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Hi Everyone! As requested you wanted a comparison between the Hermes Fourbi and the inserts I use from 7RP – so here it is! It’s a long one so grab a cuppa. I chose to compare these two as these are at the higher end of the scale in terms of inserts. l cover materials, colours, design, sizes and show what fits inside both inserts. I reveal prices as well as give you a summary of the pros and cons of both. I wanted to provide as much info as possible so you can make an informed decision as these are not cheap inserts. I know I spent hours researching before deciding to invest in my 7RP ones which I love and highly recommend! I really hope it helps! xx


Products Mentioned in this video:
1. Hermes Fourbi Canvas Size Small 20cm
2. Hermes Fourbi Silk Size Medium 25cm
3. 7RP B30 Blue Electrique *

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Sandra Van D Chao Zhang says:

Hi Mel,
Thank you for sharing, it is really sophisticated and knowledge in depth.
I remembered you mentioned organiser in one of your LV video.
Could you also provide the link as I could not find it anywhere anymore.
Love you!

BaNter Entertainment: DIY with @fancienanc says:

Jane Finds which is a huge Global re seller I think was the first to come up w these & All her bags come w the baganizer that she created, so you never mentioned the baganizer which is all over the net ? JAne finds started it ?

Sindy FashionNerd says:

for phone should be fine if you buy the glass protection screen, and Bastia is Epsom so should be fine as well. I would say definitely not sunglasses!!! or use the soft pouch before going in. I love the orange fourbi! really want it 🙂 thanks for such a thorough sharing xx

meeziemom says:

Nice but very pricy. Have you checked out those offered by MaiTai Collection?

Hazel Tan says:

Thanks Mel for the discount code. I have been waiting for one for ages! Just ordered one for my k32 and I hope it arrives before the expiry of the discount code so that I can order another one if I love it.

Cynthia Low says:

Does 7RP work for Hermes Lindy 30?

Ze Ying Lam says:

Dear Mel! Thank you for such an informative review and I can appreciate that you have spent much time and effort in doing this. I love the way you always present your personal opinion so objectively, sounds like an oxymoron, if that makes any sense to you lol. I don’t use inserts as my view is I much prefer to use the bag instead, I love looking in and seeing my things against the interior leather rather than an insert (!) so I organise my things with numerous SLGs instead, usually relying on the LV pochette as a main divider amidst the rest of the items and it’s been working well for me so far. However! Having watched your previous B and K comparison video, I was very curious about the 7RP insert but put off by the price! I have a B25 in Malachite (yes!) in Epsom, which I find it relatively structured though because of the size and leather combo. Do you think I need a 7RP insert? :p I also have a B35 in Prune in Swift, perhaps I should get a 7RP for this instead, though I also have a theory that Hermes designed the bags and its choice of leather for each bag to be in a certain way (slouchy, structured, etc), so should we be enjoying the bag the way it’s meant to be? What do you think? And what colour would you choose for this combo of B35? I am still very tempted to buy a 7RP, especially with the discount code! Thank you so much for that, Mel! Have a great weekend!

Katherine Griffith says:

Did 7rp remove their color options? I’m only seeing 6 colors and no blue/green.

Krista Young says:

Wow! The lighting must be different in this video, your teal Birkin comes off emerald green here. Now I have a new goal…lol

S Al says:

Was just in time to get the discount on a Birkin 35 Gold l’insert! Can’t wait to get it! Thanks for the very informative comparison.


Dear Mel ! Thanks for taking so much time to do up a detailed video like this ! But I’m just wondering if 7RP inserts are only meant for Kelly and Birkin. I can tell that their inserts are of good quality and I love it with my pockets. Do they have in other sizes for other bags ? I’ve got Chanel and the interior is also in lambskin and would like to get a good insert to protect it as well . Let me know if they have !
Thanks! Jen

Ryan Zhou says:

Finally here!!!

Ana Sofia Orjuela says:

Amazing review I really enjoy your reviews ❤️

Lubelle Philbrick says:

Hi Mel just wanna ask what’s your code for 7rp

Maks Ballard says:

Great video!!! I was wondering if you could have any bag in the world what it would be?

Lux Cat says:

i am still searching for the perfect purse organizer for my bags… difficult to find the perfect one for me…

Darlene Chan says:

Thank you for the lovely review, Mel! I’ve been waiting for something like this for ages and also did hours of research on TPF regarding these inserts. Thanks for these helpful reviews. I have now ordered the 7RP in Gold for my B25. Thanks also for the shopping code for savings! Looking forward to your next video!

Phuong Vo says:

Loved this video! Just got offered my first Kelly this week while visiting Montreal with no prior purchase history. So excited for my new insert to arrive!

Kathryn Allen says:

This is the best video! Thank you for sharing your knowledge as well as advise on the inserts. I will be definitely be ordering a 7RP, I was completely won over when you shared the color transfer information, which is always a concern.

Ulyana Heward says:

Your math is right on point! That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the $400 price for the Birkin 35 L’Insert – it’s a tiny fraction of a very expensive bag that I want to protect. Totally worth it. Really enjoyed your review, thank you for all the details.

Ryan Zhou says:

My kelly bag is finally coming next week! I am on my way getting the insert on 7 rp now lol. I hope they start making insert for birkin 40 soon!!

KellyLQL says:

Hi Mel, what is a good insert organizer for Chanel Jumbo? I don’t own any Hermes bags but I really appreciate the time and effort you put in to explain the use of the 7RP. Thanks.

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