How to spot a fake vs real chanel classic flap bag

Chanel bag classic flap chanel fake real spot fake


Mara Vazquez says:

what? is easy originlas over a thousand fakes a few hyndreds. If you have the money you go to the real place period.

Stéphanie Pir says:

Where did you get the fake one? It looks so real! Can’t afford a real one so I’d love to know 🙂

Barbara Codner says:

I knew that the lambskin was fake. The lambskin has a straight-edged flap while the caviar has a more curved flap. Thanks for posting.

Lisasuriani Adam says:

Hello authentic too have red leather inside stupid

coneko says:

I guess it right. The fake one produced plastic sounds as she moved it around. Appearance wise can’t tell the difference. The fake one look as good and real as the original. Pretty much you are paying the brand name. Super fakes are also made in quality leather.

Sarah Lou says:

The fake is much nicer

Ju Poo says:

Hi Caroline! Could you email me contact info for the chanel replica? My email is

Jakob Chiasson says:

I love’d your great video good work.

Lusia says:

you’ve only just pulled the fake one out and I already know the first bag is the fake one

Yeah Mercedes says:

In Manhattan China town lots to find fake bags

Insania says:

I did tell which one was fake. It holds the form better and also the logo looked more expensive

Mike Kleinsteuber says:

Well you didn’t really show ‘How to spot a fake’, so what’s the point ? First, there’s the front logo hardware which is wrong on the fake, the quality of the leather, quality of the stitching, the interior hologram number which is specific to the year which you never even mentioned. Personally I’d take this video down as it doesn’t do your credibility any good at all and upload a re-done one….

mark janssens says:

I honestly guessed the fake one to be the real one. WTF

Lipstick n Labels says:

probably was made at the same warehouse

Hamtaro King says:

Buy fake one, save $2.5k & get 2 iphone X

adam tettran says:

welcome to China lololo …………….quality

Mona Naz says:
Like subscribe and share for Collins videos .

Jin Hiiri says:

For me .. I want to know .. which website she bouge the fake one 😀

Mariah Lopez says:

Where did u get the fake?

Andrea Mills says:

I still don’t know how to spot a fake one. The info about the burgundy interior and the purchase year came at the very end and that still isn’t going to help me spot a fake one.

Carolina Picker says:

You didn’t tell us how to spot a fake. You just show us a real bag and a fake bag and asked us to guess..What the ….

Ony Ahmed says:

I can’t believe I’m saying this…but the fake one actually looks better. The lambskin looks much more.gorgeous than the caviar leather

Koral kabudi says:

where did you bought the fake,one? it looks preety good!!!

Christina Lynn says:

Thanks for video

Girl Shadow says:

Where did u buy the fake one from xxx

sommerlin says:

You didn’t really explain how to spot a fake? All you mentioned was the colour inside the bag?

blue heaven says:

fake one looket better than real

Devon A says:

Fake looks so fake

gabyitzel says:

tbh they both are ugly

Melona Olano says:

I got a right guessing the left side is real

Fatiha Idris says:

Speak a bit louder

Trent Kelley says:

Wtf the faje one is better

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