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girlabee says:

I had never heard that the Togo droops after a few years. I had wanted to get that leather because people say it’s the most durable but now I’m not sure! How durable is the leather of your Kelly? It will not droop over time?

Rosewater Water says:

Nice, pls review of ur birkin pls

Cecekins says:

I wish u gave more of a review of the bag such as wear and tear, what fits inside, is it practical, is the buckle annoying to work with, does it need to be babied….etc.

Gee Chanel says:

Can you review your lindy?

Baby Abby time says:

can I know wat making is it?

Christina Marie says:

This review was very helpful! I just ordered a Kelly 32 in the Swift leather and can’t wait for it to come in! Now I can know size-wise how it will look 🙂

Maria Goosfraba says:

I own the Evelyne and the Picotin because I feel they are more casual as well and super practical, I will wait a few years before buying a Kelly, I think I’m too young, maybe when Im 40! But really beautiful bag!

Moniqued And Destined says:

Could you do a review on your birkin 25cm ?

No Sacrifice® Bags says:

Love the color of your kelly!

Phuong Le says:

Is your Kelly sellier or retourne? Is epsom or togo more durable? By the way, I think size 32 looks perfect on you.

Delphine C says:

You didn’t open the bag…

The Neighbourhood Where Banks Phanicked! says:

You are miss are DISGUSTING human being. They slaughter fucking animals FOR YOUR STUPID MOTHERFUCKING BAG.STOP JUST STOP.

Cathy Berry says:

I need this bag

Abhishek Gohil says:

Hi! Please do your updated handbag collection video.

faune says:

Love the video, thought that would have some shots for close up of the compartments inside or so. May be you could think about it next time when doing a bag introduction video. Support~!

sofysophia says:

I’m your height and have the exact same bag you review here 🙂 I don’t think the 32 swamps us at all! It’s the perfect size really – I actually think the 28 would be a tad too small for practical use, especially for those who carry it to work. But then I guess it depends on how much stuff you carry on a daily basis. Besides a Fourbi full of stuff, I also carry with me a retractable umbrella and an Hermes Bearn wallet so the 28 really isn’t the option for me lol

新西兰成功雅思 says:

Hi, can you please please tell me will this bag fit an ipad ? do you know a kelly 28cm will fit a ipad as well. ? Thanks a lot

ohwowwoohoo says:

Updated purse collection!!!

Baby Abby time says:

hi do u find the strap rubbing n destroying the leather on the top handle due to the single hook on vintage pieces.

tashyy says:

sharing some of my thoughts….hope you become a successful vlogger … :)..not sure what type of Review that is trying to achieve.. try to explain how to identify the Authenticity? then not much details, find GREAT deals? what is the year stamp of the bag and conditions, does it come with all the lock and keys, dust bag? which impact the price.. or this video is reviewing ways of styling the bag? …by the way lower down the background music would be nice..too.. looking forward to your next video..

Hilary810 says:

I love love your video:) Next time please show the bag more closely, and volume down the bgm. Thank you

Lemonmon says:

kelly comes with a 30?

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