Birkin Bag Review- and everything you never needed to know….

So this is a waffly one!

Also -never a video without a make up problem- yes I am aware of the big back smudge the appears on my right eye lid as I filmed and I won’t skip my primer again in future…..

So this is a more chatty review because I think when it comes to the Birkin most questions that I get are about whether I felt the bag was worth it, did I regret it and how I feel about using it.

I gave a lot of close ups of the features of the bag in my comparison with the Teddy Blake and so I tried not to repeat too much from my previous video- especially given how long this video was already.

Buying the birkin was a great experience and I love owning one. I am very aware that it is a bag that really polarises people with some finding it the most decadent waste of money and others thinking of it as a holy grail purchase. Whilst I can see both sides I definitely fall into the latter group and this video is aimed at people who share my enjoyment of all things bag related- though not necessarily every bag. If you don’t like luxury bags then….I’m not quite sure what’s brought you here!
I try to be very frank in my opinions and not just say ‘what I think I should’. This goes for the items that I am reviewing and anything that is gifted or sent to me. Having myself been influenced by lots of other Youtubers into purchases in the past, I feel a responsibility to be very honest.

Buying my birkin:

FSH Paris Handbag Appointment System:

Bag Insert:

Birkin Pricing:


Mary Dorsey says:

Love this video! Best review I have ever seen, and love the history and info on Jane Birkin.

Sheri Sheribaby says:

I had the opportunity to see Jane’s original birkin a few months ago at MoMA. She really did beat it up a bit. I have pics on my instagram @sheri_sheribaby. Congratulations on your beautiful new bag!

Crazee Hbags17 says:

I loved the comment about the way you dress would deter criminals. I laughed out loud. That’s exactly what I told my friend when she asked the same question when I ventured into the lux bags. I said, “Are you kidding? Just look at my style, they will just think it’s fake.” And I’m ok with that.

Cormac IRL says:

Great review! 🙂

Cbhpllc says:

Beautify bag and enjoyed watching your video. I have a gold color Epsom 35 Birkin that I bought preloved and it’s pretty but a bit too big for me. So I just received a call from Hermès in Chicago because they are holding a size 30 in Gris Perle with gold hardware in swift leather. I’m nervous to see it because I think the pale gray might be too light and the swift leather might be prone to scuffing. So what do I do?! Is it ok to say I’d like a different color or leather, or will they blacklist me for refusing their offer?

maria mcleod says:

Congrats on 6,000 plus subbies.

Sue Hadley says:

Great review Emma- I love your enthusiasm ☺ I use a cagolo by love lolo on some of my bags in torrential rain- much better looking than those clear plastic ones. Louise at love lolo also makes beautiful pilo stuffers for bags ( you can choose Liberty fabric as an extra )and good quality liners ( though not for Hermes .)

Ooogle at Luxury says:

I love that you give the history behind the bag!

Iveagh 32 says:

Great video Emma like the insert ! but like you i dont want to spend 00’s on one so definitely checking this one out.

Sandra C. says:

you are truly a lovely person. I loved this review of your Birkin.

fashion junky says:

Your Birkin is perfect!!!! Great review!!!

donna dixon says:

Fantastic review. I really do enjoy your channel… My next Birkin has to be black/ noir 30/35cm w/ PHW in Togo!

Jesse M says:

I’m getting a birkin in a few weeks

Dina Lempert says:

I Love my Birkin too. Enjoy

50plusluxurystyle says:

Great video, loved all the information regarding Jane Birkin.

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

I can’t believe it’s been 6mths either, where does the time go.

Melina Bergson says:

Great review thank you!!! Even though I love luxury handbags I don’t think this one is for me. I’m petite and can’t stand carrying bags on the crook of the arm – for that reason I have not really looked into the Birkin (aside from the price!) so I never took the time to learn about it. Your review was excellent, in-depth and adding all the interesting facts and history. It was absolutely great to watch!!! I’d love to hear your view on the Kelly as well 🙂

Deborah Wild says:

Great video as always. Love the Birkin. So classic and timeless. You will never regret this purchase. A forever bag.

cap4life1 says:

Great review and awesome bag!

