LOUIS VUITTON Zippy Coin Purse Review♡

A super requested Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse Review!
this little item has surprised me a lot, super handy and fit eve thing I need
and best of all it comes in SO many variations!
Check the Louis Vuitton link below to see!
Hope you Enjoy
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LOUIS VUITTON Zippy Coin Purse

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What I am wearing
Shirt- Country Road
Watch- Guess Gold watch
Necklace- Onecklace name plate + My parents wedding bands
Nail Polish- OPI ‘dulce de leche’
Arm Candy-
Lip pencil- Color POP Ultra Mette- Trap
Lashes- Koko lashes ’Misha’

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CC Mug
Tea Ford Mug
Girl Boss Tee
VOGUE sweater
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Gabriela Salcedo says:

Yes! to the Review !!!! you look gorgeous as always!

VeronicaMitC says:

I LOVE this Wallet! It’s my first LV Item ever and I use it every day. It holds everything I need and for coins I use another cute small pouch 🙂
The Zippy coin purse is definetly worth the money and I would say it’s one of the best starter items, because you simply use a wallet every day! Like you said, it holds so much cards and you can place them in so many ways…
I’ im love now 🙂

greetings from germany!

whenthemomentstrikes says:

can you please review the toiletry 19 and compare it with the mini pouchette? 🙂

Lori K says:

I don’t like the zippy coin purse.. if you’re in a rush good luck unzipping and getting your cards out. I always scrape my fingers against the zipper trying to get the card out so I’ve given up putting them in the slots and just drop them in. Pretty annoying..
I think the mini pochette is better and you get more use out of that esp if you’re on a budget.

patricia freitas says:

Hey Jerusha, love the video also I was wondering if you were using your Metis? I actually got it too, but I think I’m going to return. I found it was quite difficult to get in and out of and a bit heavy. Also I think I can fit way more in speedy. What do u think?

Ida Refsti says:

omg! your haair and makeup! it so perfect!!

Clothes and Creativity says:

As always, great video, Jerusha. I had one interesting observation at 18.45- just as you were comparing the size of the wallet with the black multicolor one, the zip pull of the white purse was hanging in a way that it looked like you were wearing a dangling gold earring, and might I add that it/you looked good. How about wearing some nice, dangling earrings in your next video? 🙂



Renee G says:

Hey Jerusha! what do you currently do as a job? 🙂

Teresa says:

Hi Jerusha! Do you know if there is anything I could do to stop my damier ebene neverfull and pochette from bleeding? Btw love love love your videos 🙂 xx

DazzlEffect says:

Ohhh yes! Absolutely stunning you are lady! Happy belated birthday darling! Keep up the hard work! I have a broken leg and so much more time to watch youtube – so inspired to get back into the videos again! xo

Clara l says:

Pls do a review on toiletry 19. I also wondered if Epi leather 19 fits less than monogram. Thanks, Jerusha

kikay beta says:

looks like ur losing weight jerusha

deequu says:

You should just remember which side you should hold it on with what side the zipper is facing 🙂 haha because then you don’t have to look at it 🙂

n8getlo says:

Your makeup is really pretty here. I’m loving the lip color!

Kelly Humbert says:

Hi do you notice that there is color transfer from the inside of the damier ebene canvas onto any of your damier azur prints?

The Luxury Hybrid says:

Get the Zagg iPad protectors, they work amazingly!!!! I have a couple of pairs and the red is still intact!!! Do not go to the cobbler for the rubber soles. They grind them down completely!!! Yoogi’s closet sells gently preloved Chrissy Lou’s

Christina Claire says:

Your enthusiasm is contagious, love your personality and videos!

blizzards2007 says:

diet video please !

Noemi ace says:

Really nice video

Shelley Norris says:

Jerusha!! I have been watching since your first neverfull purchase and I love you!! I just started my makeup channel been planning it for a long time. Would you check out my vid or even share or leave a comment? Anything to help spread it outside of Lafayette Louisiana!! Lol thank you!! You’re the best!! DING!! http://youtu.be/1WNRN5txOOU

Eden mariah says:

Yaaassssss! I was just thinking I need a new video from Jerusha! You’re glowing!

Little Sunshine says:

You look gorgeous! Happy belated birthday!

Hilda Rivera says:

Can you do a video where to buy good pre-love Iuxury items?

thaniabunny says:

Hey Jerusha do the zippy coin purses fit in the mini Pochette accessories?

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