My YSL Purse, GUESS, Vintage & More Haul!

hiiiii lovies, I hope you enjoy this video! I feel like I haven’t made a good old fashioned girl chat haul video, so here ya go! I love everything I got, and I hope you do too 🙂
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Abby Iris Vlogs says:

Did you guys know that 5 years ago that rclbeauty101 made her first video and said that this girl was her inspiration, now she has 8.4 million subscribers…. W…..O…….W

Merritt Prince says:

What are your favorite stores to get pre loved bags from?? I’d love to know. Thanks so much! I’ve loved your videos since the beginning

TheWorldProclaimsTrust - Anynomous says:


Kayla Way says:

Yessss!! I love u

Kelsey L says:

Hi Megan! I would love to know where you find your vintage Levi’s!

Bri Danielle says:

The shorts with the dream catcher, sugar skull and lips are so cute ♥

supermakeupattitude1 says:

I love how there is something so raw still about your channel!whenever u watch you I feel I’m watching the OG youtube n it makes me feel so good n secure!I love how u don’t have backgrounds that look like a set or lighting that looks fake…everything still seems so real & original about you!keep it up Megan ☺

TheLadyWondergirl says:

I just died with the short’s news! I will definitely be waiting for it!

sejla k says:

what is that nail polish????

Taylor K says:

I love your videos so much! and if you start to sell your shorts you are making (hopefully) I can not wait to grab a pair they are so unique and adorable! This is kinda strange but would you ever do maybe a haul or review or my collection of your night gowns/lingerie i love wearing them to bed as well and same getting ready in them but I have a hard time finding nice quality ones and I would love to see the cute ones you have! Love you Meghan!!

Erika V says:

been watching your videos for years n still in love with your style and personality :)♡

Jessica Sweeney says:

yellow is my favorite color!!! always has been always will be

rachelcarlene0402 says:

Are you wearing the bombers in Texas?!

Sarah Leaman says:

If you have a citi trends near by go there! I work at citi trends in my area and they have tons of Levi’s on sale for such a great price.

dvitoc says:

I was checking last week for you on youtube & wondering if you were ok. You are so creative with fashion and will be so successful at this! I love you from Chicago to Austin

Samantha Luna says:

There are suede protection sprays that you can just spray all over your suede bags/shoes and it will protect them from things like spills, dirt, and rain! They’re everywhere online and they’re fairly inexpensive, you’d just need to research which are top quality 🙂

Oyinkan O. says:

YSL means young stoner life, right?

VVI RAA says:

omg I’m sooo sad i can’t get vintage levis in here its so expensive and very hard to find 🙁 i just wanna live in america :(:(

Brandi Munguia says:

I love guess but the only issue I have with them is that they are only made for thin girls with very straight figures. A size 10 or 12 curvy girl won’t be able to find a good pair of denim from guess or a top heavy girl would also have a hard time finding a top that fit well everywhere.

olivia stuart says:

girl, i’m so jealous you met A$AP Rocky!

Pacificoast Girl says:

Love the idea to make these unique shorts….my blogger friend Maff has been making the same sort of shorts ad jackets for herself and you can really bring out your own style in them and yeah …awesome!

missGemelli says:

What? Yellow is my favorite color too..since I can remember 😀 When I got a little bit older I added purple to my favorites, for contrast haha:)
I also have a question about the ‘nah.’ shirt: what do you normally wear underneath? Cuz it will probably be seen since it’s a low cut down the sides right?

Anna Arceno says:

Has she like ever had a Calab video? Her contents getting kinda boring :/

Loriana Firth says:

I love the cream bomber jacket, the Guess crop top and the YSL bag, love YSL I recently purchased the YSL Black Odium Perfume, such a pretty fragrance!

MissGloria95 says:

I love your videos, your style, your personality and everything – hope to meet you one day!

JoLynn Puente says:

Have u considered making purses out of the Levi jeans? It’s pretty easy and they look great with studs added.

meaghan549 says:

The YSL purse is beautiful! I know they have suede protector also, something similar to the kind that people put on their uggs to protect them from water damage! It may be useful to put on the bag!

Luísa Vaz says:

I always love everything in your hauls and they make e wanna go on a shopping spree! Also super exited to see the stuff you’re coming out with, I’d love to have a piece personalized by you xx


I love your purses!

Michal Khrutski says:

whats the website for the designer bags?

Melissa Mora says:

subscribed 5 years ago, somewhere along the line I stopped watching your videos for no particular reason but then your video popped up on my home page & wow. you’re so different & grown up, it’s weird lol..

PrincessMegMarie93 says:

Omg I wana see what those dresses look like on!!! They probably look so cute on you.

EnIaify says:

Do you have snapchat?:)

Joanne McDermott says:

It feels like ages since I’ve watched your videos Megan. I think I missed you lol 😉 love your new YSL bag. xo

Brandi Munguia says:

What lashes are you wearing?

talkingtoalison says:

You’re such a pretty person! Your soul is so sweet!

Elvira Cuevas says:

Love all ur videos ! Thank you so much for taking time to make them for us ❤️

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