Bag Review: Hermes Evelyne Mini/TPM


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Xiaolong Fu says:

because one of my friends really want to get one.

The Luxury Hybrid says:

What a great color! I was lucky to get my hands on this bag, but in Orange. Thanks for the review.

emilieclarke says:

Gorgeous!  Omg so stunning! I looove the colour you picked. I would have never thought of it.  Congratz!

Wynn H says:

If you want to sale this bag I’m really interested . Thanks.

cocacola988 says:

love the colour of this bag! what did you get from chanel ^^

mary bao says:

love the bag, love the colour, love your vids 🙂 

Stefanie Z says:

Wondering, how tall are you? I am 5′ tall and bc the Evelyne straps are not adjustable…was wondering if the TPM would not hang as low as the PM size on me? 
Thank you!

bIndsundoIl4mj says:

“I think these are like… theyre actually… holes? This is the…. I think its called the espom leather i dont really know the name but I think it starts with e. s. p…. o m thats the name of the leather. its got a long string here.” honey its a good thing you have money because i dont think you would survive without it lmao

Peng Wang says:

It’s EPSOM leather

MSpanders10 says:

Really pretty bag! 

Xiaolong Fu says:

Since it had been discontinued, could you let me know where can I get one and how much it might cost? 

Helenne20 says:

Gorgeous bag I went to Hermès to look at the Evelyne and bought a Double Kelly bracelet. Maybe someday I will buy the Evelyne.

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