What’s in my Guess Leyton Bag. Would you keep it or not?

Hope you all enjoy my video 🙂 What’s in my Guess Leyton Bag but not sure if I should keep it?


Linda Gardellini says:

I used to be a Guess bag fanatic….they were the only bags I ever bought. But I quit buying them for that precise reason….they were too heavy! I started having bad shoulder aches. But I do love their bags! If you’re feeling it’s too heavy now, you probably should return it because as you use it and accumulate more stuff over time, it’s only going to get heavier. Let me know what you decide to do….it’s a beautiful bag and I love your taste! 🙂

Andreia sooliver says:

@valentinecandiez da uma bolsa dessa de presente para mim, aqui no Brasil é muuuuito caro.

redrockermom0630 says:

If you have doubts…you won’t carry it!! I love love your videos!!

Darcy Cornell says:

I would keep it. I change out my purses a lot. If it’s heavy it wouldn’t matter to much bc I wouldn’t be using it all month. I would use it when I know I won’t be walking around a lot if it’s that heavy.

Cindy Skimmyhorn says:

You’re not being picky. The fact that there isn’t a shoulder strap would be a deal breaker for me. Love watching all your purse videos.

Venis Ponce says:

I totally understand your pov but since Hubby bought it for you I would keep it for an evening bag or something. When yall go out to supper together? Just my opinion lol

Patlynn says:

It is very cute and I love the keychain he just bought and the doggy charm. I would probably keep it because he bought it, BUT, you know your husband, if he wouldn’t be upset with you returning it and you don’t think you’ll ever use it, then I say return it and maybe let him pick out another one for you.

MsJenna12 says:

For me without being able to carry it over the shoulder and it being so heavy, I would return it. You could find a lighter black purse easily.

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