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Constance Unboxing – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIhQy1Hu6Zw
Chanel Unboxing – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mU0-tw0rlaE
Lady Dior Bag Reivew – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrOJUOA6xXA
Gucci Sylvie Bag Review – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfZ_synd1Lc
Chloe Faye Bag Review – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hh3_dU9xmkg

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1. Hermes Constance 18 – http://bit.ly/2PiRlXI (REAL REAL) or http://bit.ly/2PftWGk (VESTIAIRE)

2. Mini Dior – http://bit.ly/2wp7YcX

3. Chanel Mini – http://bit.ly/2woWndS or http://bit.ly/2PO2YGU

4. LV Backpack Mini – https://goo.gl/G2q9UN

5. Gucci Sylvie Mini – http://bit.ly/2wpZ4w1 or http://bit.ly/2BXuxdY (nano size)

6. Chanel Coin WOC – http://bit.ly/2womfa3

7. Chloe Faye – http://bit.ly/2wmR1QG (Don’t buy brand new; here are some discount/second hand options)

8. LV Noe Nano – http://bit.ly/2Pe8Hov

9. Simon Miller Bag – http://bit.ly/2C0vJNY

10. Diorama – http://bit.ly/2PO43OY

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Li says:

Love your outfit and the review is very informative. I was thinking of getting the Gucci sylvie bag in the future but not being able to fit a phone is a bit discouraging.

humming bird says:

I have mini lady dior and chanel mini square as well, for some reasons, i think mini lady dior fits more stuff than chanel mini square. If i have to rate them, i would also rate mini lady dior slightly higher than chanel mini square.

Kat Viola says:

I wish they would come out with a slightly bigger round woc, just big enough to hold a phone at least to make it more practical. I do love the look of it though.

Bryan Lepe says:

I don’t think the Faye is that out of style. Yeah it’s not as popular as it was a few years ago but they’re still seen. Chloé has never really held its value super well unless they’re brand new styles in brand new condition.

Karl Guo says:

My wife and I have been watching your bag videos and we love them! I was wondering, but what oils do you use to take care of your leather bags to keep them in such good condition?

BipolarMax says:

What a beautiful collection of mini bags. This was really helpful. TFS

Nina N says:

Your outfit is so pretty!

lofodut says:

the white top you are wearing, what size is that?

Hao Tang says:

Thanks for the honest feedback – I was debating on swift or Epsom leather Constance – I guess Epsom leather would be safer choice

Marta A. says:

Haha, I also have a Range Rover keys, so this was very useful. But this info about the Hermes bag is not true – just checked Vestiaire and the price is on average 13.000 USD.

Alice Fashion Land says:

you look beautiful, I love watching people’s outfit of the day, thats why I decided to show my outfit in every video I film.you have an amazing mini collection , Constance in definitely on my wishlist, but it is sooooo expensive for such a small bag. Great video!!.

Tsetsi says:

So you prefer tiny bags

Diana Adrianna says:

You bought the wrong Hermes Leather as did your friend. The two of you are much to abusive to own Box and Swift and my man would not dare touch my bag and I would never ask him. I mean a Neanderthal touching a 10 k bag, think about that! You and your friend should have bought Epsom or Chèvre. Those leathers can tolerate “newbie” unkindness. Remember if it cost 10k, treat it as if cost 11k, because with tax, it did!

Domovenok Domovenok says:

Although I don’t have Chanel bag I guess the quality issue is real. Last time I saw mini square in the store it was not impressive at all. I really feel like lv and dior win the game with both price and quality. And they got amazing customer service.

Steph says:

wow you look stunning!

Sarah Brightman says:

I actually was thinking of getting an item in box or swift leather. But I am not sure now after watching your review. My sister got a C24 in Swift Zanzibar and a C24 in Epsom Etoupe, and she let me pick one. I wanted swift, but I was not sure about the color. So I ended up getting the Epsom in Etoupe. It’s interesting that I have heard people complaining about swift leather doesn’t wear very well, but my sister’s C24 Swift still looks pretty brand new after about a year. She has plenty of bags, so she rotate them quite often. She also mentioned about giving her bag enough break to rest after each use. Maybe this kind of rest helps? I have a feeling the swift/box is similar to Chanel’s lamb skin. My friend’s Boy is so beat up that the lamb skin has lost it’s shape slightly, and the worst part is the corners are so scuffed that it is showing the bare leather. I am fine with scratches, but showing the bare leather is really a nono to me.

Cheraye C Lewis says:

You have a lovely collection, very helpful video thanks for sharing! I want that Chanel Coin Bag!!! I’m on the hunt it’s Gorgeous! I just got the Vanity and I LOVE IT!!!!

fashion junky says:

Great review!! I love how honest you are in all of your reviews.

Jasminka D. says:

fabulous collection and great review. Thank you for sharing

Lori Fang says:


Xian Wang says:

Hi, Chenny! I love your videos, I see a real and reachable fashion blogger here. I am really inspired by your videos talk about the graduation till now how to raise money and afford luxuries. I am in the after-graduate stage now. Could you recommend a few second-hand luxury bag website?

Tingeling says:

Great video, so informative!! And love love love your top!! 🙂 About the Chloe Fay, have you tried to scrub the suede with a toothbrush with lukewarm water and vinegar? Or a mild detergent? Depending on the suede it can actually work 🙂

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