Bags on a Budget feat. Henri Bendel, Hermes Birkin & Kelly Dupes, & more

Hi felicities,

I hope you enjoy this video to start my series on #Bagsonabudget #Bagsthatdontbreakthebank #inspired #copyandpaste

Items & Websites Mentioned |

Hermes Kelly Retourne 32 Dupe |

Hermes Birkin 35 dupe & Kelly Sellier 28 Dupe | Amazon – Ainifeel brand

Henri Bendel Uptown Satchel Large
Henri Bendel Warren Street Chain Large

Rebecca Minkoff Suede Camera Bag

Prada Cahier Dupe | Yesstyle

Instagrammers & Youtubers mentioned |

Personal | fiercerenegade

My sister (tagged my Hermes dupes) | vmadlettering

Ciara O Doherty

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blue heaven says:

Can you make some hair care videos ❤❤❤You have gorgoaus hair.

Jess l says:

I like the eggplant one a bit better than the actual Kelly inspired one,it’s nice!

katmae24 says:

OMG! Love this video!! How did you get your Ainifeel birkin to break in like that? I had one from them but the leather was so stiff! You mention that you didnt baby the bag– how did you get it squishy and the handles so straight?! Im blown away!! Thinking I may need to just really fill it up with heavy stuff????

beebuhbee says:

I love your realness in this video! Thank you!

A D says:

It’s the prerogative of Hermes to keep their bags exclusive – from both a pricing and scarcity perspective. That being said, the birkin is a classic satchel style and I don’t have a problem with “copy and paste” versions as long as they’re not tagged with the name (and thus a counterfeit). Cherish Kiss on amazon also has amazing quality “copy and pastes”.

Jess l says:

Where do you find the Chinese bags?? Like what sites and stuff like that??

Jess l says:

Ugh I’m really wishing I would have gotten the 30cm one instead! Shit! Lol

Jess l says:

Why tag them up though!? I don’t think I could do that to a bag! Lol

ma lillis says:

You may not know but when copies are made with the legitimate company’s name on it like a birkin style with Hermes on it it is viewed as counterfeit and quite often created by or supports terrorism or criminal activity. That is why customs looks for these and destroy them, any brand counterfeited. It is a very big issue internationally.

Jess l says:

I think a real birken might even be closer to like 20grand

heartsmelody189 says:

I LOVE what your sister did to that “birkin.” I would totally pay to have her do the same thing! Does she have a shop or something?? It’s so fun and it feels very artsy and street style.

Jess One More says:

Love it! The Hermes Kelly is a beautiful silhouette. And the original HB Uptown satchel is way hotter than the new design. Why would they redesign it? It was so lovely, and like you said, the hardware/buckle closures were everything on that bag! However, I’ve been eyeing the Warren shoulder bag all fall, but in a brighter color. I love the heavy weight of the chain, it truly is substantial, the links are well made and smooth. Love Bendel bags. Ugggh, You’re making it sooo difficult for me, Jan!!! I’m on a no-buy, saving for the HB Petrol Rivington! For when that ish goes on sale! LOLOLOL *hugs*–Jess

Michelle Thorson says:

Love your candor. Have you heard of Teddy Blake?
Teddy Blake is made of real heavy leather hand made from Europe. They are not fakes they are the their own brand sold at Nordstrom or on line. However their designs are very similiar to Birkin. They run around 500.00 but your first purchase is usually 40% off. The bags come in beautiful leather, python or ostritch.

The Fabulous Brad says:

The Kelley looks SO pretty from the art your sister added. Looks great!

Jess l says:

I don’t know why but I just do not like the Kelly one but I just ordered one of the anifeel ones from Amazon but the birken looking one,35cm taupe with pink lining

ShuntellsLife&Style says:

I love the writing on your bag! I want to write on a couple of my bags. Can you tell me what kind of paint needs to be used?

kristina mendoza says:

First time watching your videos love you I love replica bags not spending thousands of dollars on a bag

Valerie Mendez says:

Is that the real Henri Bendel or Inspired if yes please tell me the exact website. I do love everything. And that hair is gorgeous.

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