many of you race about it, I was curious, as the price is great for a runaround bag. When it arrived it was not the color pictured on the website..so when I requested a return label, they informed me there is a $25 RESTOCKING FEE! Really? I was stunned..I purchase many very high end bags and have them shipped as I live a little too far to run in, if there is a problem these boutiques are gracious and never a question. It seems Teddy Blake has used YouTube to gain customers but has not been transparent regarding their return policy. They also told me if I did not email them a photo of my tracking receipt from post office they could not be responsible..I just thought you might like to know. I would assume you are not aware of this horrible customer service. Thanks Tisha

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