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So it’s finally here! The Hermes Herbag review. Sorry that it took me so long to get the video up but I’ve been really busy with moving and launching the online store (more details to come!!!).

This is one of my favourite bags, although I’m not a big fan of the orange colour, but it does resemble a Kelly (I’m dying to get my hand on one!). So very very excited to share this video with you guys. Please let me know if there are any further questions or suggestions for future videos!

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Mian Alentajan says:

Twilly. And Hermes — as in “er-mez”


beautiful bag ….. new subbie here xo eva

Swivel888 says:

Is it Twilly or Twirly?

Edwin Joseph Escueta says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I bought my first Hermes today at the Rodeo Drive store! I got the Herbag in 35cm (I think) in Etoupe/Ebene. <3

Niel Wong says:

i felt that herbag is like a waste of time. The leather looks so stiff, the strap hard and uncomfortable. The canvas is scratchy, very overpriced. Hermes’ leather products are really good. Save up for them.

Jennifer l c g says:

No offense, but what was Hermes thinking?!? This bag is so impractical and poorly designed that it reflects badly on Hermes.

Geoffrey Westwood says:

Is there any code printed or engraved on the bag?

Shahad Alr says:

i liked your video , what size is your herbag ?
thank u

Alya Abdul Manab says:

it’s a beautiful bag!!!! I live in the Uk but my hometown is in Malaysia. Do you suggest if I buy it in Malaysia instead or should I buy it in the UK. This is because VAT is higher in the UK.

HeyChenny says:

Yeah that’s a really cute bag. but I think it retails around a few hundred more hehe…I think a lot of ppl opting for the leather option goes for the garden party as it’s an easy bag to use

HeyChenny says:

$3000 SGD at the airport in May 2012

HeyChenny says:

I think that’s an amazing colour. I would’ve loved the blue one over the orange. Most ppl will like the rose pink or the baby blue. Great choice! Plus, you can always exchange or return if she doesn’t like it 🙂

BabyYuan900123 says:

How does it looks like on a 160cm tall girl?:)

J WONG says:

Did they not tax you at the Canadian border or did you not declare ? Isn’t it only like a $800 per person limit now? 

MSpanders10 says:

I love the pop of color!

Egle Bar says:

poor you 🙁 what a shitty bag

りえん says:


joshua sze says:

It’s weird that I comment a video which you posted 3 years ago. I have a 39 herbag and the best to prevent the bag to sag is fold the hermes cardboard (which should be included in the bag) like the shape of the bottom of your bag and put it in the bottom. 🙂 Your video is awesome <3

Aorplanet says:

Wow you really got the solution for the open n close.

Tingeling N says:

Yay, I love the boxes too :)<3 Love Your bag!!

Jessica Ngo says:

I got herbag in hot pink with blue line around it. I love it so much and i love urs as well:)))

HeyChenny says:

it’s a 31

Jennifer Portmans says:

oh my god,i got a same Hermes bag with yours but there get some difference…I bought it with a cheap price but i am not sure is it a real? anybody can tell me are they the real? here and am i cheated?

Sreyleak Sann says:

a fan from Cambodia here <3

Angel Li says:

how are you able to buy the bag on the spot? How did you not have to order? 



HeyChenny says:

yeah it fits. It’s only half the size of the bag

Adele Tracy says:

I brought a Birkin into Singapore from HK before!
They can’t tax you if you’re using and carrying it XD

Andy Zaturno says:

DO NOT BUY THIS BAG. It looks sooooo cheap.

Paris Kmetko says:

I removed 2 straps from mine cus it was to small and yes u can open it

Renewed Gal says:

Lovely bag..

rainbow mary says:

I don’t have that much money for a really hermes,but i bought a bag on amazon and its looks exactly like a Hermes Kelly.

el hassan fatma says:

thank u sooooooooo much for the video can u tell me what is the name of this bag ? is it around 2000 euros now ??? enjoy ur bags u have a classy taste

Nirmala Puspita says:

I just bought that bag a week ago and i got the same problem with u about open n close The bag haha
Thats why i watched your video, i think u have the solution about that
But actually we have the same problem :p

Btw even its kinda hard to use but i still love that bag 😀

David Chan says:

Hi, great review. I am thinking of getting one for my wife and wanted to ask what u think of the light blue color- I forgot the name but it looks like baby blue. Thanks.

Wendy Lo says:

Hi, i was hoping you tell me the dimensions of the BOX. as I’m trying to find a suitcase large enough to take this bag home with me if i can find it overseas. thank you!

Gemma DeGuzman says:

Is there a herbag in all leather instead of canvass?

LxTxNx says:

Beautiful color… I have the Herbag cabine!!!! 

Lindsay Davis says:

Do you know if there is any sku/authentication code on the bag? I’ve been searching for one on mine, and I can’t find any anywhere. Do you know signs of authentication, besides the obvious…I bought mine at a consignment store in manhattan

Tina Marie says:

I have an Hermes Herbag PM for sale!

FliGal2 says:

Very wordy, but not much of a useful review.

el hassan fatma says:

and plzzzzzzzzz what colour does this bag come in ?? ;))

smartipants123 says:

I didn’t even know this bag existed. I like canvas bags – LV. I find them carefree and easier to use than leather. This might be a good option for me.

HeyChenny says:

I’m 160 🙂

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