Can Guys Guess Which Purse Is More Expensive?

This smells like T.J.Maxx.

Come On In
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MedusasLover168 says:

I’m a backpack girl

Shimmypig Aj says:

Eugene: Living proof that some guys CAN get their periods. (it was a joke okay)

Fox Buttler says:

could they have picked worse designer handbags????

Elijah Mascrinus says:

What’s the name of the guy with the glasses?

Rakayah Mcneely says:

“This smells like TJ Maks

bluelune96 says:

Eugene: “Is it a cow and a dalmatian had a baby?” HAHAAHAH that was so funny lmao

Monse M says:

I was thinking about buying myself a LV purse as a graduation present but this video made me rethink myself lmao

Sway Tree says:

150$ is still not a cheap thing…

Chloe Smiles says:

Girls buy purses because we don’t get pockets!! Boys get pockets that actually hold stuff but we have to store stuff in purses

Juliana Arias says:

Eugene’s revolts need more zing

Heather Lexie says:

I really thought Judith Lieber said Justin Bieber.

26wilsonr AJ says:

Simple Process.
I see Eugene, I click

xXPusheenDaCatxX says:

i apologize but that cow purse is not pretty

VirTualCat says:

i’m a simple woman. i see Eugene in the tumbnail and i press it

Melody Cen says:

I read pulse instead of purse and thought that was Eugenes heart

Jun Angelo Jimenez Casilang says:

Expensive Is So Obvious

bone hurting juice says:

the thing with fashion is the uglier it is the more likely it’s expensive

Jona Chin says:

the thing with purses is that the uglier one is usually more expensive

Merve I says:

why did they choose the ugliest purses ever?

SugasBakeSell says:

I wish I was Eugenes purse

Bhavna Pant says:

They should make pockets for dresses too

KennDaPurplePanda Kenn says:

I don’t even buy purses like that and I could already tell which was more expensive without even seeing the price tags.

Samantha Sherman says:

andrew’s voice is so deep and calming

LadyJaggerX3 says:

An empty thing. I appreciate Andrew’s logic. lol

sᴛᴇᴇʟ 『Ai』 says:

I clicked the video like; “What was Eugune holding in his hand?”

Black Roses660 says:

It’s a clutch…

for a dragon lady…

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