Chit Chat about my Hermes Birkin 30cm

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StellaNaturaRay says:

You look amazing in this video Jenn!!! that bag is seriously perfection in Birkin world!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Marisa Price says:

Jenn- your comments about the rudeness of some people is so spot on- they would never (or most people wouldn’t) dare be so bold in person.  These people are just bullies who can only be brave behind a keyboard and they should be ashamed!!!

Sandra O says:

I’ve followed you on several platforms and I have to say I find you so authentic and refreshing. You’re original, I haven’t seen you change your personality over the years, or even your tastes! I subscribed years ago when I saw your what’s in my bag in a pink fabric chanel, remember? Lol… you hit the nail on the head with the comment on kids. Some people can be so self absorbed and selfish that they justify being nasty and negative, and some youtubers can also get extremely wrapped up in the negativity they get, it goes both ways. I always think the same, grow up, have kids and then you will know real anguish! They’re just bags!!! If they’re not your thing move on like an adult and don’t watch the video… anyway, I loooooooove the 30 on you!!! I have a 35 and as per usual after watching your video you have me pondering that size!!!! Lol

Karina Garcia says:

It’s nice that we can buy a lot of stuff online because it’s easier however it’s so nice to get out and go to the stores the old fashion way people are getting lazy

Kellie Corinne says:

I bought my red chanel boy bag from Fashionhulu. She is great. Totally agree.

Jbv65 says:

I know others have asked but could you weigh this bag??? I had to sell my Jumbo as it was too heavy. I have no way to try one on but have been looking for pre-loved but don’t want to buy it and return it because it was too heavy.

MSpanders10 says:

I loved all the chit chat on the bag and so glad you filmed this video. The bag is gorgeous love the color and the size. Thanks so much for all the information.

Melissa Hermoso says:

Always love your videos! Thanks for all you do!!! What color nail polish are you wearing? It’s making me yearn for fall. Gorgeous!!!

hadrienstar says:

gorgeous bag, luv the madness of the leather, and if you want keep stickers on why not plus i would put a liner inside to protect from scratches.

Ninel'sPassionForFashion says:

Very informative, thanks! Beautiful bag, enjoy in good health!!

A Girl in Boston says:

I never understand why people leave nasty comments on videos.  Nor do I understand why they even use thumbs down. If you don’t like it, don’t watch!  I love these kinds of videos. I’ve been hemming and hawing for years between trying to get a birkin or a kelly so I think they are very helpful.

NOLAgrlnSF says:

The bag is so stunning – obsessed!!!

Jill D. says:

the bag is beautiful and the craftsmanship that goes into the making of each is insane and to be appreciated. thanks for sharing!

mary draper says:

Beautiful Birkin, great video!

Melly Pink says:

You look gorgeous! What a stunning bag and very informative video!
I saw on your Instagram you have a gorgeous Chanel trapezio bag (I believe it’s called). I was wondering if you would consider filming a review/thoughts about it in the future. I find it’s such a gorgeous bag but there is so little info on it online.Have a great week! xo

Becky Nelson says:

Hello! I found you through Jerusha’s latest vlog. I’m making my way through your videos. I’m hooked and subscribed right away! I also didn’t realize you were ellandemm! I have the Vogue Tee in my cart right now!


Totally love your all videos. Thank you for doing this, really enjoy it.

Simone Frantz says:

SAME!!! i feel so embarrassed for those people that waste their time leaving mean comments. I will never understand how one person can get offended by the way someone ELSE spends their money. Love the bag and love you! <3

Shirley M says:

Didnt u also have a noir 35 kelly? Do u find that to be different enough to that plomb b30?

Alana Stroker says:

You look beautiful!!!

Nikki Hona says:

Beautiful bag…love the color and hardware. Did you edit the price out? Just curious because you mentioned that you were going to share that but you digressed so not sure if you just forgot? Thanks for sharing the ebay seller details and orginal receipt xoxo Nikki

cathyd425 says:

It’s not weird I don’t wear my engagement ring either.

Astrid W. says:

I just found your channel. It’s funny I follow you on IG and didn’t know you were the same person on YT. I’ve been binge watching all your vids this Labor Day weekend. I just love your style! I also picked up some items for your store @EllandEmm.❤️

The Style Chronicles says:

Gorgeous bag! Gorgeous lady!!! Xx-E

briana courvier says:

I don’t wear my engagement ring at all either! Like every once in awhile I will! It’s really big which I’m sure everyone would love but it gets caught on everything! I just wear my gold band with diamonds too!

Lauren Alexandra says:

You have the most beautiful bag collection i really enjoyed watching 🙂

Christina C says:


Heather Chester says:

What Hermes authentication site do you use, please?

Googlegirl says:

How much was your bag?

donna dixon says:

Did I miss something here? Did she say the price?

Peter Scarborough says:

U can tell you don’t use it that often becuase of your handles lol my handles are all warn and stretched lol

Heather P says:

Love the super chill video Jenn!!

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