Hi everyone! Today’s video is a bit of a fun one – I’m doing a challenge with my boyfriend where he tries to guess the price of my designer bags!

This was inspired by Emily Canham who did something similar with her boyfriend. I’m sure you all already know Emily but if not, definitely check out her channel! 🙂

Thank you for stopping by! 🙂


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lilpiepie says:

This guy obviously doesn’t make as much money as her. He didn’t care because he isn’t the one buying those expensive bags for her. A man who is very successful financially and looking for a wife or long term partner usually wouldn’t want an overly materialistic woman.

William Hinson says:

I just bought a 2.7k armani blazer

Sharna Jahan says:

Your and Dan’s chemistry is just out of this world ☺️.

Era Ordinaria says:

You both are so cute and funny.

Kay Doll says:

haha he had great guesses! so cute

Michelle's Mantra says:

Amie! Great video! But some of those comments below, like wow, talk about judgemental! I applaud you and Dan for taking the higher road on them. Lovely collection… haha so funny how you’re trying to get Dan to “handle with care” – I can completely relate, I’m exactly like that too. Enjoy your bags to the fullest!

Netra Priya.N says:

love this video

Rebecca Svensson says:

Where do you buy your Chanel boy bags?? I’ve only been in stores where they sell the medium for 3200 🙂

Ming Li says:

I would buy a fake one. i have a elegant look, a fake one would look the same as the real one on me

Marcela Gutierrez says:

Dan we all care about whistling.

Rosy Fame says:

Oh my who spends £3000+ on a baggg??

Susan F says:

Thank you Amy, I enjoy your videos very much!

Leka Three says:

lol you guys are hilarious!!!! hes a natural!!!

plaingal79 says:

lol this is so cute. If my husband ever tried he’d be all over the place!!!

Nate Dornbirer says:

Loo-ee-veeton!!!!! hahahaha fun videeeeo. I’ll give it a thumbs up, because accents are hysterical! Keep buying what you buy. Good luck gurl. If you can afford Chanel, you can afford a 1 for 1 nonprofit donation. Maybe try doing a non 4 profit haul on your channel. You have nearly 75,0000 little peepers on this. Say something important. Anyways, have fun!

⚓JadeLeVagabond⚓ says:

hahhahaha if you ad up all of the money for those bags, you can put a down payment for a house

Jenny T says:

You guys are so cute!!! Thoroughly enjoyed this video, put a huge smile on my face 🙂

FRANCESCA01234 says:

Haha,poor guy!

It's Kells says:

Love Dan! More Dan ❤️ Scrooge McDuck!

101 Urbex says:

Wow that was good, thanks

m1nt says:

Also, it’s funny to see how he could only use logic to guess the prices rather than having preconceived notions of the brand’s value. Great!

Tee Taylor says:

Ok you guys are to cute. Love your videos and your bags. I’m working on my Fendi and Prada next. I’m a single mom that’s raised two boys and now they are out on their own and doing well so now it’s my turn. I’ve always loved nice bags and shoes and like you I work hard so now I’m enjoying being able to purchase the bags and shoes that I like. I do pass my bags to my sister, nieces, and future daughter in law when I get more of the same designer. I’m so glad I came across your you tube channel. I will definitely keep watching.

vkk013 says:

OMG!!! You’re so brave on letting BF knows the price! I never let hubby knows the exact price of my collection even though they’re all bought with my hard earned money. He can guess or estimate whatever, but I’m never going to admit the real exact price. Dan is funny though. 😀 He seems to know quite well about the designer, too. I guess he’s very well “educated”. 😉

kristen robin says:

“The mostly full” hahaha I cracked up!!

m1nt says:

I enjoyed this video! The crazy whistling your boyfriend does at the end is mindblowing lmao.

Beauty by Kaja says:

You two are so cute together!

Olivia L says:

What does he do for a living? I’m just curious because he’s so analytical.

Missy Kay says:

this goes to show men DONT CARE how much you spend on your bag, shoes, etc. Men are simple.

Joanna Shares says:

you guys are so cute! 🙂


I will never tell my husband the true cost of the bag I am carrying..

farbrorclara says:

LoL, my boyfriend would be so bad at this.. You are so cute bttw.

Adelia Ng says:

the whistle is fantastic. Master level

Nickey Wonder says:

He did good! My man has no clue on most of them lol

Melanie Nguyen says:

you guys are so cute together 🙂

lmchargois says:

This was hilarious and cute! Men will never understand the bag struggle lol

Stay True says:

Wow! Dan’s whistling is amazing as well as luxury bag cost estimating. Very talented. Thumbs up for Dan being in more videos. Thanks.

J S says:

Dan is so cute

nconia1 says:

hahaha Amie, your face at 1:52 makes me crack up every time I see this video! I can totally relate to your overprotectiveness!!

Miss Rose says:

If i were her bf i would run away asap

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