Jamie Lewis Artistry says:

I think I am one of the few bag girls that doesn’t have a Birkin on their wishlist, but I loved your video! I loved learning the history and hearing your love for it. Also, I am an artist and paint luxury items, which I normally do if there is an issue like a stain. I essentially see it as restoration and art to a vintage piece that needs a little love

Gabriel Divina says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MENTIONING JANE BIRKIN!!! Her life and love stories are so interesting. Every time I watch one of her movies in the 70’s and early 80’s she always seemed so graceful yet awkward, bohemian but classy, she truly embodied the je ne sais quoi! And her music is divine if you love the early French music or into Serge Gainsbourg music. You’re right about her! She’s such a giving and kind person. She regularly gives most of her earnings to charities and regularly goes into humanitarian efforts, similar actually to Angelina Jolie. She was british but she definitely embodied that bohemian free spirited Parisian ideal woman.
Quite sad that the Birkin is more known for the bag being the most expensive bag, rather than Jane Birkin herself. But she did an interview and found humor in it. “If someone asked me what I was most known for? Probably the bag” “Could be worse”

I’m so glad you found appreciation for both Jane Birkin and her bag!

PS. the original Birkin bag is displayed in Catherine B. Vintage store in Paris. Jane Birkin auctioned it off. It was a 35cm Black Box Calf leather, with gold hardware, and surprisingly, it has a shoulder strap!

e mu says:

It’s stunning. Great review

Marlaine Legault says:

Great video!!!

Milagros M says:

I love your video! It had so much important information. Keep making videos about your birkin

Amaya Lynxx says:

I’m hoping for a black and ghw birkin for my 40th birthday this year. Great review on the Birkin.

Lipglossed says:

Glad you are using and enjoying your Birkin! Love all the details and history behind the brand. I just learned about the ‘shooting star’ bags recently and I thought it was something really good to know if you are buying pre-loved. Someone on YouTube had purchased one and knew it was made specially by an artisan for themselves/family, but I don’t think she knew you couldn’t take them in to Hermes for repairs/spa treatment. Obviously, you can get bags fixed other places, but it’s definitely something good to know before you buy one. 🙂

MissCielle101 says:

You do the best reviews. I could listen to you all day. Very interesting and informative. And your Birkin is perfect, so beautiful. xx

Styled4Life says:

Oh the history is rich of Hermes and Jane Berkin sounds lovely. Thanks for the history.

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Patricia Leahy says:

This review has increased my yearning for a Birkin…darn!

Styled4Life says:

Very lovely bag. Thanks for the in-depth review.

MisoJenny says:

watched all 24 min of it!! love it! we are bag twins! well sort of…more cousins. mine is a b30 😉

Sabrina Shekofteh says:

Love Love Love it. xo

Lisa-maree Diacndilo says:

6 months wow how time flys.

Lena Larsson says:

love to hear you waffling! Another great video and information on the history and anatomy of the Birkin. Good job <3

Karen Terrell says:

Wow! This is by far the best video on YouTube on the Hermès Birkin handbag. I have probably looked at almost every YouTube video to date on Birkins as it is my holy grail bag. But, this is the first one in which the anatomy and names of the various parts of the bag were discussed! Also, your history of the company and of Jane Birkin herself goes far beyond any other video I’ve viewed. Thank you! Your bag is absolutely gorgeous! Btw, I just received my MaiTai Collection bag insert for my recently purchased Hermès Evelyne lll bag. The insert is of excellent quality, fits inside the bag perfectly, adds no noticeable weight to the bag, and arrived from France to The States very quickly. I cannot praise the company, their workmanship, and my online shopping experience highly enough.

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