A Review: What Fits in a Hermes Birkin 30

Hi everybody. This is a video on how I pack my Hermes Birkin bag in the size 30. Hope it helps those of you who are deciding on the Birkin sizes. Have an awesome day!

bonus link to all the info on Hermes bags: http://www.bragmybag.com/hermes-bag-prices/

my bag measurements: L – 30cm/12″, H – 21cm/8.5″ and W – 15cm/6″
bag color: vert de gris
bag leather: clemence

my ig: https://instagram.com/topoordecisions (sorry, new ig, birkin pics coming up soon)


JesusDaughter 1 says:

Fabulous video

lady12480 says:

gorgeous bag!

SuSu SeaSky says:

Thanks for your very informative video! Question, how many thousands would you say you had to spend for you to get the Birkin? Just curious because I have spent over 6 already and I still haven’t been offered one. Thinking maybe I should go to another Hermes store or you think I should spend more? Thanks!

Trey Stewart says:

Love the color! Bought my mom a Birkin a couple years back (I made a video about it) and it is gorgeous as well! I am wanting an HAC for myself!

Julia White says:

Great video – thank you 🙂

Alexis Vergetis says:

We have the same bag!!!!!!! Great video continue making more please there are very helpful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma Hansson says:

Wow that bag eats everything! Totally want a 30 instead of 35 now, looks much more neat. Thank you for making this! xx

Lara Irama says:

Yes yes pls handbags collection video?

Shannon Toston says:

I love the little pouch with your necessities. Where can I find one?

SugarAlmond1 says:

by far the best B30 review video. ty! Any thoughts for the B25?? Can’t decide! 🙂

Kriss Tina says:

Thanks for making this video, it’s very helpful. I wish videos like this were around when I was shopping for my birkin. I feel as if my size 35 is too large and am now on the hunt for a size 30.

Lover cl cl says:

Wow I like ur birkin, what is ur favorite wallet? For daily use what is in ur bag?

parisianfolk says:

Will you be making more videos? I miss your videos!

amv240388 says:

Great video!!! Please do a review on your beautiful chanel chevron bag and also an WIMB with that one? 🙂

Eva Chan says:

The leather look luxurious

Nafisa al Londoniyyah says:

Both bags are beautiful, I’m so in love with the so black. I have the b25 but I can just about fit a regular iPad in it I wish I had the 30cm

npm2000 says:

Stunning bag! Love to see move videos from you

Missy Loves Luxe says:

thank u so much for this video it was incredibly helpful

pursejunky says:

very nice..on the hunt for size 30, I find size 35 heavy for me.  Thanks for the review!

Jessica Alaniz says:

I adore your bag! Such a helpful video, could you do a whats in my everyday bag video?:)

Lover cl cl says:

I am between to buy Celine box bag & Chanel le boy what u think about Celine box bag?

SHarper SHops says:

Beautiful Birkin – Love the color! Thank you so much for making such a helpful video as there are a lot of videos and pictures of 35cm bags but very few featuring the 30. Hope you enjoy it for many years to come 🙂

Miss Jade Patrice says:

How did you get a birkin? I thought you had to have like a special hook up to even order them.. #gogirl

Canny Liu says:

Just so helpful! Thanks for putting A4 page inside and pad mini. It makes so much sense to office ladies as a measurement

Everyday Edit says:

Love your Birkin! Good illustration of the capacity using the shoes.

Adelina Wald says:


Lara Irama says:

Hmm the mini Berline bag from Hermes it too pricey Do u like it? Do u think it is worth the price?

imjulielee says:

Nice video!


Lara Irama says:

May I ask what u think about Gold birkin? & I want to buy for my sister university what u think I will buy designer bag or normal?!

MsRefined1 says:

Where did you get the pouch ?

Erika Pascual says:

Is it just me or why is the hermes stamp showing backwards?

susegold says:

Great video, who makes the little emergency base? so cute. Thanks

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