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Kaitlin Sitton says:

I was just thinking about how I personally don’t like animal prints becaue of the implications of animal abuse before you mentioned it. It doesn’t bother me if other people like leather or animal prints, but I still cringe at the thought of it, even though almost no one has actual leopard fur anymore.

I just have to put out a PSA on videos that mention tampons and disposable pads. They’re not good for you! They contain cancer-causing chemicals that make it like smoking a cigarette with your vagina. Sorry to be graphic, but I want people to understand. Tampon and disposable pad companies spend millions to make sure people are uninformed about reusable options, just like cigarette companies used to do to keep people uninformed about the dangers of smoking. Menstrual cups and reusable cloth pads are so much healthier, save money and are better for the enviroment.

QueenNoTeetha151 says:

Do you mind saying what medication you are on for anxiety because I suffer badly with it and have started not going out. You said you have been feeling a bit better since you have been taking it so I just wondered. My doc has given me Buspar to try. Have you ever tried that one?

Tyrese Hardy says:

I love that bag.

Hailey Albert says:


Kich 6 says:

With you on the lipstick thing. I enjoy your bag videos. Love the blush and animal print combo. I am picky with the lining of bags. If I like the bag but don’t like the lining I won’t get it. I hate it when you reach in and the lining is so thin and loose that things get lost in it. I also can’t stand ugly lining. Makes me crazy to see a nicely designed bag with ugly lining. It’s like they gave up… 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you, hubby and kitties!

Crafting Vicky says:

wow that must be sooooo heavy 🙂 But it’s beautiful!

Robin Allen says:

Haha I love leather too….look at it like they are going to kill them. We might as well put good use to the animal 🙂

Sheza CraftyOne says:

Neverfull is 1200.00 its also my dream bag

stratchic says:

Hey I’m a thrifter! Not as much as some people or you Miss Liz, but I will never spend a thousand dollars on a bag, and I’m a bag girl. I’d rather have 10 bags over 1 expensive bag. Plus, finding a gem in the bargain bin is so much more rewarding.

Just Sheilz says:

Are you me? I love cinnamon everything and orange tic tacs are my fave too!

B Blake says:

My husband use to be a butcher, and if I think or someone talks about meat while I’m eating it, it puts me off. So I use to tell people my husband plants trees, because I like to kid myskef that meat comes from trees. So I understand the leather denial.

0000 two says:

very pretty bag and nice review  !

Shirley S says:

Where do you your beauitful purses?

Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

“This is my favorite thing in the WHOLE world!” You crack me up. Haha

VR Mom of Four says:

I have a NF Mono GM that I love! I bought it preloved for a great price.

Tonya Aguilar says:

I also want a never full.

Adrienne Roberts says:

You are really pretty.

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